A Rose's Petals

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Pain. It fills her life. Rosalie Thorn is merely seventeen, yet she has seen parts of the world most adults have not seen in their lifetime. She has kept secrets that not even the CIA couldn't handle. How much can one human take? Two years earlier she met a handsome, charming and cunning man. Aaron Mercer, he has long known of Rose’s existence and wishes to have her all to himself. Now after a tromitizing event that changes her life, she meets another handsome, charming; yet sweet man. Kol Mercer, Aaron's little brother. Still, she’s unaware at the dangers of being with either one of the boys; or herself for that matter. She now has two brothers that claim to love her at each side. She also carries both their secrets… their Vampires. Rose needs to find the holes in her memory that have left a scar so deep it makes her blood run cold.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Rose's Petals

Submitted: December 07, 2012

Reads: 104

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Submitted: December 07, 2012







What would you do if everything was just ripped right out of hands? Everything. Your life, your family, your friends; everything. All because of love? All because you were young, stupid and naive?

What if after being in love for two years that even gets ripped from you and your left with nothing? Getting torn down, ripped to shreds leaving you clueless in a world that you’re completely foreign to. Leaving you broken. Only left to find that your worst nightmares are real? That the man you love with every fiber of your being is one of them. Knowing that you’re destined to end up the same way?

What if the life you missed so much was just a bunch of lies? What if your life was nothing as it seemed? Would you shatter? Break even more than you already are?

What if you had two very attractive boys wanting to be with you?  What if they were brothers and you never knew it? What if they were the thing you hated the most? What if they would do, and already did everything for you? To have you? To protect you? To love you - 

What if everyone else has set your future for you? And you had no say in it what so ever. How would that make you feel? Would you cry yourself to sleep at night?

What if your life was a nightmare that dragged on forever?

Would you live with it? Or end it and stop the pain?

If you answered yes to some of these, than your life is like mine. Painful. We’re the people that when we see shadows we run into the light because we know what hides in it, what thrives in the dark.

We are the people that have so much hanging over our heads that one wrong move that everything would crumble taking you down with it in the process, the people that hide the countless tears behind thick walls.

We are the people that know just how real horror movies, fairy tales, and scary bed time stories are. Anywhere from the classic Boggy man; to the monster that hides underneath our bed, all the way to werewolves and Vampires. We know not everything is as it seems. That what lies behind closed doors are sometimes better left closed than open.

We know pain.

Pain, it’s what this is about. Life; it’s just a big monopoly board and we’re the game pieces, like we are all puppets on string.






















this is my new story. :) i really hope you like it and feed back is very much apperciated. :D thankies. <3







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