Assasin's love and secrets

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Ever since the incident that happened Raine has never wanted vampires to exist.Her Mother and Father were attacked by Vampires even though they were Guardians.Running to the only home she knew with her Aunt who is an Guardian but never shifts.So full of anger and rage She had trained herself to become the ultimate assasin.On one special mission with her new partner Claire she meets the handsome Jason.Jason has a few secrets though he was sent to Raine for a reason to tell her about her true self.One thing will change her life forever and it may start a bigger problem than them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Assasin's love and secrets

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



I went into a darlk alley and saw those Dirty Bloodsuckers Cornering a poor innocent teenager.Being in a small town in New York is pretty dangerous considering that tNew york City is only a couple miles away I feel like there have been more murder,rapes and burglaries here than in the big city .Most of the murders have involved Vamps though. I have been training for this moment my whole life not this very moment but the time when i get to save someones life.It never truly makes up for my mother and fathers death it just mends the pain.They were murdered right in front of me whenI was a young adolescentI didnt and couldnt do anything for them as they tore into my mother who at the time was pregnant with my little brother then my father who was left there to die andI just ran away like a coward,like someone who needs to be held at night to keep the monsters away.I only have a few memories of my parents my mother's silky blonde hair,green eyes and perfect lips.My fathers strong chin,Violet eyes,and Black hair.I feel this is the only thing that makes up for my fear to fight.

"Hey Sweetie can I take a little bite out of you?"

That brought me out of my trance.I took my pistols out of my side holsters and loaded them.Taking off the hood of my cloak my Violet eyes glowed and my Nightvision took place.I could see at least three Vamps, One of them mustve heard the click and came to investigate he sniffed around and listened.Vamps don't really have the ablity to see in the dark so they rely on other senses.I tried to stay completely still but my chest was moving as I started to breathe .I clutched my knife and waited it took a step closer and I held my breath.I couldnt take itany longerI ran full speed towards him and he swung a big fist at me ,I ducked and slit his throat he slumped to the ground with a thud.The others saw me and grinned probabaly thinking I am more food for them to eat.I threw my knife and it hit one of them in the chest.I grabbed my pistol and shot the other in the jugular vein.The blood splashed all over the girl.All the teenagers here look alike blonde hair,blue eyes and great petite, malibu barbies I huffed and stalked off.

"Wait!" she cried

Picking herself up she staggered towards me,crying her eyes out.I'm not good with these kind of moments the only thing I can think of doing was just hugging her and I do not try to get close to my ...To my what this girl meant nothing to me just a victim of a violent crime.She had on a Waiters uniform to a diner across the street she must've came out here for a smoke or something and they cornered her.I looked at the name tag on her and it read Claire.

"Claire,you need to go home and get to sleep at least lay down"

" I just wanted to say that Thank you so much"

She hugged me and I gave in.

"Look I dont have any true talents but can I help you?Those things back there aren't umm..human they are ..Vampires and I know you aren't human your eyes glowed!"

I had to act like i didnt know what she was talking about.Humans are not supposed to know about us, how the hell does she know?I shook my head and laughed hysterically ,She scowled and crossed her arms over her chest.

"What are you laughing at I know you know what I mean!"

"Oh please, You need help, your traumitized and you have let the Twilight get into your head,I hope you know that isnt real sweetie it is fake"

She then stormed off and into the diner.I sighed and walked home my House is only a few miles away and whenI usually get home my feet are hurting becauseI am wearing three inch heels.I am way too exhausted to walk home I've changed my mindI am going to hitchhike.I stuck my thumb out and waited it was only ten so there had to be someone out finally a red pickup truck popped up and it pulled over. A man with dark hair and Green eyes was in the drivers seat he grinned and stared down at my legs.I kind of regret wearing a black cocktail dress and boots.I leaned into the window and smirked

"Can I have a ride?"

"Sure,hop in"

I went around the back and opened the passenger door.Cologne intoxicated the crisp,clean air I got in and closed the door.The truck lurched to a start I told him where i "lived" and he nodded.We arrived at my destination and he put his hand on my thigh and caressed it I tensed and he headed north.I let it happen but once he was getting too close I was gonna take my knife out.

"You are so beautiful and I love that you are letting me do this" he said

"Not for long"

I grabbed my knife and put it up to his throat a sob escaped his lips and I held it closer to his throat.He held his hands up in innocence.

"I have killed many people and you could be added to the list so before you ever try to make a move on a hitchhiker make sure they dont have a criminal record."

I wasnt lying i just wasnt telling the whole truth.I have killed Vampirers and they WERE people and I do have a criminal record but not for killing anyone.I opened the driver's door and motioned him out.He got out andI locked the doors hopping in the drivers seat.

"You B-" he yelled

I closed the window before he could say anything else.I drove home and sat in the car awhile, the house was a ranch syle house with trees surrounding the whole entire yard.I slammed the car door and went inside.


"Where the hell have you been"


My Aunt doesn't want to except that I am hunting down those bloodsuckers that killed my parents.All she wants me to do is be a lady.Lady this,Lady that sit with your legs crossed don't slurp just sip and when your talking to a man don't forget to smile broadly. My Aunt has a nickname that she gave me and it is "hey,you "she never really knew my name and she always wanted to give me a nickname and I just assumed that was my new name.She shook her head and slammed her fist on the wooden table.

"Not a good enough answer, where were you?"

I sighed " I am twenty years old when are you going to stop treating me like a child, Wings?"

"What did you just call me?" she asked

I slowly turned around and looked her in the eye.She always hated that name because it was what my mother used to call her.I called her that when I was a child and she slapped me across the face.

"I said stop treating me like a baby and I called you Wings"

She pursed her lips and wallked out of the kitchen.What did I just do?She volunteered to take care of me when nobody else wanted to.But why?Why did nobody want to take care of me.

" NO! I will not take care of her she is dangerous" My Grandmother cried

" Yes she is, she is a danger to everyone around her"

"It's only when the plan takes place we can't take care of her she is being hunted and all they want to do is use her, please only for a little bit"

We where in a meeting with some sort of council and my mother was begging everyone to try taking care of me.My father was holding me and waiting for an answer.There were only five people in the council my grandmother,my uncle,my cousin,my aunt and mom.All of which didn't really like the idea that my mom and dad were together for some reason it is forbidden.Maybe they were from different packs.why was it forbidden maybe there wee some secrets they kept from me.

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