Demon Catcher

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Gem Stealing

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Chapter two

Gem Stealing

The sudden spiraling came to an abrupt stop as Remus spread his wings to sweep us up into the sky at rapid speed. My breath caught in my throat as we flew over the city. Remus beat his wings a little till we were gliding softly over the market. Avoiding the Long Necks that held their head high above the buildings, we banked left and swooped too close to the stone buildings, making people call out at me. Laughing, Remus took us higher up so that we could make it over the towering gates. Just along the outside of the city were the fields and two rivers that connected together. Loud "whoops" rose from below as we skimmed the surface of the river, looking down, I caught my reflection. My soft brown hair reflecting it's golden highlights. My topaz eyes stared back at me, causing me to look at Remus's reflection. His blue skin looked sparkly in the sunlight which made me smile widely at my reptile friend. Sitting upright, I had Remus veer left and up above the trees. In one easy stroke of his wings, we were soaring above the tree tops.

Remus let his talons sink into the wet ground below us. Jumping from the saddle into the damp ground, I gripped his neck.

"I have to leave you here again, okay?" I gave him a reassuring smile as I slopped through the mucky ground into the lining of trees. I stepped over fallen logs and brambles till I neared a lining in the trees where I spotted a line of guards. They were well armed and coated in the finest armor. My eyes caught what they were guarding; the bag of gems. Before, I could just sneak into the camp and take one but it seems they needed to lock down now. Glancing around me at the surrounding trees, I thought for a moment until an idea crossed my mind. I could easily scale these trees. So I gave it a try, pulling myself up, branch by branch till I could jump to the next tree.

I inched to the middle of the branch above the guards and the bag. Looping my legs over the branch, I lowered myself down till I could drown my hand into the bag quietly and pull out a handful of clear small gems. Closing my hand around them, I hauled myself up and climbed higher into the trees so I could jump unnoticed. Holding my breath at each jump, I was only one tree away from being in the clear. That's when I heard it. The branch snapped from under me and sent me crashing down to the ground below me. Clutching the gems to my chest, I looked behind me to see the guards pointing and shouting commands. Panic surged through me and the next thing I knew I was running to Remus as fast as my legs could carry me.

"Remus! Remus!" I screamed, bursting through the trees and slopping through the muck. He was hunched down for me so I could climb up. I heard the guards yelling below us as Remus vaulted into the air in one short spring. We flew above the trees, letting ourselves calm down. "Ha! We got them, Remus!" I held up my hand that held the gems. Once again, victory was ours.

? ? ?

Remus swooped down, stretching his legs out to glide over the water's surface. But his large wings sunk into the water, pulling us to a stop. Laughing as he lifted his wings out of the water and ran out of the water to then drop his wings. Letting my feet hit the ground, I held out a gem to the nearby fisherman.

"Oxanna! Where did you get this?!"

"Just consider it a gift, alright?" Smiling as the fisherman's Baryonyx looked up to inspect the gem.The rest of the fishermen let their Baryonyx's continue working while they took their single gem. I knew the fishermen were the lowest paid people in the city, which was why I was giving the gems to them. Even I was given a low pay but much higher than what they got. A twenty pound bag of shimmering scales only got a few coins, which meant little on the table. That's why hardly any of the fishermen stared families. It was hard enough to feed themselves! Smiling at their now bright faces, I mounted Remus. Letting him air out his wings before taking flight to the Rooster.

? ? ?

"Have a good flight?" Roone asked, bathing a bull.

"Brilliant!" I laughed, and then pulled away from the now resting Remus. "Here, it's a gift." I help out the last gem to Roone.

"Oxanna, I can't take that." He looked torn. Instead I took his large hand and placed it into his palm.

"It's a gift, accept it or make me feel terrible." Glaring at me, he took it and went back to washing the dull blood red bull. Shining Remus's beak with the beak polish, I patted his neck. Waddling into his hole, I made my way over to Roone and the bull. "Who's this?" I asked, running my fingers over the bull’s eyes to relax him. Roone's green eyes met my blue ones.

"This is Demus. He's getting ready for the Mating Courtship Festival for tomorrow." Rolling my eyes, I ran my hand over his wings.

"I hate watching those things. I never enter Remus into them." Shaking my head, I could just picture it going on. The Mating Courtship Festival was meant for the Ptri's. This was the time to breed your Ptri with the best bull or hen. But the worst part was watching, they whipped each Ptri till they got onto the back of the other Ptri and went to business. It was cruel and I never wanted to see Remus in that. Sadly it was the only way that Ptri's would mate now, they had now been so used to it that they couldn't even mate and preform their courtship in the air which is quite beautiful! The festival is also for people. To meet other people and hopefully meet other people.

"I know how you feel, this bull isn't even mine." Roone said shaking his head. "And I feel terrible by getting him all clean." Roone met my eyes then glanced down. "Are you going tomorrow?" His hand brushed down the spine of the bull checking for injuries.

"No, Remus and I are going to go out on another adventure." I smirked and rubbed the bull's eyes gently.

"Do you think Jester and I could come?" He looked at me with hopefully green eyes.

"Did you ask your mom?" I teased, sticking out my tongue. His eyes narrowed at me.

"I'm twenty, Oxanna. Don't treat me like a child!" But the hint of laughter was filling his voice.

"Congrats...I didn't know." I rolled my eyes, stepping away from the bull and to the door. "Oh and yeah, just bring hunting gear and some food!" I called over my shoulder as I stepped out of the cave and descended down the long stairs.

The market was bustling with life, small Dinosors ran the streets, delivering goods while medium sized Dinosors lumbered along with their owners. A bellowing roar erupted through the air from the Training Hall. Titling my head toward the sound, my legs were moving by themselves to the Training Hall.

? ? ?

"Just hold him back! Keep the chains on his feet!" The men were yelling as they clasped chains around a large Rex. Watching them chain his feet made me angry and I knew the Rex could suffer serious injuries from them.

"Wait! Stop! It'll hurt him!" I yelled, waving my hands.

"Oxanna! Watch out!" Called someone, looking up I screamed as his massive jaws snapped close to my face. Glaring at him, I flicked his nose. He shook his head; muscles rippling. The Rex soon stopped roaring. I stood there, unafraid now. The Rex barred his teeth to me before backing up into the walls. His skin was brown; an enemy color. His temper also showed it as well, along with the cold red eyes that were wild.

"Leave us." The men gave me looks but nodded quickly, leaving me with the Rex. "Now, we can do this the easy way or...the hard way." I bit out the end as I approached him near his mighty legs. He snorted at me, growling. "Stop it. I'm taking these off." I pointed to the chains then continued towards him. I slipped them off; the Rex just stared at me, the red in his eyes dying. "See? Not that bad, right?" Then the red was gone, his eyes were now a bright brown. He snorted and laid on the ground as I ran my hands along his rough skin.

I walked tall as I exited the Training Hall.

"He's all yours, boys." Smiling as their mouths dropped. Pausing in my tracks, I turned to them. "A little hint, just be nice." I nodded my head then turned on my heel back towards home. That's when the voice reached my ears.

"Everybody! Lock down! Enemy scouts! Archers to the gates!" The message was echoing through the streets that were now in an uproar. My only problem now was getting to the Rooster to Remus...I would never make it in time...

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