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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 05, 2013



I felt my eyes fluttered open when I heard my name being called by a calm soothing male's voice. Alex's bluish gray eyes stared down at me, head propped up onto arm, moving hair out of my face with his free hand. "Good morning beautiful."
"I must be dreaming if it's a good morning."
"It's a good morning for Max. Some hot chick showed up this morning, startled to see us in her home. She took him for a walk around the neighborhood, explaining that she bought this house to fix it up and let people stay here as refugees. Jay and the girls went with Kitty and the boys to the grocery store to see what they could grab."
"Oh, well I hope he's having fun."
"I told him if he got the chance to, ask her out on a date, if she delclines then walk back here without her."
"Wow, you're such a dick."
A slight grin came to his face. "I try not to be, but it just comes out"
"Well I hope you never ditch me."
"Unless you became a zombie, I wouldn't dare."
"Oh God, then just shoot me. Don't even miss."
"Hmm what if I became a zombie?"
"I'd keep you as a pet so you could eat the Chinese."
"Wow, sadestic bitch. I like that." His grin got bigger.
I decided to changed the subject. "How long do you think they'll be gone for?"
"I don't know. They've been gone for at least thirty minutes already. I'm assuming at least thirty more minutes. Do I want to know what's going on inside that psychotic brain of yours?"
I sat up, looked at his lips, touching his arm. Without thinking, I brushed my lips across his, feeling his tougne touch mine. Then I slid my hand down his arm, stopping at his hand, brought it to my belly and pushed it towards my pants. Alex started to realize what I wanted and complied. He watched me lay back down, unbutton my jeans then look back into his eyes. "You sure?" His voice became uneasy as he slid his hand down my pants, finding that I wasn't wearing any panties. He told me that the thought of me not wearing any since we first ran into each other came across his mind as he slid two fingers into me and carressed me.
I moved her my legs further apart, while he kissed me, enjoying the feel of me being wet and hearing the light moaning. I pulled my pants down to my knees, making sure he didn't move, then felt his lips travel down my stomach, stopping where his hand was. I gasped loudly as he licked my happy place and sucked on my nub, holding his hands tightly when he grabbed mine. I could hear him unzipping his pants, hoping he would climb on top and make my morning wonderful, but as soon as he moved away from me, we heard footsteps on the stairs, then Max's voice talking loud and clear.
Alex jumped up and started to fix himself as I quickly pulled on my jeans, zipping it up just as Max and the new girl walked in. Max and the girl stared at me as I got up and fixed my hair. Alex stayed behind Max, wiping his mouth while moving over to the window, trying to stay quiet
"Hey, you're awake." Max slightly smiled.
"Yeah. I see that you made it back in one piece."
"Red, this is Imogen. Apparently we have made ourselves squatters in her home." Max sounded embarrassed.
"Sorry about that." I pulled my hair into a messy bun, wondering if my face was red.
"No don't be. You guys needed to hide out and it was better that I wasn't here or I probably would have shot one of you."
"Thank God." I grabbed my jacket and pulled it on.
"Imogen got some bacon, bread and eggs."
"Sounds good. I haven't eaten for days."
"Care to join us?" Imogen smiled.
"I'm going to use the restroom, then I'll be down." I grabbed my shoes and took my time unlacing them.
"Alright, there are some toothbrushes and toothpaste and other things in the drawers." Imogen turn and went out, Max right behind her.
"Okay. Thanks." I pulled on my shoes, laced them up, then went over to Alex. I kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you so much. I'm sorry that it couldn't go any further."
A sexy grin came to his face, voice lowered just enough for me to hear. "You taste good." He turned and left the room without waiting for me.
Goddammit, Mother of God's green Earth, why me?! I thought. If only we had gone further. I went to the stairs and desended slowly, breathing in the smell of the bacon. Alex stood at the bottom of the stairs, watching my every move. I stopped on the step before the one he was on, leaned forward and kissed him, tasting bacon grease. "As much as I don't care for it, it does taste good on you." And with a giggle, I passed him as his mouth dropped, in awe at what came out of my mouth.
While I sat on the counter in the kitchen, I finally took notice of Imogen's look. Long dark brown hair, almost black, greenish brown eyes and she wasn't too much taller then me. I think she's Russian. If only I had money and someone to bet that on. I had been correct with the brother's, so how could I be wrong with this one?
Alex walked into the kitchen, in an odd way. Like he was drunk. He leaned on the back of the chair at the table and stared at me. Yup, I'm now a piece of meat to him. Slap some potatoes on my ass with a little bit of gravy and I'm sure he'd eat me up. Why the fuck did the Chinese have to invade us now? Right when he's beginning to notice me. Just a note, I hate you guys with a passion. I'm not racist. I would say this to anyone who was invading our country.
Max and Imogen were right up there for walking in on us when we could of had fun. Another note, if Max ever got Imogen or any other girl alone, to ruin it for him so he knows how it feels to have blue balls, although girls can't really have it. I just have imaginary ones and it sucks.
Oh shit. I just realize our numbers went up. Eleven people in one house. Althought the odds are in our favor for retaliation, feeding ourselves just became more difficult. And I'm starting to get weirded out by the way Alex is looking at me. Time to bail.
I made my way into the living room, seeing that Mia and Jay were playing with a deck of cards. I stopped when Peter walked in from the front porch and without much of words, we knew what each other were thinking.
"If I'm correct, you owe me a kiss." A devious smile came across his face.
"And if I'm correct, your gun is mine."
"Okay then. You first."
"Fuck if I know." I shrugged my shoulders.
"In my opinion, from what I have gathered just by listening in, Peter you win this one." Mia spoke up.
I wasn't happy, my eyes wondering over to her. "What the fuck Mia. Now you decide to talk? You haven't said anything since the first time around when we first met."
"I'm an observer."
"And you just lost." Jay spoke up.
I glared at him, then looked back at Peter. "Rain check?"
"Sure." He went around me and into the kitchen.
I really wanted to slap her in the face, but I prevented myself by going upstairs and taking a shower. I didn't take long, even though it would have been nice to stay in the warm water. But the thought of Alex, or now even Peter, walking in made me wash myself quicker then I normally would. Even pulling back on my clothes was quicker then when I pulled them off.
When I went back downstairs, I happened to hear Imogen explain to everyone that she was the Russian ambassadors daughter, up until his throat got slit in front of her for not giving into the Chinese government. She had fled with a group of Swedes and came here to Oregon from Washington D.C. The whole east coast became an anarchy for the first two months before the Chinese started to kill American citizens and take over the White House. From what she could sum up, the Chinese got fed up with the American government owing them money and "loaning" money out to other countries. So the Chinese decided to take matters into their own hands, even if it meant slaughtering two thirds of the American population. Canada was the only option for our safety since Mexico was blocked off by a twenty foot wall once all the young and old were shipped there. The same group of Swedes that helped her excape, where on the other side of the Lombard bridge in St. Johns, waiting for her to show, with or without refugees. And she had decided that we were going to be the ones to go with her. She had grew tired of waiting for the right moment.
Before anyone could respond with the right words, we all heard a loud bang out in the front yard. Max went to the window and peeked outside, seeing that a house was on fire. "Shit. A grenade went off. Time to leave."
Each and every one of us grabbed what we could and headed out the back yard, through the hole in the fence and down the alley. Max yelled at us to never stop and try to not look back, but that was the hardest. I tried to remember the story of Lot and his daughters. That if I looked back I would turned into a pilar of salt. It was scary to think that it had happened and possibly happen again, but it worked. I kept myself from looking back, running alongside Alex and Mia.
The bridge wasn't too far, I kept telling myself, although it really was. Mia was trailing behind, but I grabbed her arm and yanked her closer. No one was going to be left behind. Not on my watch. And definately not her. Arcie and the boys needed her. They needed to stay together. They were the last of their family.
Coming upon the bridge, everyone started to slow down, holding their guns out, waiting to shoot anything that was a threat. For the first few steps onto the bridge, everything was going well, until we got ambushed. I managed to shove Arcie and Mia to the ground before taking a hit in the arm and loosing my balance. But I didn't fall to the ground. Instead I stumbled backwards, hitting the siding and flipping over. Down I went, screaming for help, stopping suddenly when the cold water hit my body. I couldn't panic, nor swim. Tryin to kick up from a bottom that wasn't there. I thought it was the end of me.

