Cherry Paradise

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When Amelia’s family is forced to move to small town called Cherry Paradise everything feels like a disaster. Then Amelia means Tony, a social outcast that seems to fall into all the wrong categories but also the sweetest person in the entire world. Will Amelia let her social standards make love slip past her or will she treasure it forever?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Big Move

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Chapter One| The Big Move

I watch as the movers put the last few boxes into the van. Today was the “Big Move” as my mom liked to call it. We were moving to some place called Cherry Paradise. To me a town with that kind of name must be filled with fruit cups. Today was the day my mom, dad, my little brother Aaron and I were saying goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for nearly seventeen years. I turn my back to the moving van and look at the house. There were so many memories in that place; it almost hurt to leave it behind. The memory of the day my parents brought Aaron home filled my thoughts as if it were yesterday.

I was waiting with my grandparents in the living room. My dad left about an hour ago to go pick up my mom and new baby brother from the hospital and they still weren’t back.

“Don’t worry dear, they will be home soon.” My grandmother whispered in my ear.

I lean against the cold window and kept my eyes on the driveway. Then a pair of headlights comes into view. “They’re here!” I squealed in delight. I watched as my dad rushed to my mom’s side of the car with an umbrella. My mom soon emerged with a bundle wrapped in a blue blanket tightly in her arms. Sprinting towards the front door, my grandparents and I wait to welcome them all home.

“We were getting worried about you three.” My grandfather smiled at the little baby in the blanket.

“Amelia come meet your little brother Aaron.” My dad smiled at me.

A honk from a car breaks my trip down memory lane. I look towards our street and notice Emma and Harper waving towards me. I make a dash towards the car and hug my best friends one last time.

“I’m going to miss you guys so much!” My arms tighten around them.

“We’ll miss you too girly.” Harper sniffles.

Emma, Harper and I have been best friends for as long as I could imagine. We did almost everything together and if there was ever a time one of us was going through a hellish moment in our lives the other two were always there to help pick up the broken pieces.

“It’s going to be so weird going back to school without you there.” Emma’s voice cracked.

“Please don’t cry Emma!” My eyes began to water and I could feel myself about to break.

Out of all of us Harper was the strongest. She was the star soccer player at our school and nothing ever stopped her from being the star. Not even when her ex boyfriend Seth cheated on her and broke her heart after a nearly two year relationship. She still stayed strong. She always put a lot of dedication into her sports. We were all hoping she made captain for our high school team this year because honestly she deserved it.

Emma was the brainiest of the group and still managed to be a complete girly girl. She won the science fair five times and I’ve never seen her get less than an eighty-five on anything. She was a part of every club that involved science, math or culture and she was freaking amazing at it. Besides being Ms. Smarty-Pants, Emma was also the fashionista. Her outfits always looked like something you would see in a Teen Vogue or Seventeen magazines.

I of course was the artistic one of the group. Ever since I was a kid my mom and I have been into pottery, crafting and painting. The sunset mural in my now old room was done by my mom and me when I was twelve. Art has always been the special bond between us. The art club at our school that I joined my freshman year was so fun. We did so many school murals and even some outside of school projects. It was a shame to have to leave it all behind.

I look at each of my friend’s faces and couldn’t help but smile. They were my best friends and just because I was moving didn’t mean the bond wouldn’t still be there.

My mom waves at me signaling to say my final goodbyes. “I have to go now guys.” I hug each of them and walk away towards the car.

“Amelia wait!” Emma and Harper call in unison.

I glance back and notice Emma holding a silver charm bracelet. Running towards them I slowly take it out of her hands. “What is this?”

“Our second charm bracelet. The one’s you made are still going to be worn of course but this is going to be our ‘long distance’ best friend charm bracelet.” Harper laughs.

“You guys are amazing” I hug them one last time and go into the car.

“Are you ready now sweetie?” My mom glances at me through the rearview mirror.

“Yes mom, I’m ready.” I twist my body in my seat and look out the back window. Harper and Emma were still standing there waving goodbye. I wave goodbye to them until they were no longer visible.

Letting out a sigh I twist my body back around and look at the charm bracelet. My name, Harper’s and Emma’s were each scribbled in different fonts and colors; each as its own charm. Mine was in bubble letters in a sky blue. Harper’s charm had a varsity font and was dark purple. Emma of course was in cursive in no other color but a light pink. A small smile crept onto my face. There was a paint brush, soccer ball, and a chemistry bottle charm; each reflecting all of us. I clasp the bracelet on my wrist and glance out the window. We were almost leaving our town. Aaron was texting vigorously next to me on his phone; probably saying goodbye to all of his friends.

We were soon driving down the highway through rush hour. This time of the morning was always hell and just after two minutes of entering it we were stuck.

“Are you guys excited for Cherry Paradise?” My mom beamed. She only liked the idea because of the new opportunities and job offers.

