Cherry Paradise

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Nirvana

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



When Tony and I returned to the rest of the group, everything went back to how it was before. The guy and I kept talking and Tony just stood there, silent as ever. It was kind of weird knowing the person you just witnessed talking nonstop go suddenly silent.

“You guys want to head to the dance floor? We might pick up some ‘sexy bitches’,” Anthony pitches in. It didn’t take long for the guys to agree. Hey, guys were horny creatures. You couldn’t blame their instincts.

We all start to file out towards the dance floor, avoiding any drunken messes that were either ready to hurl all over you or “accidently” grope you. The house was still packed and the crowd was growing as every minute passed by. Even the dance floor was still crammed to capacity but that wasn’t going to stop me or anyone else from joining the fun. Without hesitation the boys easily found a girl who was willing to dance with them. Or in Greg’s case, have dry sex with.

“Dance with me?” I yell over the music into Tony’s ear.

“Okay…sure I guess.” He stammers.

We stand there awkwardly for a few minutes causing me to roll my eyes. Okay I guess I’ll be taking the lead. I place my arms around his neck and sway my body to the music. The humidity in the room was feeling more present the longer we danced. It reached the point where it was becoming unbearable. Sweat was boiling down everyone’s body, making it seem like we were dancers for a new rap video. Hell, the some people were dancing it made it difficult to prove otherwise.

“Are you okay?” Tony eyes me. The look on his face only held confusion and a hint of awkwardness.

“Why wouldn’t I be, I'm dancing!” I keep swaying my body, moving every hip muscle within me to the rhythm of the music.

“Is that what you’re doing? I thought you were trying to fan your body off or something.” He smirks.

I abruptly stop dancing and glare at him. He should be lucky I didn’t have laser beam eyeballs like in the movies or else he’d be a headless motherfucker right now. “Excuse me? Like you can dance any better.” I cross my arms over chest with a sassed look on my face. Let’s see what he had to say to that.

Without uttering a word Tony took two steps back and began moving to the music. Doing moves like someone who took years of hip-hop dance classes over the years. The congested mass around us soon formed a circle around Tony and me, watching every move in awe. I watch his footwork and the confidence on his face. This was another side of Tony.

Out of nowhere he motions for me to join him, maybe to see what exactly I had within me. This was my chance to show him that he wasn’t the only one who has moves. I start belly rolling, popping and locking every joint I had. The sweat was beginning to glisten on any exposed areas on my body and I was soon regretting wearing this dress.

The crowd started cheering our names in unison, I guess to egg on the “challenge”. Everyone in the crowd looked excited to see the battle that was right before their eyes, and a damn good one at that.

I start swaying my body towards Tony to throw him off. The confusion written across his face told me he didn’t expect anything but when I spun my body around and back myself against him, I could feel the tension. He knew exactly what I was going to do next and without another minute wasted I went into twerk mode. Every boy in the room started to wolf whistle and howling like wild animals but what surprised me was when Tony’s hands rested on my sides. I try not to make it throw me off and focus back to the battle. He wanted this and he was going to pay for it.

By that moment the crowd was going crazier than I thought was possible. No one dared to step even an inch onto our turf and as the music kept playing everything felt right.

“You have some nice moves, I will admit, but this battle is clearly going to have a king,” I hear his words echo into my ear. Who knew the ‘shy guy’ could be so cocky?

“I don’t think—“

The sudden stop of the music caused everyone to turn their direction to the DJ. His eyes were glued onto the window facing the front of the house. Outside red and blue lights flashed as two man dressed in uniform approached the front door. The police had just arrived.

“Cops!” Someone screams to break the silence. The once perfect elliptical was now disbursed like wild red ants running from the rain. The last thing anyone needed was to get arrested at a party.

I feel Tony grab my hand and drag me off towards the pool area again. Everyone was running all over the place, trying to avoid the cops as much as possible. Two cops were already in the backyard waiting for anyone who was trying to escape. Weaving through the crowd we make it all the way to the fence. A few people were already cuffed and being hauled towards the front of the yard. Hopefully the others made it out.

“Can you hop a fence?” He breaks my thoughts. Fence. Right that’s what I should be focusing on.

“Yeah I just need a boost.” I gesture for him to lift me up.

Without another word Tony drops his body onto the grass and transforms to bear position. I quickly peel my heels off my feet, hoping to not hurt him as much as possible, and stand on his back. I don’t know how but I managed to reach the edge of the fence and swing my left leg over the side. Looking across the lawn I could see the police escorting more teens towards the front yard, taking each of them to the police cars. Some were still running, hoping with little possibility for escape.

“Tony hurry up. One of the cops just saw us,” I point towards a muscular man making an effort towards us.

