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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013



To wake with Alex practically in my face was the most unusal thing for me, but liked it because he was just too adorable to get mad at. Without allowing me to be fully awake, he begun to explain to me that he and Max had gone to the other side of town, finding out that there was a way to escape and get into the next town, which thankfully was only eight miles. But because they had to walk, it was more of sixteen miles and they made it there and back before the other town had their neighborhood sweep.
They had left at six in the morning and when they returned, Max informed his brother and cousins right away about their mission. I was the last to know, only because they knew that I wouldn't be as estatic about it. Of course I do want to escape, but afraid that I would slow them down. I'm not fat, nor super skinny. I'm just not as fit as the other girls. And from what I can see, the girls were gym members. Or had been, so that beats me of everything.
Alex said that everyone was packing food into their backpacks, loading the guns and preparing their minds for any kind of battle that can take place. I, of course, decided to protest and tell him that I was just going to stay behind and defend our home. He didn't like what I had to say and stood up, back faced to me.
Then out of nowhere he kicked the buckets of rice, knocking one over. Thankfully it didn't open, unfortunately, it would have to be left behind. Alex turned to me, got onto his knees and looked into my eyes. His voice was soft and dreamy.
"I can't leave you. Not now. Not ever." He held out his hand, waiting for me to take it and I could tell that my hesitation was pissing him off further. "I beg you. Don't do this to me. You are all that I have left." And then my hand landed in his, pulling myself up to my feet.
I pulled on my boots, lacing them as quickly as possible, then grabbed my jacket and headed upstairs, Alex a few paces ahead of me. He handed me a rifle, then guided us through the house and out the front door.
Not knowing where we were going, Jay, the girls and I, followed Alex through all of the parked cars, gripping our guns, hoping no Asians would pop out of anywhere. One of the boys joked about zombies possibly following us, but instead of attacking us, they would go after the Chinese. One started to sing Secret Agent Man, while another did the theme to Pink Panther. Us girls did a couple of Charlie's Angels moves, then to top it off, we all did the Mission Impossible theme song. It made us all a little more relaxed, but on our toes and we were able to keep eyes on all of our surroundings.
Jay announced the time so we knew how long we had before the first sweep of the day. We had an hour and fourty five minutes to get to a safe zone, which would be a grocery store. But the more we walked, the quicker we were getting to the north side of town.
Stopping at the creamery, we all took turns going pee behind the building. Unfortunately, it took ten minutes out of our time. After that, we didn't doddle down the highway, only having fifteen more minutes before we actually reached our destination. Ducking into the Mazatlan, we all thought it was odd that the door was open, but hid under the tables just as a sweep happen.
"What the hell?" Jay's voice startled me. His tone was showing that he was freaked out.
"What's wrong?"
"The sweep. It's too early. We still had fourty minutes left."
"Fuck. Stay down." Alex warned us.
Mia and Arcie were under one table, Max under another, while Jay was hiding under the bar stools and I was with Alex near the emergency exit, under a table.
"We have to get out of here. If they come in, we're screwed." Alex pointed at the kitchen doors, then waved at Jay to go through them. Then Mia was next and Arcie afterwards. Max and Alex were next, peeking out the windows and door to make sure it was clear, which had also made it the biggest mistake to leave me behind.
I became afraid.
A Chinese man came walking in just as the boys went beyond the kitchen door, spotting me trying to escape. I flipped around trying to get to the emergency exit, but felt his hand on my shoulders pulling me back and my feet going out from under me. Down I went, landing hard on the floor, knocking the wind out of my lungs. Shots rang out before the man could do me any harm and then I felt my body being dragged, lights passing my eyes before I gained my breath back.
Yup. I was going to be sore.
Max yanked me to my feet, flipped me over onto his shoulder and rushed out the back with the others. I had no time to protest. To let them know that I was good enough to walk on my own. And for a while, no one stopped until the last highway light was out of sight.
