Cherry Paradise

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Paige's "Prodigious" Party

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



Throughout the entire day the only thing running through my mind was Paige’s party. The plan for escape was ready to be executed; from start to finish everything was ready. The party was starting at 10 p.m. so that gave me an hour and thirty minutes to get ready, meet Luke and finally leave. I glance down at the piece of notebook paper that was sitting in my hands, making sure everything was correct.

“Mission X”:

9:45p.m. –Get into shower and get dressed

9:55p.m. –Wait for dad to go into his office

9:56p.m. –Walk down half the flight of stairs

9:57p.m. –Wait for mom to walk into kitchen/T.V. room

9:58p.m. –Walk down remaining steps and stealth through the hallway

9:58p.m. – Escape into the night

9:59p.m. – Find Luke and head to Paige’s party

10:00p.m. – Have a blast in FREEDOM!!

Of course Aaron would help me achieve these vigorous tasks. All I had to do was invite him to future college parties that I would be attending. Easy as a cheerleader.

“Hey Amelia, ready for tonight’s party?” Luke interrupts my thoughts. Surprisingly, I realized Luke was in three of my classes and lucky for me he promised to let me chill with his “crew” at lunch. No offense to Paige, but I didn’t like her group of friends.

“I have everything ready except for what I’m planning to wear,” I shrug and glance at our third period teacher.

Mrs. Calvin was probably one of the most chilled teachers I’ve had in a while. When I say chilled I didn’t mean layback, in fact, the only reason she would even be considered chilled is because she let us spend the entire class period watching “educational” movies. No notes, no questions…nothing. The only catch was we had to “not utter one flipping word” and pay attention as much as possible. Overall she was a bitch who gave no work.

“Just make sure it’s short, sexy, and tight,” He smirks and laughs silently.

“You don’t need to remind me, this isn’t my first party,” Rolling my eyes, I let out a huff. “Most of these girls will probably come in booty shorts and cropped tops.”

“Yummy, I love seeing some nice fine asses.”

I could already see the invisible droll running down his foul mouth. Typical guy. “You are so disgusting,” I mumble.

“I’ll make it up to you by introducing some of my boys,” He winks.

I could feel my cheeks burning from his comment and I had no choice but to turn my head towards the screen. Luke’s hysterical was ringing in my right ear, fighting back tears that beyond doubt, wanted to roam down his sharp cheek bones.

“Is there a problem back there Mr. Harris? Maybe you would like to share your joke about the American Civil War?” Mrs. Calvin pauses the movie and sends daggers towards Luke. The wrinkles around her mouth created a disturbing thin line, showing much lack of amusement.

“There’s really nothing for me to say Mrs. Calvin, after all the Civil War was an amazing even through our history. I’m sure you remember the experience as if it were yesterday.” Luke responses nonchalantly.

Every head in the classroom shot in Luke’s direction. Mrs. Calvin’s face was quickly turning to a deep beet red color and her shoulders were hunched higher than normal.

“Excuse me young man? Mr. Harris you can serve detention Monday after school since you love being a smart mouth.” She huffs and resumes the movie.

“Luke are you completely insane? Why would you say that?” I hiss at him.

Of course a satisfied smirk was still sitting promptly on his lips. His fingers started to count down and he was slightly mouthing each number. “4…3…2…1…”

“Ms. Summers, I see that you too need detention so you can join Mr. Harris after school on Monday.” Mrs. Calvin barks across the room.

My head whirls in her direction with my jaw slightly slacken. “What am I getting a detention for?” I snap at her.

There was no way in hell that I was going to sit after school with this witch. I had better things to do for my spare time, even if I was grounded at the moment.

“The first rule in this room is not to talk but since you and Mr. Harris don’t seem to understand that you shall both serve detention.”Her words were full of disgust and that’s exactly how my stomach felt, completely disgusted.

“This is a history class; we shouldn’t be sitting here watching movies for two hours anyway. I haven’t learned a damn thing since I entered this idiotic class,” My fist were tightly clenched and my temper was rapidly increasing as my tolerance decreased. This was crap.

“The way I run my class is not your concern young lady and watch your tone!” The ruler in her hand suddenly slaps against the wood desk.

The class was in awe now. No one cared about how the Confederates lost the war; they only wanted to see who would win this one.

“I’m sorry, the use of hitting a child with a ruler is now considered illegal so I suggest you put that down.”

That was the straw that made Mrs. Calvin snap because without any warning she quickly packed up her purse and any other belongings and walked out of the classroom. Only muttering “I can’t take these delinquents anymore.”

