The life of Zoe

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All families are different, 95% are normal but you do get a family who is...different. This is that family, twin sisters Zoe and Jessica John, who are sixteen. They don’t live with their parents; they live with their mad uncle. Uncle Kalanda is his name; he has a loving wife, aunty Kalanda. They seem like a normal happy family, but inside closed doors is a completely different story.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The life of Zoe

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



It’s Saturday, a teenagers favourite day to go out and get smashed with their friends, but Zoe and Jessica need to stay home and make sure their uncle Kalanda doesn’t do something stupid. Jessica and Zoe are in the garage, that’s the only place they can have a few minutes of quiet. The quietness was about to be over as a drunk uncle Kalanda came stumbling in. “I’m uncle Kalandaaaaa!” as he came in he dropped his cup and it smashed. “Oh shit, that was Mrs K favourite glass.” He then looked at the girls. “Where’s the love for me?” he was holding on to the door so he wouldn’t lost his balance, Jessica and Zoe dragged him to the table.

“What the hell are we going to do with him?” asked Jessica, who has always helped uncle Kalanda in these times.

“Why can’t our lives be normal, surrounded by normal people?” said Zoë who was bored with the way her life was. “People get loving and caring parents, and then we get the Kalanda family. What is up with that?” Jessica laughed at her sister.

“Now you’re being OTT. Yes admittedly he is weird, but he is our uncle.” She said, she did love her uncle and has learned to live with him.

“You girls are my slaves.” Uncle Kalanda shouted. “My peasants.” The girls looked at each other.

“Okay Zoe I see your point.” Said Jessica, the girls helped their uncle to his feet and helped him to the house, with so much struggle.

“He is so heavy.” Zoe said, just then he fell to the ground. “I say we just leave him there.” Jessica rolled her eyes.

“We can’t leave him, now help me.” They pulled him up once more and dragged him in; they put him in his armchair. “There that wasn’t so bad.”

“Are you kidding me?” said Zoe, who now was clearly in a bad mood.

“Our life is full of excitement.” Jessica said sarcastically. “Right, I’m going to check on aunty K, you look after him.” Jessica walked upstairs leave Zoe alone with uncle Kalanda.

“Hey Jessica.” Uncle Kalanda was smiling and waving at Zoe.

“Uncle I’m Zoe, Jessica is upstairs.” He looked sad.

“I like Jessica better.” He said, and went back to sulking.

“You really should stop drinking.” She said to herself, but uncle Kalanda heard her.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because your even bigger moron than you already are.” She snapped at him, and he just glared at her.

“Maybe you should try it, you could be more nicer.” He said crossing his arms like a six year old would do. At this point Zoe was getting more and more mad at him and found it hard to keep her cool, but then Jessica came in the room.

“Jessica!” Uncle Kalanda was very happy to see her. “Zoe is being mean to me.” he acted like a big child, this is what happens when he gets drunk.

“I see.” Jessica said looking at Zoe.

“I need a break.” Zoe walked out back to the garage and sat down in her chair and put her head in her hands. Jessica followed and sat by her twin.

“I know he annoys you, but you need to help me take care of him” she said, Jessica understands how she feels, it’s a challenge taking care of the Kalanda’s.

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