One Voice

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - finding help

Submitted: August 11, 2009

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Submitted: August 11, 2009




after lunch i went around school hoping to find a few people for the campaign."um....hey Amy?"i asked aproching her."yah?"she said."um i was wondering if you wanted to help me try to stop Mr.Martin from demolishing the forest to make the new soccer feild?i would be so greatful if you will." "ha!you really think you can stop him?no way im gonna sounds like it involves me working.not gonna happen any time soon." "....oh,ok."i said in a sad tone."why not try brittany.shes so dumb that she mistook green food dye for conditioner.funny,right?"she giggled."yah, you know were she is?"i questioned."hell no!i havnt talked to her since the 'acedent' she caused."i glanced down at her broken leg and remembered how brittany tripped dow the stairs a week ago.amy claims she did it on purpose."ok...well im gonna go find her."i walked away and went into the bathroom knowing she would be there doing her hair and makeup."hey Brittany,do you wana help me with something?" "oh,hey jean!what do you need help with?"she asked kindly."uh...its jane.and i need help with stopping Mr.Martin from tearing dor the forest to build a soccer feild.can you help?" "sure,why not?what should i do first?" "well you could either help get more people or you can make posters." "il get about meeting outside after school to plan out what were doing?" perfect!"so i exited the bathroom in hopes that i could get to calculus in time.i made it in just befor the last bell.but class wasnt to good for me.i was to busy thinking about the work i had to do and...."Jane,what does pi equal?" "hm?what?huh?" "what does pi equal" and so on to infinity."i said alitltle embaresed."good.but please pay attention."the rest of the day draged on and i got 2 more people to help stop the school.they were Karen and was around 3:30 and i went out side and found Brittany standing ther with 7 other people!

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