The class remained silent for a couple of seconds before erupting into cheers and wolf whistles. Papers were thrown, desks moved from rows into groups and loud chattering soon began. Every dream to a high school student just came true.

I glance at Luke from the corners of my eyes. His body was laid back with his feet proudly on top of his desk. The small smirk from earlier was still playing along his lips and the arrogance could be smelled miles away.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He says, jabbing a finger into my side.

“I’m still trying to figure out what the hell just happened.” I slowly rub my temples to prevent the massive headache I knew would be coming.

“Here’s what—,”

Amelia Summers, please report to the principal’s office immediately.

“—I guess you’ll find out now.” Luke finishes.

The classroom that was sounding like a day at the zoo now was quieter than a monk’s temple. All eyes were once again on me, which seemed to happen more frequently then I liked.

“Well, wish me luck; if I don’t see you at lunch ‘Mission X’ is still a go!” I wink and gather my things.

“I’ll pray to the Gods of Rock for you.” He holds up two thumbs up and plasters the best reassuring smile he could.

Every pair of eyes was still on me and if they could they would have burned a hole through the door as I walked out and follow me to the office. I wasn’t surprise when the secretary instantly told me to head into the principal’s office without having to wait at all and I was even more surprise when I only received two weeks detention and a week of community service. Apparently Principal Morris was planning on letting Mrs. Calvin go in a couple of months. So in a way, I did him a favor.

The rest of the day dragged along except for lunch. Luke’s friends almost reminded me of my clique back in Spring Falls except they were more rocker types and all guys. There were five of them including Luke and according to Zach; I made group member number six. Zach, Greg, Anthony and Eric made a great mix to the usual atmosphere and strangely enough it felt like home.

When I got home instead of going to find my mom I went straight to my room. I still needed to plan my outfit for tonight and make sure it wasn’t too slutsville. Luke wasn’t wrong when he said to make it “short, tight, and sexy.” According to Paige a lot of her friends were planning to be dressed in barely thigh length dresses and heels. Even Paige herself was planning to wear short-shorts and a lose shirt.

Rummaging through my closet I found shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses that could have been worn but to me they sucked. Shorts and a sexy tank top? No. Tank-top and a skirt? No. This dress or that dress? How about neither? Everyone outfit that was coming into mind soon ended up into the imaginary trashcan labeled “shit”.

Then the perfect outfit flew into my head, causing my face to illuminate. Pushing all my clothes to the opposite side of the closet I quickly grab the hanger holding the best dress for this party. Walking towards the mirror I place it over my body. The black and ivory dress was just mid-thigh, fully lace, and was going to be my outfit for tonight. The beeping from my phone pulls me from my trance. It was time for “Mission X” to be activated.

When 9:50 rolled around I was fresh out the shower and already dressed. With my heels and bag in hand, I quietly tiptoe my way towards Aaron’s room. As always he was sitting around his desk, scribbling away like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow.

“Hey dude, you ready to pull your end of the bargain?” I walk into his room and close the door behind me.

“Yeah let me just finish this line,” He replies, not even looking up once.

I roll my eyes at him and tap my foot with annoyance. Timing was really crucial during a situation like this. One minute off and we could both be going down like the Titanic, except instead of just Jack dying we would both be dead.

“Okay let’s go!” He yells and dramatically slams his pen onto the desk. Before leaving he quickly grabs his lucky Chicago Bulls hat and then flies out the door.

Aaron walked out of the room first, just to make sure no one was upstairs. As planned our dad was already in his office and my mom was sprawled onto the longue room sofa.

“Mom, I'm going to the park really quick. One of the guys needs to give me the math homework.” He calls into the distance.

“Okay, don’t take long it’s already dark outside.” She replies without even looking up.

Without another word both Aaron and I were out the door unnoticed. Luke was already at the corner of the street waiting for me in his black Range Rover when we arrived.

“I’ll see you when I get home,” I ruffle Aaron’s hair.

“Don’t have too much fun.” He laughs and starts heading towards the park.

I could already feel Luke’s eyes racking every inch of my body when I stepped into the car. “Is there a problem Mr. Harris?”

“I never thought you’d dress this hot Amelia…Greg is going to have an orgasm.” He laughs.

I roll my eyes and lean over to turn on the radio. “Wild Boy” by Machine Gun Kelly was the first thing to blast through the speakers. And as we drove down the street I couldn’t help but get into the party rhythm. While we were driving I rapped every song like I was Tupac or the real Biggie Smalls. Paige’s house was only about a twenty minute drive but the speed that Luke was traveling at cut the time in half.

