Elf: Entry for Guitarplayer's Mythical Creature Challenge

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Naria is a light elf who is looking for her brother, who has joined forces with the dark elves in conquest to take over earth. She and her friend Anthony get called back to her homeland and she gets tangled in a bureaucratic web to stop the dark elves instead of the independant, on her own fighting way she is used to.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Guitarplayer's Mythical Creatures Challenge-Elf

Submitted: May 29, 2010

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Submitted: May 29, 2010



In the 13th century, Snorri Sturluson wrote Prose Edda. He wrote about Norse gods and fantasy creatures that many people were starting to ignore. His ideas of “fairytale creatures” were closer to the truth than anything has been since. He had one thing right- “light elves are fairer than the sun to look upon, but the dark elves are blacker than pitch”. He might not have known just how close he was to the truth.
I’m a light elf. The only thing different about me, perhaps, is the fact that I kill my own. I walk around in the human world, looking out for the otherworldly beauty and watching for the auras of the light elves. I identify one, then decide if they are good or not. There isn’t just a straight white and black line between the light and dark elves anymore. The light have started to join forces with the dark. Ugly, grotesque creatures come out of their alliance. Light and dark elves were never meant to create children. And yet, here they are.
I sipped a cup of tea in the coffee house. I believe it is called Starbucks, but I’m not sure for certain. Three people are currently staring at me unabashedly. I can’t cover my ears, so the point sticking up from my straw-colored hair constantly brings people attention. Living in a bustling city isn’t very fun for one of my kind, but that is where the majority of the betrayers live. They corrupt human society, as if it needs to be corrupted any more, and the threat of the dark elves is stronger now than ever. Before, people wouldn’t approach any dark elves because they are so hideous. Now, with the light elves on their side, humans flock, falling in love, or lust, perhaps, with the beauty and sensuality that is the light elves.
“Do you want anything else?” said the coffee boy. I watched the tea in my cup. Looking up, I noticed what would cause teen girls to flock to him; his jade green eyes. His black hair was cut in a style that could only be commonly associated with “emo”. He grinned at me, and I saw a pair of dimples.
Looking away, I said, “No thanks.” I put my cup down on the table silently and stood. Digging into my pocket, I pulled out a five dollar bill. Tossing it onto the table, I walked past the young man and out the door, into the sunshine and fresh air.
The coffee boy had shaken me. Those dimples, those eyes…reminded me of my life as it once was. Before I went rogue. Before I left everything I ever knew. My younger brother, Connell Dosman Valker, had been my best friend. He got tricked into joining the dark elves in their quest to take over wherever they can. At least, I believed that he was tricked. My father told me it was a useless mission, to try to find him and get him back on the right side.
Walking down the busy sidewalk, seeing heads turn at either my looks or my ears, I felt my heart clench with homesickness. The smog-filled air only succeeded in making me miss the clear, clean air of ?lfheimr.
“Naria!” I heard from my name being called from behind me. Turning, with my hand on the throwing knife in the wrist sheath on my right hand, I looked at the running man.
My only human friend, Anthony, was running up towards me. I raised an incredulous eyebrow. The crowd around us looked at Anthony like he was crazy. Needless to say, he was a sight to see, wearing a black leather duster that covered his dark grey cargo pants and black t-shirt. His highlighted blond hair flew in the air as his blue eyes flashed. Something must be wrong.
“What is it?” I asked him. He was out of breath. He had to have been running for a little over a mile to be in this state. Either that, or he was scared to death.
“Someone killed Tommy!” he cried.

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