Blood Moon Rising

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This is a story about two vampire hunters and their relationship with each other. Katie wished he could ease the pain of Marcus's loss because of a vengeful vampire.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blood Moon Rising

Submitted: February 27, 2008

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Submitted: February 27, 2008



Blood Moon Rising

Tonight, the moon is blood red. A beautiful vampire bolted into an old, castle-like mansion. Blood is trickling beside her lips with two fangs protruding. Every human in the mansion had prepared to fight this creature. Even though they are known as the best vampire hunters, they ended up dead in their own fortress.

“This is my revenge,” the woman vampire said angrily even though nobody could hear her anymore because they’re already dead. She still smelled a living human inside the mansion and went upstairs to find the one whom she is taking revenge on. She gracefully walked towards a door. She shoved the locked door effortlessly.

A young girl is standing at the center of the bedroom with a sword gripped by her two hands. “I will not regret for what I’ve done,” she said.

“So are those your last words?” The vampire chuckled.

The girl attacked the vampire swiftly. The vampire avoided the assault more quickly. She caught the girl’s throat and using only one hand, she threw her like a doll on the bed.

“Sister!” A child suddenly came out of the cabinet ten feet away from the vampire’s back.

“No!” The girl shouted.

The vampire suddenly turned to face the child who is running towards them. She pushed the child. The poor child was thrown back and hit a life-size mirror. The shattered glass caused the child to bleed.

“Just wait. You’re next,” the vampire snarled.

The vampire lifted the girl’s head and sunk her fangs into her throat. The girl gave a loud, painful scream. The blood-sucking creature is drinking her blood.

The child tried to pull her away. “You pest!” the vampire said, turning her head to the child. She grabbed the child who is now frightened by her angry-looking eyes. She noticed that the child is bleeding. She held the child’s hand and licked the blood from the wound. The child cried uncontrollably and breathed heavily. The blood tasted sweet to her. It makes her crave for more. She could hear the child’s fast pulse and it makes her go crazy.

She suddenly sensed human presence outside the room. A man shot her and wounded her shoulder. It is because of her feeding that she did not notice that a new group of vampire hunters are already in the mansion. She released the child and escaped using the room’s balcony.

Three people approached the wounded child. A woman tried to comfort the child who is still in a state of shock.

One man looked at the unconscious girl on the bed. He spoke, “This is bad. She had already bitten Melissa.”

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