Alex helped me off of Max's shoulder, onto my feet, pulling me along down into the gulley. What was once my best friend's house, and back yard, was now piles of debris and rubble. The pond water was even more disgusting then ever before. It now reeked of death making me nausious and worried to know what happened.
Each of the boys helped us walk around the pond and up the hill into the shadows of the trees. Seeing that someone had dug a hole large enough to fit a small family. Mia and Arcie slid into the hole, sitting as low as possible. After Alex helped me climb in, the boys sat down around the edge, waiting for the right moment to get us out of there.
"Noon is starting to creep up on us. We can't stay here." I could tell that Jay was trying to keep his voice calm.
"The only way we are going to get out of this God forsaken place is if we can get a vehicle running." Max pulled out a granola bar and started to chow down.
"There is a car lot just across the highway from where we are." I spoke up hoping they would be glad I did.
I watched the boys exchange glances, then stand up and help us out of the hole. We scrambled through the trees, back around the pond and up the small hill out to the street. I led the way back to the highway, ran as fast as I could across and up to the fence, hopping up onto it and climbing over. I almost got my pants caught on the top of the fence, but managed to get over with no holes and then everyone followed.
There were Chargers and Ford's, Mercedes and Corvette's. I could sense the boys having car orgasims, wanting to fondle the cars. Maybe I would let them, if it didn't feel like the end of the world. Then I remembered that there wasn't just two of us anymore. Two people became six and we were in need of a truck. But not any ordinary truck. One that could protect us all and run down anyone and anything. And still let the boys have their orgasims.
So a Ford Excursion it was.
And Max had a fun time hot wiring the car.
After throwing the bags into the back, we all climbed in, just in time to hear the Excursion fire up. Max threw it into gear, slammed on the gas and we flew forward into the fence knocking it down. We barely missed the oncoming cars, lucky for us that they weren't the Chinese. The bad thing, they were state police and they were not happy. But we noticed that they weren't following us, making Jay laugh and reminded us about the movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
"If they you are going over the speed limit, they cannot catch you, or something like that." Jay pulled on his seatbelt as we giggled.
It was the first time that we all had giggled and it was sad that we all became silent right away. Mia and Arcie leaned against each other and the car door, while I looked out the window, slightly annoyed that Alex had climbed into the front seat. Poor Jay was the only one in the back, staring out of the window, bored out of his mind. But if you asked me, I rather be bored at a time like this, then knowing that you were being ignored.
Eventually, after the first few towns we passed, I slid out of my seat into the back beside Jay and laid my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me and held me tight. Wondering what Alex would think if he looked back and saw us, I glanced ahead of me to see if he had, but only caught Max's eyes in the rear view mirror.
Quickly looking away, I also felt Jay's hand squeezing my leg. Something was bugging him and I would have to find a way to get him to break. So I started to run my fingers across his, tracing the outline of his hand, between his fingers, over the tips and even across the nails. He grabbed my hand, squeezing it a few times before relaxing. His breathing slowed as well as his heart and when I looked up to gaze into his eyes, I found that he was asleep.
A voice, beautiful singing voice came out of nowhere. It made me sit up, reckognizing that it was Freddy Mercury, singing Bohemian Rhapsody and another voice coming from the front of the car. I couldn't tell if it was Alex or Max. But they had every right to sing the song. They had killed their first Chinese man. Okay, not so much the rock part, but the beginning. Although it was awesome that all of us jumped in during the rock part and made us all pumped for whatever was coming next in our journey. Jay, was the only one not singing. He must had stayed up all night, because he was out cold.
Queen was the best we could come up with to listen to. It should be deemed as the best end of the world rock band. Music. Singer. Whatever the case, we knew the lyrics and we tried to have as much fun as we could before we were forced to stop.
And even though Jay was forced to wake up, from our loud, obnoxious singing and clapping to We Will Rock You, he eventually joined in and enjoyed himself. I'm sure it would be the oddest thing to see at a time like this. And not one of us cared.

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