The Moonlight Eyes

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



The large golden sun started to sink down behind the ice-capped mountains, shrouding the land into an evil and empty darkness.

A large stone castle loomed over the mountains, situated on a large mountain ledge, surrounded by a giant forest.

The large gardens behind the castle sloped downwards, though only slightly, and then merged into the forest.

At the front there was a large green lawn, with large ugly gargoyles that twisted with the large pathway which lead to the large oak doors.


The sun had set now, back into safety, whilst the moon started it’s time high in the sky, and life began to stir in the castle.

The lights, created by fire, shone through the large frosted glass windows, and the echoes of screams and cries filled the valleys below.


Inside was an old yet elegant theme, with large chandeliers and a large wooden staircase that spiralled up the ten floors.

In the castle on the ground floor was a large hall, which at one end was two large chairs, for the King and Queen.

The next seven floors were the bed chambers for the people who lived there and for guests.

After that, the floors consisted of storage, kitchens and at the very top of the castle were small rooms for those who were being punished.

The residents of the castle were not that of the usual medieval cast, but of vampires.

The King of Vampires was over twenty thousand years of age, and had watched so much that his knowledge alone could impact that of the future.

Being a vampire was to be that you would never die and that you would live till the end of time, only this was true if you weren’t killed or knew the answer to immortality.

A vampire would live their life like a human though every hundred years for a human would be ten for a vampire.

However, as a vampire had better abilities to a human their life expectancy was higher and they could live to a thousand years easily.

The King of Vampires had outlasted even their life span and now his body was weak and torn from the fights and ticking of time.

He had an illness which was killing him slowly, an illness that was so rare only two other vampires had been known to have it before.

A vampire was different from a human in not just time and body, being naturally more beautiful, but in their emotional relationships.

Some vampires were bachelors, who would drink the blood of a female vampire and have sexual intercourse, but would never settle.

Some would mate for life with one person, a special bond between vampires, where they would have to choose each other before connecting, never to part until the end of their days.

It was so strong that when one mate died the other would take their life, but for some they would live their lives in misery.


For the King this was to be, as after a war between two vampire clans, the Queen was killed, and the King was left to raise their two sons.

The life of a vampire was known to be cruel and twisted and this made human legends to why vampires craved human blood, to forget their misery.


Inside one of the bedroom chambers on the sixth floor of the castle was one of the King’s sons, heir to the throne.

Although he was no longer a child, but a young man, in human years twenty, but he had already lived for two hundred years.

Sitting on his window ledge, he looked out over the dark forest, a single tear fell down his cheek, landing on his leg.

A knock on his door disturbed him from his thoughts, and he wiped his tears away and turned to see his friend, and servant, open the door, a sad expression on his face.

“My Prince, I have your cloak as you asked for,” said the servant before walking over to the young vampire.

“Thank you Pinyo,” thanked the prince and he jumped down from the ledge and took the cloak from his servant.

“Your brother is coming to kill you my prince, and take the thrown.”

“I know, it is the reason that my father died, I knew he was mad and now I have to flee to protect my legacy,” sighed the prince and he looked back out the window.

“Where will you go?”

“I cannot tell you Pinyo, you know that my brother is going to torture you, and I cannot risk that.”

They paused for a second as the prince heard voices on the other side of the door, and he jumped up onto the ledge and opened the window.

But the door smashed open and a taller young vampire walked in, angry and baring his fangs.

“I guessed you would be here little brother, now come and face me to die,” snarled the vampire, a katana gripped in his right hand.

“I don’t think so brother,” replied the prince and he turned to leave the castle, but he felt the wetness of blood splatter against the back of his head.

“I’m sorry Jirou, was he your friend?” laughed the vampire, and the prince turned around to see his servant in half on the floor.

With a flash, Jirou jumped through the window, leaving his mad brother in the castle, watching in anger.

“If you return…..I will kill you,” laughed his brother and he turned and left the room, as Jirou disappeared into the forest below, heading to his hiding.


It was two years later and the castle was silent, until the moon shone through the windows and the sighs and cries of humans were heard.

Feeding time was in hand, a new order from the new King.

“My King, there is bad news that we have discovered,” said a vampire in black robes.

The King looked up, is face covered in blood, his eyes ruby red, and he grumbled before standing up, dumping the body of a young woman onto the cold hard ground.

“What is it that is so bad?

“Well….it concerns your title as King,” said the vampire in a low voice, and he heard as the King growled, before wiping the blood from his face.

“Go on.”

“Your brother, as long as he lives you’re a fake King,” replied the vampire and he waited to be killed but the King only nodded before saying,

“Who else knows about this?”

“No one,” replied the vampire and the King snarled before ripping the vampire’s head off.

“Good, I am the King,” snarled the King and he licked his hands clean before walking away as the body turned to dust.

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