Demon Catcher

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Cunning

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



Chapter four





The Rooster was silent. No one else but Roone and I were in the large rock cave. Then it dawned on me that I had forgotten the children! Pushing Roone's helping hand away from me, I hobbled into the darkness of Remus's hole. There were no children and there was no Remus.


"Oxanna, what's wrong?" Roone asked as I made my way to the center of the cave. His face twisted with question.


"Where are all the Petris?"


"What are you talking about?" He had no clue what I was talking about, in fact he left me standing there while he went to check Remus's hole. "Oxanna..." He came out slowly then raised his head to look at all the other dark lifeless holes. "Jester!" I could see it in his eyes, the terror, and the pain. His legs carried him up the rock steps to the second level to check Jester's hole. Only - he came out yelling for him.


"Where are they?" I tried to remain calm as I too looked around the large Rooster. My eyes widened after a few minutes of silence. "When the fighters put their Petris back, did something seem odd?" Roone shook his head as he came down the steps.


"It was quite loud because most of them were hurt so after we wrapped their wounds, we sent them to their holes to sleep." He shrugged and eyed me.


"They might not have been the only ones in their hole..."


It came to me then. The Herrea where successful at making the hole. The enemies must have slipped through and entered the city without drawing attention to them. And since every other Dinosor keepings were locked and shut, that left the Rooster as the perfect target. They must have hid in the holes and waited till everyone left to them take the Petris and fly away with them into the night; without being noticed.


"We have to warn the others." Roone said in a quick rush.


"You do that. I have to get someone to help us!" Finding my strength, I put my weight onto my right leg. Feeling the slight pain rush up, I let myself take a step and then another till I knew I could step and ignore the pain. "Hurry, Roone!" I yelled to him as he ran out the doors and down the steps. I followed him only for a short time, making my way to the prison.


? ? ?


It was dark and dank. The sound of sickness was coughed from the men in the cells. Each person looked up at me while I passed each cell. The bars were rusty; it crusted off and landed on the floor in small rusty heaps. The ground was wet and a few bones were scattered across the floor. Standing in the very center, I closed my eyes before yelling.


"You all have been caught by my fellow troop mates! And I am here to discuss only one thing with you worthless, sick people! I need to know who was involved with taking the Petris from the Rooster! And if no one confesses...I will personally slit your throat one by one till someone says something." Pulling a dagger from my boot, I held it up and began to walk to the closest cell with an elder man. I had no pity on men who committed crimes; no matter how old they were. I wanted my city protected and I could care less for the criminals in it.


The man looked up at me, terror reaching his eyes as the metal glistened in the candle light.


"You first old man?" I hissed, putting the blade to his throat.


"Wait!" Cried a mature voice from the cell across from me. "I can help you." Pulling the blade from the man's throat, I turned and crossed to the cell to see the guy from the market that was in the cage. It also dawned on him when he saw who I was.


"You?" I was nearly breathless. He stood up, the chains in his ankles and wrists held him back.


"If you get me out, I'll help you." The deep brown eyes bore into mine; making me look away. I didn't know if I could trust him though, but as I dug the tip of the dagger into the key hole, I regretted it. Once freed, his hands caught my throat and shoved me into the wall. "Just watch yourself...who knows if you can trust me." He grinned widely as I shoved him off me.


"Don't test me." I glared up at him. Pointing the dagger tip at him before walking out of the cell. "Follow me and don't get any ideas." I growled as I led him out of the prison and into the lively streets.


? ? ?


He seemed to behave as I walked to a nearby shop. The Herrea that I had tamed was now helping put stacks of paper into wooden bins. The skinny boy looked up at me and smiled.


"Oxanna, what brings you here today?" His bright blue eyes sparkling. His gaze went to the boy behind me then narrowed.


"Lucas, I need to buy a Cory." I placed a velvet bag with coins onto the table. His blonde hair fell over his eyes as he counted the coins before opening the small gate to lead us into the stalls behind the shop.


"Well, you know of course I keep care of all the Corys so have your pick." I smiled to him and watched him leave; hitting his shoulder into the boy's only to get an evil glare from him. The large Dinosors stood tied to large stone posts. Their skin dull in the dim light. Their small frills were orange as a sign of relaxation. A few were alert at the new visitors; their frills now red with alarm. There were at least four in alarm, figuring they had to be the best, I took two by the ropes that held them.


"Take the other two and follow me." Pulling the large Dinosors behind me and into the streets, I made my way to Roone's house, with the boy towing the two Corys after me.


? ? ?


Roone's house was much bigger than mine! His was attached to the stable below for guest Dinosors. Entering the house, we smelled soup; Roone's favorite.


"Oxanna, that you?" Roone called from the kitchen.