“It depends if it’s as farmland as it sounds.” I mumble under my breath.

“What did you say Amelia?” My mom had the best hearing I’ve ever seen in a person.

“I said hopefully its fun.” I lied and quickly looked out the window again.

“You know dear, it won’t be as bad as you think.” My dad pipes up.

My parents knew I was against the move from the very beginning. Why did we have to pack up our lives and move away just because of one job offer? It wasn’t like we were struggling to maintain anything so what was the point?

I cross my arms over my chest and continue looking out the window. The road soon changed from a congested highway to a rural road. The trees swooshed along with the wind as we drove by. All of the trees were as tall as a flag pole with small pink blossoms slowly drifting towards the road. Cherry blossoms.

“So this is why it’s called Cherry Paradise?” My eyes dart from the window to my parents, waiting for an answer.

“Yes Amelia. Isn’t it beautiful?” My mom’s face was in complete awe.

“Yeah, I guess.” I shrug. Flowers weren’t something I really cared about but my mom loves them. The garden at our old house was the best on the entire block, maybe even town. My mom green it by herself from scratch and built it to its glory today.

My dad made a turn down another street and a few houses started to come into view. There were a few kids out playing in the streets. Most of them looked about Aaron's age, maybe younger. I roll my eyes as we drove passed them. There was no way in hell I was hanging out with ten year olds. We drive pass a few more houses before turning into the driveway of an empty house.

I roll the car window down and stick my head out the window. The house was bigger than the one back home. In fact it was pretty huge. It was a two-story house and had a porch that ran across the front. Each window was like a bay window and had a set of panes on it.

“Come check out the house kids.” My mom’s voice echoed across the yard.

I slowly open the car door and walk up the step of the house and look around the porch. It was huge, with enough room to hold about twenty people. I continue throw the front door. My jaw nearly hit the floor as I looked across the entrance. There was a huge chandelier and the flooring was just jaw dropping. The house was enormous compared to our last house and it was definitely nicer.

“Amelia come into the kitchen for a second.” My mom calls.

I follow her voice and finally find her in a chef-like kitchen. Everything was stainless steel and the floors looked like they were marble. “This house looks amazing.” I whisper to myself.

“It looks like it’s time to call it home.” My mom smiles weakly.

I glance at her for a minute. Maybe she was right. Either way Cherry Paradise was going to be my new home. “We’re finally home.” I smile back at her.

A few minutes later I leave my mom to idolize our kitchen alone. Walking out the kitchen I remember that I didn’t look at my new room yet. The excitement rushed through my veins causing me to sprint up my stairs two at a time. The minute I reach the top of the stairs I could hear my brother jumping up and down on my new bed. Following his voice I found him in one of the rooms at the end of the hallway.

“Amelia this place is great. You can’t deny it now.” He smirks.

I shrug my shoulders and wave him off. “Yeah it’s okay for now.”

His mouth suddenly gaps open and he hops off the bed. “What do you mean it’s okay? This place is enormous compared to our other house and did you see all those kids in the neighborhood? We’re going to have so much fun!”

I shrug my shoulders and walk out the room. “We’ll have to wait and see.” I call over my shoulder.

I couldn’t deny that the hallway wasn’t nice. At the end there was a bay window with a window seat. Curiosity got the best of me. I walk over to the window making sure my brother didn’t hear me. If he knew I actually liked this place I wouldn’t hear the end of it. The sun was beginning to set and the sky was becoming an orange hue. Most of the kids that were outsider earlier were gone now and the streets were silent. I had to admit this place was livelier then our old neighborhood. There were barely any kids nearby and usually Aaron and I had to walk two streets over to hang out with our friends.

“Amelia have you seen your room yet.” My dad said behind me.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard his voice. Placing a hand on my chest I play a dramatic look on my face. “Gosh dad you nearly killed me with a heart attack.”

“With some of the crap you kids eat these days I’d say you could have one pretty soon.” He smirks.

I roll my eyes and walk towards him. “Which room is mine anyway?”

“This one right here.” He points to the room diagonal from Aaron’s with a huge grin on his face.

Oh great. He probably made it all ‘Disney Princess’. My dad still looked at me as if I was six even though I was nearly seventeen years old. In two months to be exact. I stare at the door blankly. My hands were shaking a little and I could feel the corners of my mouth twitch.

“Let’s get this over.” I mumble uneasily. Slowly turning the knob I close my eyes and push the door open. I hope it doesn’t look how I think it does. I apprehensively open one eye and then snap the other one open. My room was far from Disney. The walls were a lilac purple with black trimming. The floor was black tile and there was a huge purple carpet under my bed. It was the room I dreamed of.

I turn towards my dad and throw my arms around his neck. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I beam.

