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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A New Friend

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Submitted: October 12, 2012



Chapter Three| A New Friend

By the time lunch rolled around my mind was completely drained. Everyone felt either fascinated or threatened by me. As if I was an ancient species coming back from extinction or the new girl that was trying to be the next ‘Queen Bitch.’ And in all honesty, it felt weird. A feeling I just didn’t like at all. Maybe it was the fact all these people grew up with each other their entire lives in this small town. Or maybe it was because it was strange seeing a new face around.

It was confusing trying to figure out the worst of it all. The fact of why everyone had their eyes on you or the look they gave you. Some seemed to have wheels turning in their heads; plotting my slow painful death. And others seemed to be thinking on how they could get in my pants. Mostly the guys. Hopefully.

Out of all my classes the worst as I suspected was calculus. My seating partner was a slight hot shot named Zach and he looked like he belonged in a fashion magazine or better yet in a room filled with mirrors so he could idolize himself. He wasn’t that hot per se. In fact he wasn’t Abercrombie model at all. The only problem was his ego which seemed too enormous for his angular face, but in all honesty it didn’t really matter. He barely paid any attention to me being next to him and I was extremely happy for that.

“Hey Amelia, are you ready for lunch?”

I quickly turn around on my heel to see Paige.”Wow do you always sneak up on people? It’s kind of creepy Paige.” I say with a smug look on my face.

“Only to the jumpy ones Amelia.”

I roll my eyes at her and glance at the double doors leading into the cafeteria. Hundreds of voices could be heard through these doors; different conversations occurring simultaneously. It was predictable what the buzz was about. It was the first day of school and everyone could only be conversing about one thing: Summer. If you weren’t there to see the action yourself then the only way to seem like you knew was to find out discreetly.

“Are you ready to buy lunch?” Paige broke my thoughts.

“Yeah, let’s get going. The lines are probably really long already.”

The minute we walked into the cafeteria I found my assumptions to be correct. The lines for food were extremely long and looked to be maybe a five minute wait, if you were lucky. Paige and I decided to join the line closest to the doors. There were about twenty bodies ahead of us, chatting about their summer or catching up on the latest school gossip. Who knew there could even be gossip on the first day?

“Brooke, I’m telling you Jack broke up with Sidney.” A brunette in front of us said rather loud.

The auburn girl next to her quickly gestured her friend to keep her voice down. “Well who told you that Kate? Jake and Sidney have been dating for two years almost three. He must have had some reason if it’s even true.” She whispered back.

I watch Kate motion for Brooke to move closer to her before she spoke again. “From what I heard Jake got fed up with her parents always belittling their relationship and told her it couldn’t work. And I heard he also said they’ve drifted since summer started.”

A smug smile crosses Brooke’s lips. “I guess the rumor about him and Mackenzie was true.”

I feel someone’s elbow dig into my side. My head quickly snaps in the direction of the blow only to realize it was Paige. “What was that for?” I wince.

“It’s not very polite to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations Amelia.” She joked.

I roll my eyes and glance at the girls again. They were still gossiping about this guy and it almost made him seem interesting. Then out of nowhere the conversations came to a halt. Actually many conversations came to a halt. My eyes traveled in the direction where everyone was drawn to.

A tall guy with messy jet black hair and a fitted black letterman jacket to match was standing at the entrance. There was a cocky smile plastered across his face, he obviously loved the attention. As he walked across the cafeteria all eyes, including my own, were following his every move. He was headed towards ‘his’ table where most of the cheerleaders and other jokes sat. There were hush tones as he walked by, some idolizing him with gracious comments and others with disgusted remarks.

I nudge Paige and mouth “What’s going on?” but she was too busy being apart of the ‘drooling’ fan girl club to realize what I said. I watch her idolize his every step. Matching the gaze of about three-quarters of the girls in the room. I could feel the disgust in my stomach. Who is he anyway?

My stomach rumbled a little too loud for my liking and I start to get annoyed. Already five minutes had elapsed and yet I was still in line trying to get food because of this idiot. Why were they even wasting time watching this moron anyway? I wanted; no actually, I needed some food. And I needed it now.

“If you’re not going to buy lunch then get the hell out of the line. Some of us are actually hungry.” I yelled at the girl at the front of the line. My arms were tightly crossed against my chest and my ears were getting hot. Every pair of eyes soon snapped from “Golden Boy” to me. Great.

