Twenty One Days(TOD)

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"It still hurts me. I still have feelings for you. I still think about you every second of every day. I started writing these so that I could express my feelings without you or anyone else knowing about it. It’s crazy. All these months and my heart still craves yours. Since the accident, I realized that I cant go on any longer without you. I can’t even explain these feelings to myself. You’ve moved on, I know you have. But I haven’t and I still don’t understand why. I will ALWAYS have feelings for you. No matter what I do, I’ll never get over the girl who showed me what love really is. I pray for the day that you and that punk break up for good. I call him a punk, you might laugh because I use to be one but thats beside the point. I'm a different person now. I'm a better person. I try to help you every time he does something to hurt you because I know he makes you happy, but deep down inside I wish it was me. I hate seeing you two together. I hate the fact that he’s the one making you smile and not me. Does he really know you the way that I know you? I ask myself that question every day. I wish that I could do something to make you mine but I know that I can’t. It just wouldn’t be right. I would be known as the asshole who broke up an amazing relationship. Plus, I know he makes you happy which is all I want out of life, is to see you smiling and enjoying life. I know I mess up at times, we all do, but I think I do it more than normal people. You’ve been there through all the things that I’ve said and done which has done nothing but make me fall for you even more. I’m waiting. I’ve been waiting and waiting is what I will continue to do because when you truly love someone, you’re not ever suppose to give up on them, right? I wonder if you know the quote; ‘When a man falls in love, he falls in love’. I really do wonder if you know that saying because to be quite honest, I think it refers to me and the way I feel about you. That accident may have killed my brain, but my heart is still pumping and it continues to beat for you." - Tanner

This is my first time ever attempting to right a fan fiction.

This is a start. I do not have a laptop to work off of at the moment but I am working on getting a MacBook soon. Until then, this is the best I can do.

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Twenty One Days(TOD)

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



Tanner's POV:

How much longer until this damn class is over? How am I suppose to take another month of this hell that these people call school?

I shake my head, realizing that my mind is starting to drift off into the distance. I look over to the right and see five other people sleeping on their desks. Rolling up paper in my hand, I whisper, \"Psst, Preston\" as I chuck the small piece of light, white cardboard in my friends ear. He juts up as fast as lightning, looking nervous and scared as if I had just told him his mom took away his Xbox. I tear another piece of paper and start writing on it:

'I need to talk to you after class, ill meet you by your locker'

I ever-so-slightly set the paper on the floor and slide it with my foot near Preston's desk. He picks it up and I watch his eyes glide over each word. I try to keep focus on the teacher's distant voice, while I wait for a response from Preston. He turns his head, looks at me and nods in agreement. I sit back in my chair and look at the teacher straight in the eye, so he thinks Im paying him mind. The door slams open minutes before the bell is about to ring. A girl appears in the doorway. Medium height. Blue eyes and wavy hair down to her waist with a small blue bow, holding her locks back in place. She had a blue skirt with flowers and a white shirt on with a jean jacket. Her shoes made her legs glow. White converse, just high enough to cover her ankles. I looked her up and down, my mouth sagged open in awe. I didn't realize how ridiculous I looked until she started speaking.

\"Is this Health with Mr. Yeaner?\" she asked, looking down at her schedule.

Mr. Yeaner, being the enthusiastic man that he is, ran over to her, took her hand in his, gave it a firm shake up and down and announced, \"AH! Yes. Megan? That is your name, right? I was wondering when you were going to come. Class, this is Megan. She is new here and I want you all to give her your upmost respect.\"

Mr. Yeaner blabbered on, but I didn't pay him any mind. I was mesmerized by the gorgeous creature in front of me. Megan was so pretty. Her blue eyes looked like pools of heaven and I was ready to dive in. The bell rang. I gathered my books and followed Preston out the Health room, gently brushing Megan's shoulder on purpose as I made my way out. I ran to Preston's locker and smashed my self against the locker, trying to look cool.

\"Bro, lets throw a party at my house tomorrow. It's Friday and I'm sick of doing the same shit every weekend. Im doing all my homework tonight, I have plans Sunday and-.\" Preston cut me off.

\"Calm down, you're talking awfully fast bro jeesh put a ball sack in it.\"

I gave Preston a sassy, sarcastic smirk. He laughed and gathered his books and we headed towards the car.

Megan's POV:

I strolled out of the classroom and towards the entrance to the school. On my way out, I noticed the kid in my new health class. He was leaning against a locker talking like a rapid chipmunk to his friend. He was wearing red cachimommas, with a black shirt. The sleeves were ripped and there was a skull on the front. He was wearing white diamond earrings and resting behind his ear, a cigarette. His supras were black and red and he had a bandana tied around his thick, strong head. 'Yup,' I thought to myself, 'He might as well write the word 'Player' and 'Douchebag' across his forehead'. I laughed at my own remarks. I continued towards the school entrance. I had to admit that he was hot, but I'm not getting myself tangled up in that shit.

Tanner's POV:

\"Anything on your mind?\" asked Preston as he unlocked the car door. \"That girl, Megan. Did you see her?\" I said as I plopped down in the car. \"You need something to stunt your hormones or something. She walks in the classroom and you drool like a starving puppy. You have a girlfriend, control yourself.\" I rolled my eyes at him and kicked my feet up on the dashboard. As I rolled down the window and took out my lighter, I saw Megan walking towards us.

As I watched her legs moved back and forth, I found myself licking my lips. This girl was fire. I gave Preston a look and he started the car, then drove up so close to Megan that her feet were two feet away from the car and her hair still blew up in the wind as we suddenly stopped the car right by her. She looked so fucking startled. Without saying a word, I flung the door open. I stepped out of the car and walked right up to Megan. Staring her straight in the eye, I snatched the book out of her hand.

\"What the fuck are you doing!\" she screamed at me.

I didn't pay her any mind. I smirked and wrote my number and address on a piece of paper in her notebook then handed it back to her.

\"Calm down girl. If you decide not to be so feisty, call me.\" I explained, \"oh and if you don't have the guts to hit me up, then come to my party tomorrow, you have my address there too so you have no excuse. Don't be a pussy.\" I winked at her.

I reached my hand up to her face and stroked her cheek with my thumb. Megan's POV:

I jerked my head to the side. What does this prick think he's doing?

\"Asshole.\" I said to him and he backed away, still shocked at the fact that I rejected his sly hand gesture.

He turned around and got in his car and him and his friend sped off, leaving tire marks behind. I coughed at the dust that was left behind. As I collected my books, once again, I started heading off to my car when all of a sudden, giant hands compressed my back. A surge of force pushed my body forward and I tumbled straight to ground. Who the hell just shoved me?

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