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A bunch of finished or unfinished stories I wrote, nothing to be excited about.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dabbles

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



Lurdes sat at her alchemist table and placed a fragile, dusty book in front of her, grinning.

"I wonder what kind of potions they put in here!?" She laughed eerily. She looked behind her lifted shoulder at her 'experiment' , Jack. Jack cried out for help as he was wriggling around in the torture wall with leather straps constricted his wrists and ankles as well as his neck.

"No one'll help you...This is what happens when you run away!" Lurdes giggled as she stared into the book's many pages in-front of her. Eventually, after some interrupted searching, she found a recipe. "This'll do~" She cooed.

"Please don't do this! I won't leave ever again! I promise!--" A gag intruded on Jack's plead.

"That's what you told me last time...but...you broke the promise so, this is your punishment, Jackolie!" Lurdes yelled, tossing different ingredients into a bowl and mashing them violently.

"But this time I swear on my life!!!" Jack lied.

"That's not a good idea, Jack. To swear on your life is like suicide." Lurdes chuckled and put the ingredients in a beaker. She turned around to face Jack, potion in hand, with a large smile from ear to ear.

"Wh--what does that do!?" Jack wriggled more in the straps and turned his head to the side in an attemt to keep her out of his sight.
Lurdes laughed evilly and took the cork off of the beaker, pouring a drop of the potion on the ground. A rat scampered out of it's hole in the wall and licked the substance. The rat's eyes turned white and it fell on it's side as it had a horrible seizure. Jack stared in shock and fear at the poor creature as it had a long painful death.

"You can't do that! You can't kill me!! Dad won't let you!"

" Well you know I lied that your father accepted these punishments. He doesn't even know about this chamber." Lurdes admitted. Jackolie cried out for help again, but as Jack did so, Lurdes quickly poured the seizure potion in his mouth. She kept Jack's mouth open and forced him to swallow the poison. The poor chupacabra shivered as the liquid slithered down his throat.

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