One Voice

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - why?

Submitted: August 08, 2009

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Submitted: August 08, 2009



\"why cant you?\"asked a curiose Kathy.\"because...well i to sh-\"the bell rings interuptin jane.the 4 girls rush to class.Science draged on asi tired to getjanes attention.she finaly looked towreds me.i passed her a note that read 'why cant you tell Mr.Martin?'.she passed one back.'because im to shy.if i tell him he might laugh or get mad or somrthing!'.i had just finished writing and passin the note saying he wouldnt do that when the bell rang for lunch.all 5 of us went into the caffetiria to get lunch.we all then sat down at an open table and eat.all except Othellia.after about 2mins Ryan came over and sat next to Othellia.they both liked eachother but didnt tell one another.\"hey.\" \"hey!whats up?\"she replied.they went on in a conversation.\"so about the new soccer feild...\"I said.\"well if you guys would help we could get Mr.Martin to stop.come on guys please help!\"cried Jane.\"uh....i would but i way to busy.sorry.\"said Sarah.\"o-ok...\"said a sad jane.\"same here im looks like your on your own.little miss emo isnt gonna help.shes way to busy talkin to the king of bordom.\"i said.\"SHUT UP!hes not boring.\"screamed Othellia.\"thats because your both emo and understand eachother.\"said jane.\"\"she replied.

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