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kirra-rose pov


i walked into the front office and looked was a very high up school, the best in the state. 'can i help you?' i turned to see a woman in her late twentys. 'yes please miss , im new...' she nodds and turns with a hand up to say follow me. as we walk down the halls i see a group of guys talking. a blond , ranga and black head bending their heads to talk . 'i swear man every girl in this school has sleeped with you!'' i look at the speaker and gasp. he stood high aroung 6'2 with blond hair and the bluest eyes...which are staring right at me. 'hello im new here ...could you show me around' the other two guys smiled and said ''well missy i will'' says the guy with the red hair. i shake my head and point to the blond 'i meant him..' he looks shocked that i picked him over his friend. but got over it rather quick and smiled 'of course. follow me miss' he seemed like a gentleman. we walked in slience to i said 'well im kirra-rose...and you are?' he spoke in a quiet tone 'luke..luke ryans and those guys were jake and steve....' i fliped my head around and stared at him he was hot...for a gentleman. he stopped outside a classroom. 'which one was which?' he looked at the ground 'umm....well jake was the ranga and steve the black haired one.' i nodded and than smiled at him 'when can i see you again?' he looked up quick and smiled ' want to wag?' i shook my head. 'no i give a shit about my future thanks. i will met you at lunch..?' he shakes his head 'no fuck you if you dont wanna met now than never bitch i dont play games okay.' he stormed off down the hall. i stood shocked. what did i do wrong?

\"\"luke ryans.



\"\"steve porter


\"\"jake dowset


\"\"kirra-rose west


p.s sorry it was small but i was in class and wanted to get it done.and iw ill put up more charaters as they come in the story.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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I am the worst writer on earth!!!!!!! I have CCD ( cock craving disorder ) and i am a transvestite. IM A RETARD!!!! No not really but hope you enjoy my comment lol xxxxxxxxx From _________

Thu, August 16th, 2012 5:40am


i know u do lolz

Sun, August 19th, 2012 9:07pm

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