The girl in the front snaps her head in my direction with the dirtiest look I've ever seen in my entire life. If looks could kill this one would probably only leave a gash on my arm; if she was lucky. I give a questioning look and gesture for her to hurry the hell up. Everyone’s eyes were shooting between me and her until she finally huffs and completely ignores me.

“Are you freaking kidding me right now?” I yell in her direction again. It was the first day of school and I was already ready to fight a girl who I didn’t even know with a spoon. Yes a spoon.

“Lisa, why don’t you stop drooling over my sexy face and muscles? We all know you don’t have a chance with me anyway so why torture yourself. Like the girl said she’s hungry and wants food so move it or get out of line.” Jake says smugly.

There’s a gasp from a couple of people and also a little mixture of laughter. All eyes were back on him again, just the way he liked it. Everyone but Lisa because she quickly grabbed her slice of pizza and trotted to her table without another word. Then the cafeteria went back to normal. Everyone chatting about what just happened and a few more glances at me.

“What the hell was that Amelia?” Paige laughs. Her arm was hugging her side tightly and small tears were streaming down her face. At least she found it amusing.

“Well I was hungry. It’s what she gets. If this was Spring Falls someone might have smacked her or completely told her off.” I shrug.

We head towards a table that Paige knew very well. There were already four figures sitting down, chatting away and not even realizing we were coming.

The first guy on the far left was wearing a snapback, obviously holding down his messy mass of hair. His jeans were loose around the hips and if he moved the wrong way you could get a good glimpse of his navy blue plaid boxers. Just from the way he sat you could tell he was kind of a tall guy.

The girl sitting next to him wasn’t as tall though, in fact she was barely at his shoulders. Half of her face was covered by her huge bang but from the side that wasn’t covered you could see her voluminous smile. I wasn’t sure what the joke was but it didn’t stop her from laughing hysterically.

On the other side there was a rather tidy looking guy; wearing a freshly ironed shirt and dark denim jeans. It was obvious that he just recently ran a comb through his hair since it was perfectly in place. His braces were tightly holding his massively crooked teeth in place and the wireframes almost gave him the ultimate ‘nerd’ look.

The last person left was the girl sitting next to him. Unlike the other girl she was actually kind of tall. Her hair had a rocker edge to it, with sharply cut layers and a wild dark blue dye. She had multiple piercings and the fishnet gloves could give you the impression she was either a rocker or just different. If that made any sense.

“Hey everyone, this is Amelia. She’s new to River Heights.” Paige interrupted their conversation and took her usual seat next to the rocked out girl.

I took the seat across from Paige and sent a warm smile to each of them. They were sitting there just staring at me. I guess I didn’t give off a great approach. “Uh…Yeah, my name is Amelia. I moved here about two days ago.

The guy who was sitting next to me piped up first. His dull expression changed into a welcoming smile. “My name is Liam. It seems you really know how to make an entrance.” He laughs.

I give him a questioning look. Is he on drugs? “What are you talking about?”

“He’s talking about what you said to Lisa. And by the way my name is Julia but everyone calls me Jul.” The short girl next to him replies.

I nod my head to her statement. Honestly I don’t think I had anything else to say. At least I could say I knew more than one person but it seemed like they had their group and there was really no room for me. That’s not true Amelia. Stop doubting yourself. I look at Paige and notice her smile at me. I guess she was reassuring me that this wasn’t going to be bad.

“Which school did you come from?” The rocker said, breaking the silence.

“I used to go to Spring Falls High School.” I smile thoughtfully. Harper and Emma we’re probably having the time of their lives right now at lunch. This was our senior year and seniors tend to live up to the glory throughout the entire year, showing every underclassman that once you’re a senior, high school seemed to have gotten better.

“Wow I feel sorry for you.” She replied. Her face was twisted up and she held her guard.

“What do you mean you feel sorry for—I don’t know your name?” My temper was slowly rising. She’s never even gone to Spring Falls so how would she know anything about it?

“It’s Mia and because most of those kids are just spoiled and think they’re better.”

“That’s not true. My friends and I never acted like we were better than anyone or any of the other schools.” I could feel my eyes narrowing at her. She was crossing a deadly line right now.

“How about we just drop the conversation.” Liam announces.

I shrug my shoulders and watch them go back to whatever they were talking about before I came. Instead of joining the conversation I completely zone them out. This was obviously not going to work out. Paige had her friends and even though she was simply being nice, let’s face it, there was no room for me.

