Snow, Surf, and Asphalt

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




Terri sat back against the store, perfectly happy with the idea of an after school nap. She started to get comfortable, but she could feel someone watching her. “Lee.” She groaned, opening her eyes, “You're doing it again.”
His eyes were wide. “You're Bear Cub Gold.”
“Yes, yes I am. We've been over this,” She looked past him towards Alec and Trent who were attempting to dance with one another while on their boards.
Lee jumped up and stood in front of her waving his arms, “You were the best...”
“One of the best.” Terri watched him with bored eyes.
“Snowboarders on the amateur circuit!” He kept ranting but Terri tuned him out. She lifted herself up and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Lee, shut the hell up. This is the fifth time you've explained who I am, to me. Stop.” She patted  his shoulder. He started to open his mouth again, Terri placed a finger to his lip. “Shh.” He made a muffled noise, and she shook her head. “Shh, no more words.” She skated to the ramp and right between Trent and Alec. 
“Hey Terri,” Alec followed after her. Terri made a noise and skated around the ramp. “Why didn't you tell us you were Bear Cub?” He wrapped an arm around her waist and let her pull him.
“Look at Lee, do you see how he's been annoying me all day? I didn't want that, so keep it on the down low.” She skated them past Trent, who grabbed onto the back of Alec's shirt and let himself be pulled along for the ride. She groaned loudly. “Alright, this is probably the only time I'm going to say this, I am a snowboarders, not a skater, when I fall you're going down with me.”
“Challenge accepted!” Trent yelled.
“Huzzah!” Alec lifted one of his hands of her waist, to raise it in agreement.
Terri hummed to herself as she skated home. The warm salt water air hit her face, it made her smile. She happily bladed along until a group of three guys stepped in front of her. Terri skid to a stop and looked at them.
“Can I help you?” Her happy mood started to dwindle. She just wanted to go home.
“You're the girl that those Thunderwave kids hang out with,” The one on the far left gave her a disapproving look.
“Yup, that's me. Is there a problem?” She really wanted to leave. An antsy feeling crept over her.
“Why? You're a pretty girl.”
Terri didn't like where this, her body tensed. “Is this going somewhere?”
“Yeah, why don't you come to our shop instead. It's much better than that damn ThunderWave.”
Terri straightened up, her unease turned to anger. “I'll have you know that I like ThunderWave. My big brother works there and I have friends there.” In the back of her mind she reminded herself that Jay didn't want her to revel who she was to the public yet. “So, to little to late. And if you'll excuse me, I'm going home now.” She skated past them, and down a hill. Her long hair whipped two of them in the face.
Terri was still fuming, about what had happened with the three boys, at dinner. She shoveled the MSG filled Chinese food down her throat, barely stopping to chew. Dragon and Julie took at one another, then back to Terri. Dragon shook his head, he wasn't going to touch her with a ten foot pole. Julie sighed and set her fork down.
“Terri, honey.”
Terri made a noise, she didn't stop eating.
“What's bothering you sugar? And don't say nothin's wrong 'cause I know you better than that.” Julie's sweet southern voice filled up every inch of silence. Terri set down her food and finished chewing what was in her mouth.
“What's bothering me is that people are stupid and it pisses me off!” She fumed.
“Hey, language.” Dragon's voice was strong and firm.
“Sorry. But, anyway, I was skating home from the shop and these three stupid boys come out of nowhere and start telling me,  'I'm to pretty to be hanging out there' and that I should 'go hang out at their shop instead'. I mean what am I? A damn trophy?!”
Terri made an exasperated noise and flopped onto the table.
“Terri, get off the table honey, you're a lady.”
So Terri did just that, she flopped herself off of the table, and her chair. She laid in the exact position she'd landed in. Neither Julie or Dragon moved to see if she was okay, they both just started to eat again.
Terri jumped up after a minute. “I could've been dead, ya know?!”
“Oh look, it's a miracle, you're not.” Dragon pointed to her with his fork. “Now shut up and  eat your dinner or go away and let Julie and I enjoy ours.”
Terri groaned in annoyance and stormed off. “You don't understand!”
“You're right! I don't, it's not like we were ever teenagers or anything!” Dragon yelled after her. He almost instantly went right back to eating. Julie looked after her in concern. “Don't.” Dragon warned. “She's fine, you know how she gets when someone pisses her off, she becomes Miss Everybody-hates-me-and-I-hate-my-life. She'll be fine in the next hour.” 
Terri climbed out her window, she didn't want to be inside with them, they made the problem worse. She looked around before ducking around the side to the back of her building. She spared another look around before climbing up a tree. It didn't take much effort to get to the top, she jumped from the top branch to the roof.
With some scrambling she got up to where the two sides met. High places had always comforted her. Maybe that was the reason she became a snowboarder, just to be up in the mountains, some of the highest natural places on earth. Or maybe it had something to do with her wyakin being an eagle. She let herself get lost in her musing.
Someone cleared their throat.
Terri's head snapped to where the sound had come from. One of the guys from corner was peeking at her from the edge of the roof.
“What the hell are you doing here?! Did you follow me?!” She demanded, slamming her hand on the roof.
“Uh, what? No. You're on my roof and my mom wanted me to come up here and see if another squirrel got stuck, cause these tiles are dangerous...and I'm rambling. Why are you on my roof?” He fumbled for words. Seeing Terri there obviously caught him off guard.
“I live here.” She felt hot with embarrassment. Just assuming that he'd followed her, man did she sound conceited.
