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Issabella, is fifteen, and by her fathers request is marrying a 21 year old man. She had only seen him one other time in her life, and he was abusive. Afraid, Issabella embarks on a very scary, and unusual journey for a 15 year old girl in the 21st century. Marriage, rape, abuse, love, and much more. Hope you guys like it! :D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Engaged :(

Submitted: February 20, 2010

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Submitted: February 20, 2010



I remember when I first met peter. I was in my backyard reading a book, The secret garden.

Peter was 15, I was 10. So I was reading my book, in the middle of the summer with my

favorite white flowy sundress. Peter and his mom had come over. His mom went to High

school with my dad. I guess they dated for a while, then broke up when my dad met my mom.

Peter came around to the backyard, thats where my dad told him I was.

"hey there miss bella" I looked up, and blushed. Peter was very cute. He had shaggy

blonde hair, and no shirt on, it was hot out. He was very tan, and had a six pack. I smiled,

then scooted over on my hammock when he came over, so he could sit.

"I'm Peter" He said sitting down next to me. I placed my had in my book, and closed it so

that I wouldn't lose my spot.

"Hello" I said and blushed again. I strung my fingers through my hair to get out the tangles.

"whatcha reading?" He asked

"The secret garden" I said showing him the cover. He snorted.

"Thats a stupid book"

"oh" I said embarrased. Peter leaned over and wripped the book from my grip. I got a


"don't I have it marked" I squeeled leaning over him. He shoved me away. He was laughing.

" haha, look at all this shit, what a girly book" He opened the book, and wripped out some

of the pages. I started crying.

"NO PETER STOP IT! NOW" I screamed. He suddenly stopped and looked at me, I'd

aubviously hit a nerve, and he looked pissed. He dropped the book, and looked me right in

the eyes. He stood up.

" What did you say Isabella? Would you like to repeat that?"

" p p p -lll e e e- asseee, sssttt-opp" I stuttered. I was scared, he was scary! He was towering over me

I shook. He was big. I gripped the hammock hard. My nuckles turned white. I felt the blood

rush from my pale face. He leaned over, and shoved me off the hammock, and I fell

backwards, My head hitting a brick fence. I started screaming. I grabbed the back of my head

with my hand. I looked at my hand. Red. I was bleeding. And from the looks of it, a lot.

Ass hole. My dad and Peters mom came rushing outside.

"Jesus" my dad yelled, and came rushing to me. I was immediatly lifted into his arms.

"Grab the keys, Jenny, your driving" Peters mom rushed into the house, and out to the

driveway to pull the car out. My dad was running with me wailing in his arms. Peter

hopped in the front seat of the car, and my dad and me sat in the back. Mrs. O' Riely sped


I had to get four stitches. Peter told them I fell. I was too afraid to tell the truth. I

agreed with his story when they asked me. Wimp. That was five years ago. So, you can

imagine, I wasn't too thrilled when my dad told me that the o' riely's were coming over. I'm

15, and a lot has changed. For instance, I have boobs! My short brunette hair, isn't so short

anymore, and I am taller. But even though I have changed so much in 5 years, I am afraid that

he hasn't. My dad wants me to marry Peter, always had, always will. I have always been

detirmined to make my dad proud, and a happy father, but I don't know how far I'm willing to

go. My parents married at 18. They would have married younger, but their parents didn't

approve. My dad always wanted to marry young, therefore, always wanted me to marry young.

I know it's odd most parents are the exact opposite. My dad has never followed the norm.

When I woke up saturday morning, I came downstairs. My dad was wisteling a tune i

didn't reconize.

"Hey bud" he said not turning around from the stove.

"Made some pancakes for you! Even put blueberries, and chocolate chips in it, just the way

you like it!"

"Whats the occasion?" I asked grabbing the plate he held out to me.

"What? What makes you think there is an occasion?" He said looking shocked that such a

thought would come accross my mind. I didn't say anything, just sat down and douced my pancakes in syrup. I took a bite. Mmmm delicious. My dad sat down with a plate for himself

and took the syrup resting by my elbow.

"so" he said with his mouth full.

"Your blue skirt is at the dry cleaners, could you pick it up today? I have some last minute work to do at the office."

"Why is my skirt at the dry cleaners? I never wear that skirt, only on easter."

"The o'riely's are coming today"

"Why didn't you tell me?" My dad gave me a crooked grin, guilty as charged. I cleared my plate, and walked upstairs.