I glance around the table, trying not to seem like an eavesdropper. Paige, Liam, Jul and Mia were in deep conversation still, not paying attention to anyone who wasn’t involved. Everyone except for him. That’s the guy who hasn’t said two words since I got here. I wasn’t positive what his name was and I doubt I’d find out any time soon either. He was probably one of the few people you ever saw sitting silently at lunch.

The bell suddenly broke my thoughts, sending me shooting out of my chair. Four pairs of eyes were now awkwardly looking at me. What the hell Amelia? I sheepishly place my hand on my neck and try to laugh it off. “Sorry I’m still not used to the bells. I guess I’ll see you guys later.”

“I’ll meet you at your locker after school.” Paige yells after me as I walk away. To be honest the last thing I wanted to know is what they all thought of me.

As I’m making my way to class I still found him on my mind. As I entered history class I realized this was another class where you had to sit in pairs. Hopefully the kid sitting next to me wasn’t annoying as hell or better yet didn’t talk at all. As more and more people filed in I realized that my ‘partner’ was nowhere to be found. Just as the bell rang a lanky figure hurried through the doors and sat next to me. This is the same guy from lunch. There were a few droplets of sweat beating on his forehead and he was panting heavily. If I didn’t know any better I’d presume he was about to die right next to me.

“Next time try to enter my class before the bell rings Mr. Dawson.” Mrs. Lambrig said sternly.

Without another word, she returned back to the front of the class. Throughout the whole spiel about the procedures and regulations of her class room, I couldn’t stop zoning out. This kid’s appearance had an enticing personality. Unlike everyone else who was secretly texting or slipping in whispers here and there to their friends he was actually listening to what Mrs. Lambrig was saying. Not only was this abnormal, it was kind of peculiar. Who actually listens to teachers talk on the first day of school? They pretty much have the same rules in every class.

“I would also like you all to be informed that the person next to you will be your lab partner for the rest of the year. And if for some reason you and your partner have personal issues, I suggest you leave it outside these walls because there will be no changes.” Mrs. Lambrig’s words sliced through my head.

If I was stuck with this guy for the rest of the year I was actually going to have to be friends with him. Well that’s if he ever opens his freaking mouth. It was going to be a long road to friendship but we could at least be civilized.

“Since it seems that not everyone knows their partner, how about we take the time for you to introduce yourself and get to know each other. Might as well since you will be spending all year together.” She smirked devilishly.

Without another word everyone turned to their partner and began chatting away. Everyone except us it seemed. It almost seemed as if everyone knew each other. Of course they all know each other; they’ve been going to the same school together since first grade. Throwing on a perfectly genuine smile, I turn my body to him. This had to work or else we were going to be doomed for the rest of the year.

“Hey. I’m Amelia. What’s your name?” I asked slowly, my smile not even slipping off my face for a second. For some reason I couldn’t wait to hear his response. Finally he will have to talk.

Instead of a normal, maybe a slightly interested response that I wanted, he gave a solitary very timid response. “Tony.”

I try to gather my composer from this. My mouth was ready to smack straight through the floor and keep going. Did he not want talk or something? Just a one word answer and nothing else? Well you did ask a general question. Maybe it was the fact that I came off as a complete weirdo or it was that he was a short and simple kind of guy.

“What’s your favorite subject?” Second time is the charm.


“Favorite color?” Maybe the third time.


“Have you ever been out of the United States?” Okay that question was completely lame, but there was no other option. Either he was going to crack or I was.


After only four questions I was already becoming frustrated, what kind of person only answered with one syllable words? Hopefully this was an ‘I’m a shy guy’ kind of phase and nothing else. Otherwise this was not going to work out.

I quickly glimpse at the clock and notice we only had twenty minutes before school ended. These twenty minutes would hopefully be all the time I needed to break the ice or better yet explode it.

“Do you want to ask me anything?” I start playing with my thumbs to help pass time. I hate trying to make friends. Especially someone who’s giving you no interest at all, not even the slightest bit.

I could already guess the answer he was going to give me before it even left his mouth. “No.”

“Oh okay well fine. If you want to be stubborn and not talk at all then that’s okay with me.” I huff.

As soon as the bell rings I shoot out of my chair and head towards the door. Taking one last glance at tony I realize he was just sitting there. A dumbfounded look on his face with his hand clapped tightly around his mouth. A bright scarlet tint was erupting across his face.

“I guess that’s one way to break the ice.” I whisper under my breath with a simple smile on my face.

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