Assasin's love and secrets chp.2

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Assasin's love and secrets chp.2

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I woke up. To the smell of pine-sol and it was strong.I don't need my wolf scents to smell that that could knock out a horse.I snaked down the stairs and almost slipped in doing so,Wings was in the living room mopping the...couch! She had the mop on the leather sofa and was mopping it.

"What are you doing?! Have you finally lost your mind?"

"Judge all you want, but when this leather sofa smells like lemons you will thank me."

I rolled my eyes and started to walk to the fridge hoping we had some food."There are some apples on the counter Eat one of those until I cook breakfast." Wings called from the living room.

I took a bite out of a granny smith and started back upstairs.I went into my room and decided to go on a run I pulled on my shorts and a sports bra with my tennis shoes.Pulling my hair into a ponytail I pulled one leg over the window sill and jumped


I ran out and into the open and waited until the timing was right for me to start sprinting.I glanced around and saw noone behind me and I went for it running as fast as I could I went around the block at least eight times and it felt good

. "I knew it" I heard an all too familiar voice cry out.

"Claire what the hell do you want?"

" I think you know what I want and right now I have my proof that you are not human!"

" I have no idea wha-"

" Yes you do or you wouldn't be getting all defensive!" She yelled drawing attention.

"Claire, let's just take it down a notch okay?"

"Hell no! " I grabbed her wrist and shushed her and she grinned.I knew what she wanted and she wanted to be a partner oh hell! what was I doing?

"Okay,Okay you can help me meet at the diner ten minutes after your shift"

"I will be counting down the hours!" Then she shrieked as loud as ever."This is so exciting I can't wait"

"Rule number one don't draw attention to yourself like that ever again" she nodded." Got it?"

"Yup" she said.

I glared at her and then went on with my jog down the block back to my house.I could hear Wings yelling from a block away and I made a U-turn and decided on going to monty's, Monty was one of my best friends he was a wolf and we had been friends since I was six.He was handsome with his sandy brown hair and green eyes that could pass right through you his frecles across his face that I have counted many times.I made up to his apartments within minutes and gasped as I saw blood on the floor leaving a trail to his front door.Oh my God! Where was Monty was he okay?! Wait, What the hell am I doing out here?! I touched the blood and tried to catch the scent. I let go of air I was holding and thought.This wasnt his blood.I licked the blood and bared my teeth Human Blood.

I pushed the door open and gasped at the sight."Oh I'm so sorry Monty I shoud have knocked"

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