"Yeah, it's me." I called then turned to the boy and hissed. "Don't say a word, understand?" He just nodded but held my eyes. Glaring at him, I turned and walked to the kitchen where Roone stood over the big bowl of soup. He looked up only to narrow his eyes at the boy.


"Who are you?" I sounded as if there was jealousy in his voice.


"My name is Skyler. I told her I could help you guys out." He jabbed a finger at me while meeting my eyes.


"We have four Corys down below; we can put our packs on the spare one." I said; keeping the deep stare of the boy named Skyler. A soft smile was starting to spread over his pink lips before breaking the stare and looking over at Roone.


"Unless you have a problem with me going." Skyler said sternly.


"Oh no, no! No worries...worst comes to worst, I can always kill you." Roone grinned evilly before his eyes met mine. "Well let’s start loading the Cory." He pushed the soup aside.


? ? ?


I kept feeling Skyler's hot stare on my back which made me shiver and glance at him. A few times I caught a gentle look but mostly he was just looking at me. Roone was getting angry, shooting Skyler looks that were mean as if protecting me from his gaze. Throwing the last packs over the Cory's back, I mounted the only tan Cory out of the brown Corys. I slid into the notch of its neck before pulling the spare Cory's lead and tying it to my saddle.


The Corys ran in long strides as we got out of the city. Their muscles tightening and relaxing at each step. Their tails swung side to side to keep their balance. Once we were out on the dirt road, we slowed them to a fast walk where Skyler looked up at the sky.


"If we can make it to the river then we'll be making good time." Roone and I exchanged glances as we kicked the Corys into a long stride run again.


A few times, my Cory tripped over stones. I knew we were getting close. The river was miles away from the city but it was surrounded by rocks and with this rocky terrain, I knew we were getting very close. We had made good time by keeping the Corys at a good long pace. But when the air went silent, I pulled my Cory to a stop to listen. Then in a flash, Raptors were springing from the trees to our left. Skyler jumped from his Cory to reach for his knife only to be jumped on by a Raptor.


"Skyler!" I screamed, jumping from my now bellowing Cory. Pulling the dagger from my boot, I ran to him just as the Raptor sunk his claws into his stomach. "Get off of him!" Lashing out at the Raptor with the dagger, it easily dodged it. Skyler was groaning under the weight of the Raptor.


"Oxanna, watch out!" Roone yelled, kicking his Cory to scare off the other Raptors. The Raptor pounced only to land on the rocky ground as I rolled out of the way. Throwing my dagger, it sunk into its shoulder. Screeching, it ran away into the forest. The bellowing from the Corys stop and the sound of Skyler's breath was the only thing heard.


"We have to get him healed!" Pulling Skyler onto his Cory, Roone took the reins and led the Cory after his as me and my two Corys followed after them.


? ? ?


We made it to the river where Roone took care of the camp and Corys while I tended to Skyler and his wounds by the water. Washing away the blood, the wounds seemed deep. Gulping, I pressed my hand to his forehead. It wasn't burning up but I knew I had to get the wounds treated. Roone helped me take him close to the fire where he dried off as I dabbed ointment on the puncture wounds. Groaning, Skyler grabbed my hand tightly.


"Shh, rest. It was over fast." I soothed him; my anger for him was subsided as I looked to Roone.


"Ambush. They must have been watching us." His face grave. "We better watch the forest from now on." Skyler's hand shook, but as I looked at him, his eyes were open.


"Th-Thank you..." He smiled before his eyes slipped closed again. His breathing slow. Smiling I felt something spark in me, but it was broken when I met Roone's eyes; they were filled with jealousy and hatred. And I began to question what he was thinking, a blush spread across my face.


"What?" He stood up without answering me then walked to the water’s edge.


"Roone..." Groaning, I let Skyler rest his head on the blanket I rolled up to make into a pillow. Then I got up and walked to stand beside Roone. "What's wrong?" I peered up at him.


"You don't understand anything, Oxanna! I can't believe you haven't seen it before!" He raised his voice as he stood over me. I backed away a little.


"No-" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him.


"You have been so ignorant!" Trying to yank my hand free, I could see the anger in his eyes.


"About what?! I don't know what you are talking about!" I yelled back at him. Then his mouth closed over mine. Screaming in his mouth, I tried to pull away only to be pulled closer...


"Roone! Let her go!" The kiss broke as we looked over to see Skyler standing close to us.


"You wanna play pretty boy?" Roone growled and shoved me to the ground. "Tell me, why do you care if she was being held by a real man?"


"Real man?" Skyler scoffed. "You seem like a desperate man!" I stood then, between Skyler and Roone.


"Just stop! Skyler stay out of this!" I held up my hand to separate them. Roone grabbed my wrist to push me back to the ground and punch Skyler in the face.

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