My dad chuckles and hugs me back. “I’ll leave you to enjoy.” He leaves patting me on the back.

I glimpse at him leaving my room and then turn back to it. This was my room. My dream room was finally alive. Pulling my phone out of my back pocket I take a bunch of pictures for Harper and Emma.

“Look at this room. I miss you guys. –Amelia.”

“Amelia come downstairs sweetie! Aaron you get down here also” My mom called from I’m assuming the kitchen.

I let out a sigh and walk out the door towards the stairs. My brother was already at the bottom waiting for me to catch up. That kid should seriously join the track team. He had the legs and energy for it. Then again Aaron was never the athletic type. He would rather play on his guitar or drum set than step foot onto a field.

“What do you think she wants?” He whispers nodding towards the kitchen.

I shrug and throw my arm around his shoulders. “Looks like we’re about to find out little bro.”

We walk towards the kitchen and sit at the counter. My mom was completely engaged in one of her many cookbooks. She was running back and forth between the refrigerator, stove and cabinets. From what it seemed like I would guess she was making vegetable stew for dinner. The fresh vegetables were filling the air. I could feel my mouth beginning to water and my stomach grumble.

My mom glances towards the sound and nearly jumps out of her skin when she sees my brother and me sitting here. “Oh kids you scared me.” She lets out a sigh of relief and turns back to the stew.

“Why did you call us down here mom? I was enjoying my new room.” My brother smiled in stratification. His room was more than a room. It was almost like his own practice studio. My parents bought him a new drum and guitar set with a writing station for him to use when writing his music. If they could they would probably put a small recording booth in there too.

“I just wanted to remind you both that you start school tomorrow so don’t go around staying up till five in the morning and sleeping till six at night. And I want no excuses either.” She gave me an a pointed look and reached in the cabinet for some more spices.

My mom knew I was guilty of staying up till the wee hours of the early morning. It was my trend all summer and my parents hated it. I would get up at six in the afternoon, go to a party with Harper and Emma till two or three in the morning depending if I was sleeping at either of their houses or my own and then stay up another two or three hours watching TV and talking on the phone. The latest I stayed up this entire summer was from six in the afternoon till nine in the morning. I felt like someone who just got whirled around in a hurricane that day. It was an experience I would never try to relive.

“Don’t worry mom I won’t be up late. Remember I have no friends to go party with or sleepover.” My face fell once the words left my mouth. It had probably only been a few hours since we said goodbye and I already missed them.

“Honey I’m sure you’ll make some new friends in a couple of weeks.” My mom shrugs. She grabs the wooden spoon next to the stove and taste test the stew. Stratified with what she had she turns the stoves off and leans against the counter. “Besides you can’t always hang onto old friends.”

My jaw quickly dropped as the words registered in my head. You can’t always hang onto old friends? What was that supposed to mean? “We all know you didn’t like Harper and Emma that much but that was a low blow mom.” I get off the stool and walk towards the living room but stop at the doorframe. “Even for you.”

Before she could say anything else I made a dash out the front door and down the driveway. I didn’t need to hear a lecture from her about my own friends.

The sun was finally down and the sky was turning black. Some of the stars were becoming visible and the crescent moon tonight was absolutely beautiful. I walk down the sidewalk and head towards God knows where. The crisp night breeze felt like silk against my skin. The petals on the cherry blossom trees were slowly falling off their branches and drifting peacefully towards the cement.

I continue walking until some random guy comes into view. He was sitting at the end of his driveway looking across the street obliviously. The closer I got to him I realized he was actually kind of hot. He was wearing a pair of black jeans, a red T-shirt and a Chicago Bulls baseball hat. He looked a little bit pissed off and frustrated. I slowly shuffle my feet towards him but stop. Mystery boy was now glaring straight at me with eyes as cold as the devil’s. I turn around and start running towards my house. Screw this, I’m going home.

“Don’t you dare ever walk out of this house like that again do you hear me missy?” My mom’s face looked like a bull in an arena right now. She was completely furious with me for leaving.

“Yes I heard you the first time gosh.” I roll my eyes and head for the stairs. “I have school tomorrow so I think it’s best for me to get some sleep. Don’t you mom?” I sneer and then walk to my room.

I flop onto my bed and grab my phone from my back pocket. Two text messages. Unlocking my phone I realize it’s from Harper and Emma.

“Omg! Nice room Am. Finally got your dream room.”

“Aww Am! Your room looks amazing. Why didn’t you paint it pink though?”

I roll my eyes at Emma’s text. “I didn’t paint it pink because I don’t like pink.” I reply back and send Harper a quick “Thanks. Wish I was seeing you guys tomorrow morning.” Putting my phone to charge I change into my pajamas and lay into my new bed and try to go to sleep

Tomorrow was going to be a new day of high school. Hopefully Cherry Paradise wasn’t as bad as I was thinking.

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