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This story is about a girl who is trying to find her self in the confusion of her family life, and those most important to her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - C.C.

Submitted: November 20, 2006

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Submitted: November 20, 2006




Cypris! Youre off! I head my coachs loud booming voice from the sidelines. I look over and jog of to the bench. He pats me on the back although Im sweaty like hell. Good work, get some water. He says to me while looking on to the court still, not willing to miss a second of the intense game.

I sit down next to a girl, Mya, that has been on my team for the second year now I dont think Ive said more that five words to her rather than. Good job She says out of breath.Thanks, you too, I respond although I dont know how she played since I hadnt watched her, or even noticed she was just in my shift. Oops.

I pick up my water that was under the seat. I knew it was mine from the rubber band hugging its middle. I jerk my head back and chug a good amount of water. I could feel the water seep down through the inside of my chest. Then a little bit trickled down my chin, fell down my uniform top, and joined with some of my sweat.

My coach comes over to where I was sitting. The other team had called a time out. Now C, I want you to get back out there. Play center and cover that tall girl, number 67. As he was giving me my directions I just continued to nod. Ok, another pat on the back. Get out there!, he said in an end-of-pep-talk way, after finishing several more directions.

I get out there not thinking of the score, just my goal. I mead 1,2,3 lay-ups, two outside shots, and a foul shot. I played my hardest and guarded my opponent like there was no tomorrow. We held them down to 3 points that shift. I still didnt bother looking up at the scoreboard. 5 seconds left!†the ref called, although most people just looked at the scoreboard to know that. The last 5 seconds I was jogging down the court while one of the guards had the ball in her possession.BEEP the loud buzzer rang. The game was over. Yes! I screamed in my head. But then looking up at the scoreboard I saw the final score. ROCKETS (thats them) 49 and VISITORS (thats us) 48. We lost. Thats it. Not another second left to maybe make just one more lay-up, get the full 2 points on a 1 on 1. Something we could have done should have done, but it was over, no looking back.

I get a million Good job,Good effort, Close game, You played well out there, C.C.s. I gave quick smiles, quick thanks, barely any eye contact. I got into the car robotic. It was like I was programmed with that blank look on my face. I stared out the window, as my dad kept on trying to encourage me. All I though of was my mother. Would she still be proud although I lost? I hope shes still proud. This I her game. I hop I met her standards. Did I do good mom? I asked out the window to the sky, so quietly that my father didnt hear. I wanted a response that I would never receive. I look down at my red and white reversible jersey, and sighed.

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