Chapter Seven:Battles

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Fionna and Ashley fight for Marshall Lee

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter Seven:Battles

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Fionna waited.She waited for the right time to attack,when Ashley messed up.Ashley quickly ran to the human mortal.Her claws growing out and her teeth growing sharp.Fionna ran back at her drawing her sword up to attack.The immortal wizzard attempted to slash Fionna,but she had only hit her sword.Fionna stiked Ashley in the legs .The wizzard holwed in pain from the deep wound.She spit acid (NOTE:you're probably wondering,why is a wizard spitting acid?I dunno it's my story and its fantasy)and it flew into the girl's shirt ,sizzling and burning off the skin.Fionna held her wound.It hurt like heck,but she couldn't give up.She ran to Ashley and whipped her sword into the air aiming for her arm.But instead it cut off the only strand of hair Ashley had.Fionna giggled.Now she was COMPLETELY bald.Ashley ramed into Fionna's stomache,picked her up, and flew up towards the ceiling.She threw the girl down and watched her fall hard into the candy pavement.She dived into Fionna and pinned her down.She took the sword and held it to her neck.She chuckled."Poor human girl.You're pitiful,pathetic,and on top of all that you're Little,"The word echoed through Fionna's brain.Little.Fionna kicked the immortal in the chest.The wizard flew back and slammed into the wall.Fionna ran toher and held the sword to her neck.

The wizardn groaned in pain.Fionna held the immortals head up high.

"NEVER.Call.Me.Little,understand?"The wizard nodded slowly"You should stay away from Marshall Lee......And also ,Get your hair back,you're bald."She let go of the wizzard and watched her flee.The people of the party stared and gawked.It was awkward,LSP(Lumpy space Prince) started the music.

"LET'S DO THIS PARTY RIGHT!WOOO!!!!"The party people once again started to dance and laugh and giggle.Fionna held her wound and walked towards Marshall Lee.He was smiling.She blushed and smiled.

"I didn't know you could beat me AND ashley,"Marshall Chuckled.Fionna laughed.She grabbed him close to her and leaned in.Marshall Lee's dream had be come reality.His lips were warmed by hers.She had kissed him.She stepped back and bit her lip.

"I love you Marshall Lee,and I always will"Marshall Lee's cheeks turned bright red.And the clock had turned 5:00.He could stay in the land of Aaa,with his love,Fionna.

"I love you too,Fionna.And I'll do anything to keep you."He held her close and slowly danced with her.He smiled as he felt her head rest on his chest.He and his Fi,were togethger,at last.

`The End\"heart\"

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