"Red. Red wake up."
I opened my eyes, immediately sitting up and spat up water. A pair of hands grabbed my shoulders and held me up as I coughed really hard before leaning back against the chest. My whole body shivered uncontrolably, but it felt double the amount it should have been. My mind slowly started to tell me that I wasn't alone, wasn't the only one shivering.
I tilted my head back enough to take in a glimpse of my hero. Brown hair and a shadow were in my view, but my plugged up ears couldn't decifer who he was. Kisses were planted on my forehead as he scooped me up and carried me for a while before placing me back down. This time my back was against a rock and the face came in clearer. He wasn't who I was hoping for.
He was Peter.
"What..what happened?" I became shocked at my own words.
"We were ambushed, you took a hit in the arm and on your way over the stone wall, you somehow managed to knock me down with you."
"Fuck, my head." I reached up to hold it, screaming when I felt the pain in my arm. He grabbed my arm and looked at the hole in my shirt. He ripped the sleeve and sighed.
"Only a graze. You are lucky."
"I don't feel lucky. What happened to the others?"
"I don't know. When I came to, they weren't on the bridge. Then when I saw that you were laying there, I had to give you CPR."
"Hey, at least you got your kiss." I tried to joke with him, seeing he wasn't amused so I shut my mouth.
"I was more worried about you dying then a stupid kiss."
"Okay, sorry. Now what are we to do?"
"Hide. It's all we can do." He stood and held out his hands.
I grabbed them and pulled myself up, almost falling backwards. "Shit. Wow. I haven't felt this way since the first time I ever got plastered."
"Ha. When was that?"
"Um, ten years ago."
"Wow. That's a long time."
"Yeah. Bad things happen when I drink."
"Seems like it does more, when you don't." He put my arm around his shoulders, placed an arm around my waist and walked me down the sandy walk way. We didn't say a word to each other until we came upon an old Ford truck. He bashed in the small triangle window, stuck his arm in and unlocked the door.
After helping me in, he climbed in, closed the door then used his wet coat as a wind blocker. For some unknown reason there was a blanket in the car. Thankful that it wasn't wool, I wanted to wrap myself in it, but he stopped me, reminding me that the only way we were going to stay warm would be to pull off all our clothes.
I dreaded it, but sucked it up and started to pull off my clothes, except my underwear, while he took off his. I then climbed into the back seat and laid down. He gently place the blanket over me, laid out our clothes on the front seats, then laid down beside me. As much as I preferred he didn't touch me, I allowed him to anyway, feeling much warmer once he did so.
"I apologize in advance for any unwanted touching and for..." His voice trailed off and I knew what he was apologizing for.
"It's fine as long as you don't act upon it."
"Not without your permission. I'm not like other guys and this isn't the time for that."
"Thanks for understanding."
"Of course, why wouldn't I?"
I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, both of us growing quiet. We listened to each other's heartbeats and breathing, the only way we could stay calm enough to fall asleep.

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