Finding Lucy

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When Lisa’s sister Lucy goes missing, everyone is shocked. With no evidence to solve the case Lisa takes it into her own hands to find out what really happened to her little sister. As more clues and suspects are being discovered Lisa finds herself in more danger then she expected. With nothing else left to lose Lisa takes her chances and battles the obstacles faced ahead for her. Can Lisa find Lucy and bring her home in time or is it too late?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Finding Lucy

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




My fingers slowly moved towards the trigger. I pointed it promptly at the man standing in front of me. This was the same man who helped kidnap my sister. The same man who was part of the plot that destroyed my family forever. I slowly diverted my eyes from the gun to his dark cold eyes.

“Do you really think you can shoot me?” He mocked.

The hatred I had for him was quickly boiling inside of me. Do it already Lisa, stop hesitating! Why were my fingers taking so long to pull the damn trigger? This was the moment I was waiting for my entire life. To see the man who took my sister, Lucy, away from me.

“You really want to die.” I smirked at him. If he wanted to play I could too.

“Sorry sweetheart but you aren’t going to shoot me.” He whispers, making his way towards me.

I aimed the gun again so it was directly pointed at his vital organ. “One more move and this bullet will be going right through you.”

He began laughing before taking a few steps back. “Aren’t you going to ask a few questions before you kill me?”

“Tell me where my sister is.” I roared at him.

“What happens if I don’t tell you?” He smiled evilly.

I quickly thought of a way to make him talk. All I had was this gun and it was definitely good enough. I pointed the gun down at his foot before pulling the trigger and shooting it. The second the bullet shot through his foot a thick red velvet pool of blood began to spew. A loud thud came next as he fell to the ground, curse words flying quickly through his foul mouth.

“You bitch! Why did you do that?” He grumbled through clenched teeth, trying hard to withstand the agonizing pain.

“Answer my question or your arm is next.” I ordered.

“I can’t tell you where your sister is because I simply don’t know.” His breathe was beginning to heave as he fought the pain.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I screamed. Was this a joke?

“The boss moves his hostages around so they can’t be found.” He grumbled.

“Who is your boss?” My voice rose has it bounced against the walls of the abandoned house.

“Clyde Lanely.” His voice was now rough. Sweat was dripping vigorously down his brow.

“Are you serious? Clyde Lanely?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

Clyde Lanely is one of the most trusted men in our community, and he was also a millionaire. What would Clyde Lanely want with my sister? Matter of fact why was he kidnapping to begin with?

“Tell me more.” I ordered. Aiming the gun now at his arm.

“Why should I? I think I've told you enough. I am already a disgrace to the man I work for. What makes you so intimidating that I should lower myself even more?” His cold dark eyes were now narrowed and staring straight at me.

Slowly I pulled the trigger on the gun and set a bullet through his arm. I had three bullets left. Time was now being crucial. If Clyde Lanely was the man who was the head of my sister’s kidnapping I needed to know why.

“Because I’m the one with the gun.” I mumbled as he let out another roar of pain. A new pool of blood was now spreading across the floor.

“Sweetheart thinks she’s intimidating because she has a gun? Your wrong if that’s all you got.” He mocked.

“Why would Clyde Lanely want my sister?”

“I think you should talk to your parents dear, they were the ones who made the bargain.”

My hands quickly began shaking. Knots were beginning to form in my stomach. I could feel a small amount of bile rising in my throat. My parents had a role in Lucy's disappearance? How could that even be possible?

The gun slowly slipped through my fingers and landed on the floor. My legs slowly couldn’t withstand the weight that was now pushing against me. I could feel my hands begin to shake uncontrollably.

I look over at the man collapsed on the floor in his own pool of blood. Was he telling the truth? Turning my back to him I look out the window. The wind was blowing slowly against the thick green grass. Tears soon began to stream down my face. How could all this be possible?

A low moan came from the guy on the floor. I quickly turn around. The gun that I once had pointed at him was now facing me.

“You made a very foolish mistake sweetheart.” He grinned as he pulled the trigger.

The minute the bullet came in contact with my body time began to slow down. Everything seemed silent and my legs soon began to feel heavy. I collapsed against the floor next to the man. I notice his chest rising and falling. The gun was still down at the floor as our pools of blood collided.

“This is not over.” I whisper. Taking all the strength left in me. I slowly grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger one last time. “The last bullet was meant to be yours and its going to be yours.” I mumble before pulling the trigger and killing him.

My eyes soon began to feel heavy. I couldn’t fight the pain anymore. This was it, I let Lucy down. I slowly rolled over and look out the window again. A yellow and orange butterfly landed on the windowsill. Lucy used to love chasing those butterflies. The thought of Lucy brought tears to my eyes.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t a very good sister” I mumbled one last time.

My eyes slowly began to close until nothing else was left in view. My mind drifted back to before all this happened. Before we lost Lucy, when we were still a happy family.

When everything was normal.

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