Peter is 21, older, meaner, atleast i think. I know that my dad wants me to marry soon, and I am not ready. I am a 15 year old sophmore in High School, and in no way equipped to be married. I had asked him when I was younger what would happen. He said When you come of age (15) you can marry. I will no longer permit you to stay in High School, because hopefully you will marry someone older, and out of college. Your husband will bring in the cashflow, not you, so there will be no more need for school. the weird thing is, i actually like school! Not many kids do, but learning has always been a passion of mine. I sighed, and threw on an old pair of jeans, so faded they were almost white, and a red blouse. I threw my hair into a bun, and stuck on a pair of old black flipflops. When I left the house, I turned on to the main street on my way to the drycleaners. When I got home, It was 2:00. There was a note on the counter.


At work. Oriely's r coming at 4. Be ready. Look nice, and clean up please. I'll be home by 3.



I sighed.

I was showered, and ready in my blue skirt, and nice white shirt by 3, my dad came home at 3:30. He was late. The kitchen was clean, and so was the rest of the house. We didn't talk. I was mad.

When the orielys came, it was awkward at first. My dad hugged Mrs oriely, and shook hands with Peter. I smiled. Peter was wearing dark blue jeans, and nike's. He had a white button up shirt, that was unbuttoned partially exposing his broad chest, and his shaggy blonde hair was messed up, just enough to look perfect. He smiled back. My dad barbequed steak outside. Peter asked me over to the hammock. Bad memories flashed in my mind. I shook them out, and walked with him. He had me sit down first, and then sat down next to me.

"You look very pretty Bella."

"Thanks, you look nice too" He chuckled, and gave me a crooked smile, that made my heart stutter. We talked a lot, about everything, school, parents, friends, what we want to do when we're older. I found out that his mom wanted him to marry young too. Peter was older, smarter, stronger, and really good looking. When we sat down to dinner, Peter and I sat next to each other. My dad served up the steak, and placed the mashed potatoes on the table, along with the gravy. I cut my steak. Peter did too. I took a bite. Peter did too. I took a sip of coke. Peter put his hand on my knee. I smiled. I was on top of the world.

When they left I was sad. Peter had led me to their car, when our parents were still inside saying goodbye. They couldn't see us. He leaned me against the car, and placed both hands on either side of my head, my stomach was filled with butterflies. He leaned over, and pressed his lips to mine. My first kiss. It was amazing. His lips were warm and soft. He put his hands on my face, and stuck his tounge between my parted lips. I giggled. I felt special. He lowered his hands to my back. I kept kissing him. He leaned against me. All his weight pressing me against the car. I kept kissing him. His right hand slipped down to my butt. I kept kissing him. His left hand slid down to my butt. I kept kissing him. His left hand grasped the zipper on the side of my skirt, drawing a line as he brought the zipper down. He shoved his right hand into my skirt, and under my panties. I lurched, surprised. I pulled away from the kiss.

"no" He lifted his left hand up to the nape of my neck, and pulled me back into the kiss. I felt him leaning against me, suddenly aware of how heavy he was. I took both my hands and shoved his chest. He pulled back just enough to see my face, still holding me close. He smiled. Removed his hand from my skirt.

"Peter are you out there?" Mrs. O'riely called.

"Yeah mom" He called back. He leaned down and kissed me. Once, twice. I waited. Once more. and leaned forward, his lips at my ear.

"See you tomorrow Bella" He wispered. His sweet breath made me shiver. Peter backed away, and got into the passenger side of the car. His mother made her way over to the drivers side, and hopped in. My face was tingeling. The car backed up, and sped away. I was lost in thought. What just happened?

"Bella?" I heard my dad call. Abrubtly I lurched from that thought, and started towards the open front door of our house.

"coming daddy" See you tomorrow Bella. Tomorrow? Whats tomorrow? I walked upstairs to my bedroom, and changed. I brushed my teeth, and pulled the covers down my bed. My father stood in the doorway.

"Goodnight pumpkin" I couldnt listen. tomorrow? whats tomorrow? whats tomorrow?

"whats tomorrow?" I asked

"what? why?" he asked startled.

"Well, Peter said see you tomorrow, and I was just wondering whats tomorrow."

"Oh" he said. I looked at him with big eyes.

" Well, I thought it would be nice for you two to hang out more. I like Peter"

"How much?" I asked

"Enough to think that he may be the one. For you I mean."

"Already? Dad, I hardly know him!"

"Yes I know, but I know him, and I like him. I want you to start thinking about this. If I decide I like him tomorrow, then you will get engaged tomorrow, if i decide otherwise, well. We will deal with that when it comes. But for now honey, I like him. And I think you do too!"

"Yeah, but I don't know if I want to marry Him!"
"I think I know whats best for you Bella, you are only 15, you don't know whats best, you are too young, and I happen to think he's perfect, now go to sleep you have a big day tomorrow"

I sighed, and closed my eyes. If we get married, he would be my legal gardian. He would be in charge of everything! Is it even legal for a minor to marry an adult? I drifted off, fear of the future creeping up on me.

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