“Oh. You live in 1A don't you? I uh, I live right above. Um, can we continue this conversation on the ground?”
Once she nodded he practically slide down the ladder. She followed suit.
“Uh, sorry, I have a fear of heights. Hi, I'm Liam. I'm sorry about my friends earlier. I didn't know what they were doing.” He rubbed his arm nervously. Terri believed that he was sincere.
“I'm Terri, it's fine. You don't look like much of a sports junkie anyway.” She smiled at him.
Liam flashed her an uneasy smile. “Yeah, I don't do heights, and I have a knee problem that keeps me from skating. I love to watch though.” He held his hand out. “So no hard feelings about earlier?”
She grabbed it, “Not to you anyway, if I remember right, you didn't say anything.”
He snickered. “That's me, Quiet Liam.”
“Do people actually call you that?” Terri couldn't help wrinkling her nose, that was a really lame nickname.
“No,” He blushed a little bit. “Up until I met the guys I was Lanky Liam, Loser Liam, or that one kid who got beat up for lunch money.” He rubbed his arm and looked away. “Listen, I've got to get back inside, my mom's probably worried. I'll, uh, I'll see you around.” He rushed off. 
“Um, bye?” Terri waved halfheartedly.
He stopped and spun around, “Please stay off my roof.”
Lee yawned as he sat on the front wall. School was way to earlier in the morning, not to mention his dad made him get there half-an-hour earlier. From the corner of this eye he saw two people skating towards him. He turned to see who it was. A smile pulled at his lips as he saw Terri.
She looked beautiful, like she normally did, but it was a natural beauty. Not forced like from the other girls at their school. Her long hair fluttered behind her as she skated towards him. She was talking to someone.
Lee pulled his attention away from her to look at who she was with. His expression soured. It was one of the Blood Sweat and Tears members. He slid  off of the wall and walked toward them, as they headed in his direction.
Terri smiled and waved at him. “Hi Lee.”
He didn't look at her, he looked at the guy she was with. “Sup.” His voice wasn't friendly.
The guy she was with started to shake a little bit. He gave Terri a quick nervous smile. “I-I, uh, gotta go. See you around.” He rushed past Lee towards the school.
“Bye Liam, I'll see you later.” She smiled and waved for a minute, but as soon as he was out of earshot she did a 180. Terri glared at Lee and placed her hands on her hips. “What gives you the right to scare him off like that?”
Lee started to open his mouth.
“And don't say that you didn't because I'm not stupid. It's because he's friends with those Blood Sweat and Tears guys right?” 
“Well,” Lee stumbled with his words, “Yeah. I mean you're apart of our team and if you start hanging out with them and you like them better than us why wouldn't you join their team instead of ours.” He looked down at his feet, and tried to pull the puppy face.
Terri crossed her arms. “Lee, I may be a girl, but you suck at the puppy look.”  She punched his arm and skated towards the school. “Come on, class is going to start soon.”
He stood stunned for a moment before running to catch up with her. “Does this mean that you aren't mad at me?”
Terri examined her nails in homeroom, since she had nothing better to do. She'd actually done her homework the night before so there was no need to scramble and try to do it in the half-hour class. Lee on the other hand was trying to finish his.
“Gah, why did I sign up for Algebra 2!” He let his head drop and hit the desk.
“Because you need it to graduate?” Terri offered, still cleaning the underside of her nails.
“Why do I want to graduate?” He closed his math book and used it as a pillow.
“So you can go to college and make money.”
“What if I don't want to make money?” He started to pout.
“How will you live?” Terri gave him a hard look.
“Beach bum!” His hand shot up and he pointed to the air. “This is my life goal.”
The bell rang. Terri stood up and placed a hand on his head. “You're an idiot.”
Terri hummed to herself as she skated to the shop. As she neared it, she came to a halt. A feeling of dread washed over her. “Opps.” She'd forgotten to stop by that morning. “Hope he doesn't hate me.” She headed for the back.
Once there she saw the surf team, and Trent, sitting around on the skate ramp. She headed for them, “Hey what's going on?”
Travis shrugged, “Jay called us for somethin.”
“Might wanna take a seat, he's been gone for like twenty minutes.” Alec moved over a little for her to sit down.
Trent hopped up from his seat and took the space that Alec made. He made a face at Terri, “My Alec. Get your own.” He wrapped an arm around Alec's shoulder. Alec gave him a flabbergasted look. Trent turned and wrapped his arms around Alec's shoulder's and his legs around Alec's waist. “Mine.”
“I swear I have no clue what this is.” Alec looked to Terri for help. Terri covered her mouth trying to stop her laughter.
Trent licked Alec's cheek. “Mine.”
“Help! Fire! Fire!” Alec tried to push himself away from Trent. He ended up making them both fall backwards into the ramp. “Save me!”
Jo and Terri were the only ones to start giggling. Terri took the space between Lenny and Lee. They both were partly turned to watch Alec and Trent.
Alec had managed to get free and was attempting to run on his knees. Trent crawled after him. “Why won't you return my love! Why!” He collapsed in the fetal position. Fake sobs wracked his body.
Jay cleared his throat loudly. “I don't want to know. Alright, pay attention.” The team turned to look at him. “I called you guys here because there's a surf competition on Sunday. I've already signed you guys up. Travis, I want you to explain the rules to Terri.  We'll go through our normal training tonight and tomorrow.”
Jo raised her hand and started to wave it. “Oooh! Oooh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!”
Jay sighed loudly. “What is it Jo?”
“Cookout tonight yes?”
Jay pinched his brow. “Yes, Jo. We can have a cookout tonight.”
“Yay! Cookout!” She jumped up.
Trent and Alec shared a look. They both flew up and ran circles around each other, chanting, “Party! Party! Party!”

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