Running scarce

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Colonel rodiquez is one of the many survivors of the zombie apocalypse.she is safe behind the walls of fort caleghy but soon they will have to go outside the walls to find a food source. The people are dying of starvation and she cant let that happen she will face hardships of love and make mistakes along the road. Will her team come back with a food source or die trying?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Running scarce(on hold)

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



In the year 2090 scientists were trying to cure the disease of Dhimphizus, but it spiraled out of control.They had thought they had cured it but they made it worse when the cure was joined together with the disease it mutated.You would die a slow,painful death but then once you were dead you would live once again.As the dead started to rise they got hungry and had a fettish for human flesh.One day in california a man decided to make a meal out of an old lady and like the wind it spread throughout the continent.

At the time I was on a thirty day leave with my sister.A profusely bleeding man started walking towards her and she being a good person she wanted to help him as soon as she reached for him he bit her.She had a fever for days and then she turned I was there with her when she tried to bite me too.I did what I had to..kill her my only family left and I had to kill her.Three days later I heard about a safe haven said to be in caleghy,Montana I spent months there trying to pull myself together.I still am but it hurts less.

More and more survivors arrived and we needed a leader and the leader had to be Victor \"V\" Reginald. He proposed that we make a Task force that went to nearby cities to save survivors.Only Eighteen people volunteered Tank Arnold,Tammy Evans,Amy Silas,Jonathan ,Red,Elliot Wiiliams,Maggy,Margaret Johnson,Alan James,Hector Esparzo,and myself.The funny thing is that we are all in the military or were in the military and we all volunteered knowing that somehow this was protecting our country. Here we are running short on supplies and food and we're doing nothing.It's not like we don't want to victor won't let us.

\" Colonel Rodriquez,ma'am?\"

I turned on my heel and looked at my leiutanant Colonel Amy Sias.She was wearing herall blackuniform and had her grey streaked hair up in a messy bun \"Yes,Leiutanant Colonel?.\"

\"Mr.Reginald would like to seeyou in his office\"

\"What time?\" I glanced at my watch.

\"0700 hours\"

She turned on her heel and walked out of me chambers.I stretched and got dressed in my uniform.I grabbed my long brown hair and stuck it in a ponytail.I stared at the mirror deep within my sea blue eyes.I put on my boots and walked off, I had fifteen minnutes to get across town to Victor's office.I walked past the mees hall and took a look inside the mess hall trying to figure out if my team was in there eating breakfast.Tank saw me and winked and I jogged out.

Our little town was like any small town just with cement wallsand barbed wire along the tops of the walls.Victor may be wanting to see me because of our scarcity of food .There is a small lake in the middle of town and we use that for a source of water.I jogged past the grocery store that is empty and to Victors office.I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer.

The door opened and I stepped in.\"Ah,Linda please sit down\"

I stood in front of him and glaredd at him.\" I'm here for business not pleasure\"

He grinned like chesire cat.He was in his blue blazer, Mid-thirties,blonde hair,blue eyes but he was too cocky for my liking.\" You know the issue of food being scarce right?Kristy has informed you?\"

\"Yes I have been informed by Kristy...What do you propose we do?\"

\"Absolutely Nothing\"

MY eyes nearly popped out of my skull\" Our people are dying of starvation and you propose we do nothing?This Inhumane,Outrageus, Stupid if you will\"

\"I understand you are upset , but people die all the time\" He said

\"My job is to protect my country and the people in it.I can not sit back and watch die.This is the only family I have and I'll be god damned if I let you let them die

\"Your country is full of dead walking demons bent on killing everyone and eating anything.\"

\"This is a stupid decisiion.\"

\" You disobey and I will honorably discharge you\"

\" I was discharged when everyone started to die\" I yanked my arm away an walked off.

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