One Voice

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - a bad night.

Submitted: August 11, 2009

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Submitted: August 11, 2009




"holy shit brittany!"how did you get so many people?and who are they?"i asked practicly screaming."first dont scream jenny.and well im popular!duh.and these are Paula Amanda  taylor Chip Danny Keith and Jake."she said takeing in a deep breath."jenny?im not jenny im jane." "whatever.ok people jess here will give you your instuctions."she screammed pointing to me."Brittany my name is...well never mind.ok all the girls will work on getting more people.the guys should make the here tomarow after school."i said walking twords the road.i didnt live far from the school so i walked when i got home it was all down hill."Mom?Dad?Hello?" "mom and dad arnt home.there at the hospital."said my older brother charlie."what?oh...i get it.pick on me.right." "jane there really in the going over.if you dont belive me you stay here." "...your not kiding?omg get in the car and go!!!!!"i yelled.Charlie spend down the street and we arived at the hospital only to see mom siting outside crying."mom!whats wrong?"i asked as i ran up and hugged her."its....its your dad....h-hes....hes gone."she sobbed."gone?"asked a confused charlie."hes dead." "what?!? how?" "it turns out your father was on drugs...i came home to get the dog and i found your dad on the floor.i called 911 and the took him here." "oh my god! the dog!were is he?" "charlie!"i screamed."what?its my weres Duke?" "charlie you have no respect! what about your father?you care more about a dog then you own father!i have taught you more respect then that Cahrlie Joesaph Stevens."we all just sat there the rest of the day and cried.well at least me and mom about dad.charlie only cried over the loss of Duke.Around 10 we went home and ate dinner.well all but charlie.he ran around outside screaming 'DUKE!DUKE WERE ARE YOU!COME HOME!I MISS YOU DUKE!DUKE!'. i just dont get how he cauld be THIS dumb....

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