“And we’re here…” He interrupts my rapping and pulls the car over to the curb before killing the engine.

Paige’s house was a pretty decent size. From the outside you could probably estimate it to be at least four bedrooms and two or three bathrooms. Over twenty cars were parked in the driveway, along the street and some even in neighbor’s driveways. The music could clearly be heard through the walls of the house and tons of people were sitting outside either drinking with their friends or making out with their significant other.

“Let me show you how we party in Cherry Paradise.” Luke leads the way into the house, greeting a few people as he passed.

Hundreds of sweaty teenage bodies were grinding against each other to the music blaring through the giant speakers in the corners of the living room. Many of the faces I couldn’t recognize but there were a few from my classes. Glancing around I quickly spot Paige in the kitchen grabbing a drink. Without hesitation, I grab Luke’s hand and drag him towards her.

“Paige! There you are,” I throw my arms around her slender body. From the smell of her clothes and breath it was easy to tell that she was already tipsy or worst drunk.

“Oh hey Amelia, glad you could make it.” She hiccups.

Luke slowly leans down and tries to whisper in my ear. “I think she’s a bit…OUCH!” I quickly slap his arm and turn my attention back to Paige.

“I’ll catch you later okay.” I wave and scurry off.

“The guys said they were at the pool, so let’s go find them.” Luke yells over the music.

I let Luke lead the way to the pool. The hallways were pretty congested and in a way aggravating. On every side of the wall there were couples making out or having dry sex. Glancing at some of the side rooms I notice other activities going on besides the party. Some were in the game room playing pool or poker and others were, well, doing activities no one wanted to witness.

“Luke!” All the guys called simultaneously when we stepped onto the patio.

“Hey boys,” He greets, giving each a skillful handshake.

“Oh hell there Amelia, you look pretty tonight,” Greg compliments me with a wink.

“Thanks Greg, you all look good too.” I smirk.

“Amelia this is Tony; he’s my cousin.” Eric introduces us.

I look closely at the lanky figure sitting in front of me, his shoulders were slumped and he was looking down at his shoes awkwardly. I knew I’ve seen him before; there was no doubt in my mind. And then finally it clicked. This was Tony, Tony Dawson, my lab partner in chemistry.

“Yeah, I know him.” I nod.

“Oh really, which do you guys have together?” Zach pipes in.

“Chemistry.” I mumble, glaring at Tony. Why was he looking at the floor? Why couldn’t he look at anyone? What the hell was his damn problem?

I’m guessing Eric sensed the tension and quickly changed the subject. The rest of the guys were soon conversing about all the “sexy babes” they’d bang tonight. My face cringed at the thought of all the STD’s that would be transferred tonight. Parties, especially high school parties, were the center for those.

“I think I need a drink.” I blurt in.

“Okay, Tony go with her. I don’t feel like kicking anyone’s ass tonight because they messed with her.” Eric orders.

Without protest Tony rose to his feet and let the way to the kitchen. Since Luke and I went outside it seems even more people had arrived. Nearly half of the bodies on the dance floor were drunk and the room reeked of alcohol and a hint of vomit. The kitchen was pretty empty though, with only a few people hanging around.

“What do you want to drink….?” Tony asks.

If I didn’t have excellent hearing I probably wouldn’t have heard him to begin with. His eyes were still diverted to the ground and he was drumming his fingers against his jeans. Maybe he was a timid person but that still didn’t explain why he wasn’t talking with this own cousin.

“If you could find a Dr. Pepper that would be great.” I smile.

“I thought you wanted a beer?” His head snaps from my response.

“Usually I would have a beer but if I’m drunk how would I sneak back into my house tonight?” I laugh and lean against the counter.

As he bends over to look into the cool I found myself racking over his body. He seemed different than how he usually looked at school. His jeans were a little bit below his waist and instead of a button down shirt he was wearing a Nirvana T-Shirt. This clearly wasn’t the same Tony Dawson I met two days ago. He was different.

“So…you like Nirvana huh?” I call over my shoulder, diverting my eyes away from him.

His head suddenly shoots up from the cool, his eyes in bewilderment. “They’re one of the best bands of all time.”

“That’s interesting; I’ve listened to them a few times.” I shrug.

In that instant he began talking like someone on illegal drugs. It was obvious I hit the “golden note” from mentioning the band. If he could open up about a band that he felt so passionately about maybe in time he would finally start having conversations with people. Tony Dawson was a guy with man sides and I was itching to discover every inch.

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