I swing my other leg over and slowly lower myself onto the sidewalk. The neighborhood was still quiet despite what was occurring just around the corner. I stare at the top of the fence, anticipating Tony to just magically swing over. What felt like two minutes already elapsed and I still didn’t see any sign of him. Where the hell was he?

Then a thud came from behind me and there was Tony. His glasses looked slightly broken and I could have sworn his jeans didn’t have that rip before but in the end he looked okay.

“Are you okay?” His shoulders were slumped and his hands were tightly clinging onto his bent knees. New sweat droplets were forming at a rapid pace, replacing the old ones with ease.

“Yeah, I’m just worried about the others,” I nibble on my bottom lip. What if they got arrested? Luke was pretty much my ride home and I still wasn’t accustomed to this neighborhood to get back on my own. Oh god was I screwed.

“Let me call Eric and see what’s going on.” He reassures me, pulling his phone out with ease. After a few rings someone finally picked up. The guys were all together and only around the corner from where we were. “Let’s go meet up with them.”

Tony and I walk along the sidewalk in silence, only glancing around to make sure nothing unwelcoming was lurking around. The moon was high above us, illuminating the earth is a magical way. The night breeze was light and the air smelt crisp. At least this dump actually experienced the changes of the seasons. Maybe by December it will snow.

“Tony does it snow around here?” I blurt out without thinking. I quickly slap my forehead with my hand and turn the other way. “That was so embarrassing.”

Soft chuckles escape between his lips and for a second I really regretted asking that question. “It does snow sometimes…last winter it snowed a lot actually…maybe this year it will again.” He smiles.

“Hey you two, let’s get the car and get out of here…like right now.” Luke calls from the distance. Eric, Greg, Anthony and Zach were all standing not too far from him with slightly frightened looks on their face.

“Are the cops around?” I sprint towards them with Tony not too far behind. Oh God I can’t get arrested tonight. It was bad enough I snuck out…I don’t need this again.

“I think they’re patrolling the area, we need to get a move on!”

With that being said everyone started sprinting towards the cars. Lucky for Luke and me we parked a block away from the party so we didn’t have to worry about getting caught. Eric however was only a few doors down and that meant they would really have to make a break for it.

“Bro, call me if anything happens.” Luke calls to Eric when we reach Luke’s truck.

“Yeah, hopefully those dipshits are gone.” He laughs and waves us off.

Luke ushers for me to get into the truck and without hesitation I do. The ride back was pleasant compared to what we just dealt with. Eric somehow made it out okay but he said that a lot of people, including Paige, were arrested. What’s worse is that her parents actually approved of the party tonight. Boy was she going to get an earful.

“Aren’t you supposed to call your brother to let you in?” Luke breaks my thoughts.

“I almost forgot, thanks you.” I pull my phone out of my pocket and send a quick text to Aaron. Hopefully he didn’t fall asleep yet.

“On my way back, can you let me in?”

Within seconds my phone buzzed back. Wow Aaron was seriously up still? It’s almost two in the morning.

“Hello Amelia, this is your mother. Yes I will gladly let you back into the house because once you step in you will probably never leave unless it’s for school purpose. I am very disappointed in you Amelia. How dare you drag your brother into your childish schemes? You’re acting just like how you did last summer. What exactly is running through your head lately? We will talk about this when you get home and don’t even think about skipping out on coming home.

“Crap…” I grumble under my breath. This was bad…really bad.

“What happened?” Luke glances towards me from the corner of his eyes.

“Looks like I got caught. My mom just sent me a text,” I groan and bang my head against the passenger seat. I guess I wasn’t that sneaky after all.

“Well what are you going to do? Are you skipping out or will you face the music.”

“I think I'm going to face the music since my best friends from Spring Falls are already coming tomorrow. There’s really nothing more she can do.” I laugh at the thought of Emma and Harper sweet talking my mom to let me out for the weekend.

“Wow well let’s hope it goes in your favor.” He pulls the truck onto the curb outside my house and turns to me. “If anything happens text me. I’ll come rescue you.” He laughs and hands me his number.

“Why thank you dear prince. I will surely remember this gesture of yours.” I laugh back and wave bye.

As I walk towards the front door I could already see my mom peering through the curtain from the living room. The look on her face only said death to me. And by the way she was glaring at Luke’s truck as he drove off, it showed that more was to come.

The thought of turning around and walking away crossed my mind every step that I took. Hell if I actually had an alternative place to go I wouldn’t have showed up to begin with. In Spring Falls Harper and Emma were my alternatives but here I had no one. Maybe if Paige’s house wasn’t getting raided by police I would head there but even then it wouldn’t have been a great option.

I hesitate at the door, clenching the knob for dear life. Just breathe Amelia. It’s not like she can actually kill you. What’s the worst that could happen? A month of grounding? That would be worth the party.

“ It’s time to face the music.” I say proudly and turn the knob.

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