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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 05, 2013



King City.
Blink while you're speeding and you'll miss it.
But we didn't.
It was our stop of the day.

We sat in the Excursion, in the parking lot, not moving one bit. How could we when three men stood in front of us, guns pointing, demanding us to exit the car so they could steal it from us. As much as it was scary to have that Chinaman slamming me into the ground, this was much more. Max slowly got out of the car, hands in the air, hoping that we'd do the same.
It didn't take long for us to be defended, even though it was by one man. Er, woman.
She was five feet, nine inches, wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she had a gun in one hand and one strapped to her hip. She made the men lower their guns, the begun a short conversation with Max. Luckily we could hear most of it.
"You're pretty far away from home."
"There's nothing left for us to defend."
"Where are you all heading?"
"As far north as we can."
"Canadian borders are actually opened for a short amount of time."
"Then we'll head there."
"There's a slight problem to that. You have to have at least some Canadian in you."
"Fuck me. I'm not from here and neither is my brother."
"Where from?"
Ha. I knew it. I knew it wasn't quite English, but close enough. That just made him and Jay even sexier. Ah, shit. I'm doing it again. Back to the story.
"And what about those girls?"
He looked at the back windows. "They are on their dad's side. Amount, unknown."
"And your friend in the front seat?"
Alex looked over at her. "Part Russian, American and slight Canadian."
"Anyone else?"
Everyone looked back at me and for once in my life I felt alone. I had no clue to what I was except having Irish ancestery. "I'm fucked."
"No you're not." Alex spoke up. "You're not going to be left behind. If we have to sneak you in, we will do it."
"Awe, how sweet. But that's not going to save her ass." She sounded bitchy. And after that, I blocked her out of my mind as she argued with Max and Alex.
I looked at the men who stood outside and summed them up with their looks as quickly as I could. The tallest, dark brown hair, couldn't see his eyes, but can tell that he had gone through a lot within the last few days. He reminded me of a vampire, but not the synnical ones. Like Angel from Buffy.
His friend, the one the left side of him looked like he just pissed himself. He too had dark brown hair, bandana around his forehead, looking like he came out of a gang, but a poser. I don't think he ever shot someone before. Not even during this whole war.
And the youngest looking one, didn't have much an expression on his face. His hair was a lighter brown and if I wasn't mistaken, I had seen him somewhere before. No not a celebrity, but maybe online. Or maybe seen him before on the bus. I wasn't certain and wasn't going to be until I made him open up.
The next thing I knew, everyone was climbing out of the car. Max introduced us to the creepy lookin people and then the girl told us their names. The vampire was Reese and we learned that his wife and son were killed in front of him. That explained a lot.
The one who seemed to have pissed himself was Blair. No one seemed to know anything about him, except it wasn't his real name. And the youngest was Peter. Pete for short. And even though I learned his name, I still couldn't figure out why he seemed so familiar.
"And you?" Max stared at the girl.
"Kitty." No flinch, no grin came to face.
"Kitty?!" I tried to not laugh.
"Yeah, you got a problem with that?" Shit she might kill me.
"What's it short for?"
"Here kitty kitty." Jay joked, stopping when she glared at him, almost raising her gun. I think he was louder then he thought.
"Jay. Short for Blue Jay, right?"
"Yeah. What about it?"
"Cats eat birds." No way I was going to see this ending the right way and Max saw it too and stopped everything before it could even begin.
"Tell me...Kit. Where may we go to use the rest room?"
She shot a look at him. "Right this way." Turning quickly, she glared at Jay then led the way into the building.
As us girls waited in the girl's restroom, Kitty begun her story of how she met the youngest boy. And this is how it went.

It had been seventy-two hours since she had woken up on the stair case in her townhouse duplex, she figured as she looked at her watch. She had been traveling for two days, only to stop for a few hours of sleep. Now, as she wrapped her hair up into a pony tail, she knew that she had to keep going on.
Feeling like she was Alice in Resident Evil, her hands slightly trembled as she climbed up the steep porch steps and pushed the front door open. Up the stairs she went, hoping to find that the house was empty. But when she opened the door to the master bedroom, she found that she was wrong.
Inching slowly towards the bed, the lifeless male body laid, only clothed in boxers, she pulled her shot gun off her shoulder and poked him in the foot. The body jumped up, flipping onto his back, stopping when he saw the girl.
"Fuck almighty. I thought you were dead."
"Who the hell are you? And I just woke up like ten minutes ago to find that everyone's gone."
The gun lowered and she held out her hand. "Kitty."
He scooted forward and grabbed her hand. "Peter." He pulled away. "Mind telling me what the hell is going on?"
"As much as I can figure it out on my own, the Chinese government knocked our asses out before taking over."
"What makes you think that it was the Chinese?"
"Well, I'm part Russian and although we could have done it ourselves, we wouldn't cause harm to commrades."
"Are you in the military?"
"No, but I know a thing or two thanks to past boyfriends who were."
Peter got up and pulled on his pants. "How long was I out?"
"Well, I woke up seventy-two hours ago, so give or take a week. I guess depending on how much you had breathed in. I'm no expert in this, just going by when I remembered what day I was heading out to meet up with friends. Which, was a week ago."
Peter pulled on a shirt, then socks and shoes. "So, what's the code for the end of the world? Resident Evil or Terminator style?"
"Well, I haven't seen any robots or zombies yet, so it's your call."
"Red Dawn style then." Peter went over to his closet, pulled out a metal box, placing it onto the bed. He then grabbed the drawer to the night stand, pulling it out and placing it onto the bed as well. He grabbed his passport, shoving it into his back pocket, then grabbed a key from the bottom of the drawer and opened the metal box. He pulled out his 9mm, loaded it, pocketed the rest of the ammo and tucked the gun into his waist line. He then looked up and her, seeing that she approved.
"Too many break ins lately."
She scoffed, then headed out of the room. Peter grabbed his Carrhart jacket, pulling it on while following her downstairs.
"I found, in our absence, maps that had area codes and some other numbers. I made a drawing of our beloved United States and colored in what was still American and what was gone. Pratically the whole East coast, from New York to to Missouri has been stolen from us. Texas, Oklahoma and the Dakota's are kill zones. Consentration camps. The only way out to the West Coast is through the checking points in Kansas and Nebraska." Kitty opened the front door, looked around before walking out. Peter followed her, glancing around.
"We're on the edge of Iowa. How long do you think that it would take us to get through Nebraska?"
"By foot? Probably a month or two, depending on how many times we stop to pee, find food, ammo, sleep." She stopped at a 1994 Toyota Pickup. "Driving, maybe a day or two." She opened the door, hopped up into it and looked around for keys. "Sometimes I wish people were dumb, like in the movies, leaving a spare key inside the vehicle." Dara reached down and pulled the cords out, starting the truck. "Get in."
Peter was hesitant at first, but he knew that if he didn't go with her, there weren't going to be any more chances at getting out of town. He sprinted to the passenger side, opened the door and hopped in. After closing the door, she drove off, not worrying about buckling.
"So, before all of this, what did you do?"
"College. Minoring in Languages. Majoring in Graphic Design. Did some social networking."
"Eh, once in a while. Find it quite boring with drama bullshit. Mostly spent my time on OkCupid, trying to connect with people."
"Sounds boring."
"Kinda is when no one really has anything in common with you. Most of the women were obese and desperate. I befriended them, mostly cause we had a lot in common, but there was one girl..." His voice trailed off as he remembered her face.
"Tall, blonde, scrawny, model type?"
He snapped back into reality. "No, actually. She's shorter then me, brown hair, beautiful blue eyes."
"Sounds wonderful." Sarcasm hit her voice.
He looked at her, irritated. "Bitchy are we?"
"Being on your period, while it's the end of the world, is quite annoying."
"Birth control?"
"Ran out the week I passed out."
"Sounds like we need to stop off at a pharmacy."
"You think?"


Fuck almighty.
I think I just found out how I know Peter.

Just two months prior to all this hell shit, I had signed up on a dating site called OkCupid.com. I had been bombarded by all sorts of men, but one had stuck out the most. And that happened to be Peter. I guess with all that had happened to us, I had forgotten, only to be reminded when I actually saw his face.
Now he stood, out in the store, doing God knows what and I was in the restroom with a bunch of girls exchanging their end of the world stories. How in the hell was I suppose to bring something like that up? It's not like we were going to have time to date anyway. And who knew what Alex would think or say.
And while I stood in the isle that he was in, I couldn't come to tell myself that I needed to apologize for not reckognizing that it was him. Maybe he wouldn't remember? Nope. Not with the way he just glanced at me. I'm fucked.
"So we finally meet."
"Kind of lame that it's at the worst possible time ever."
"Naw. It's the best. You get to see the person in action."
UGH. He would have to say that. And there was no excaping, because the next thing I knew, everyone was heading back out to the excursion. And my team wasn't going to be alone.
Squishing into the car, I ended up being stuck in between Jay and Blair. What the fuck? Again Alex some how got the front seat. Now I wonder if I've done something to make him pissed. Max drove like a bat out of hell into Portland, but slamming on his breaks when we got to downtown. Cars were prohibited due to the amount of homeless people walking the streets. My whole group was enraged that they had to walk, but it also made it to were we all kept an eye out for each other.
It wasn't until Mia got seperated from the group that we saw the others jump into action. A bunch of female Asian officers got a hold of her and tried to push her into a group of white women, who were being escorted into a building.
Reese had shoved our kind off to the sides, jumped over a statue and shot three officers before grabbing Mia and throwing her back at us. The guys, including Kitty all shot three officers each, while Arcie and I pulled Mia through the stampeed of scared Americans, and onto the max train. We screamed for the boys to hurry their asses off, then watched them all fly onto the max just before the doors closed.
Kitty walked over to us, sitting down in the empty seat. She laid her gun on her lap and glared at the onlookers. The boys stayed on the ground until we started to go over the bridge, each taking an empty seat. Max pulled Mia out of her chair, sat down and placed her in his lap. He held her against his chest as she cried quietly.
Feeling bad for those girls crept up on me quicker then I had expected. And for once, Alex finally paid attention to me. He placed his arm around me and held me close. But he wasn't the only one to touch me. Jay placed his hand on my leg like he had before and squeezed it.
"The sun is starting to set. We need to find a place to crash." Kitty's voice was soft, making her seem more pleasant.
We overheard the conductor on the radio that we were on the yellow line, heading towards the Expo center. Without words, just nods, it was agreed upon that we would get off as soon as possible before it reached the Expo center. We all had heard that there was a lot going on over there. Rumors that it was turned into a concentration camp. Not one of us was wanting to stick around to find out.
We stumbled off the max at Rosa Parks and headed back a block, climbing over the fence at the grade school and headed towards the freeway entance. It felt forever by the time we found a good house to hide in. But not all of us stayed in that house. Kitty and her lost puppies went to the house cattycorner to us.
Mia and Arcie took one room with Max and Jay, while Alex and I took the other room of the two story house. I hate sleeping on the floor, but there was no choice. I removed my jacket, using it as a pillow and closed my eyes, hoping that I would be out cold before Alex could lay down himself.

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