Emma's Fighting Spirit

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Changes In Plans

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



Chapter 4: Changes In Plans


I was starting to notice the firm lump was getting bigger and more rounder. And I knew what I had been missing. I was pregnant. My belly was going to swell like mothers. The only problem was, Silas. He hardly noticed my growing belly. I had to strip away my first layer of dress so the undergarments were lose around my belly. If only Damian was hear to see. That's when Silas pulled me up by my arm one morning.

"We have to take you back. You are obviously pregnant! And I cannot have this." So he had noticed? But now that I think of it, he was being more gentle with me. Hardly yelling and tugging me everywhere.

"What are you going to do with me?" I asked while managing to get on the dappled pony.

"We are taking you home where I can wait for Damian." My stomach was sick again. Would he kill Damian or threaten my life to force Damian to give him something? I let out my breath as he kicked his horse into a walk back toward home.


The horses entered the clearing, the men in the fields and Mary, she had the stable doors open. But Silas didn't let me run off to the house, instead he got off his horse and lead our horses to the stable. Silas was in first, then the horses and I.

"Miss!" Mary was ignoring Silas as she helped me down, feeling my stomach.

"I have to stay with her."

"Ya cannot stay! The master has returned and is-" I cut her off with my questions.

"He's here! Where? Is he hurt?" I didn't even give her time to respond, I was running to the front. I stopped in my tracks when I saw him. His back turned to me, talking to Amster, one of our men that worked in the field. I let out a breath, he didn't look harmed but he looked more built and tan. His brown hair pulled into a bun.

"Sir..." Amster's eyes were on me.

"What?" Amster nodded to me. Damian turned, his chizzled face and his blue eyes, oh his eyes! I was scared that it wasn't real.

"Emma..." He seemed breathless too, he closed the distance between us, taking in my round belly with glowing eyes. "You are beautiful as ever. When did you get back?" His question shocked me. He didn't know I was stolen? Mary must have toned down the details. His large hands were cupping my face, his lips were pressing into every inch of my face. His hands slipped down to my stomach. "When did you find out?" I shook my head, not caring about my stupid belly, I kissed him, the feel of his soft lips sending sparks down my spine. His tougne tracing the insides of my mouth. His hands never leaving my stomach.

"Well...well...well. Isn't this so sweet?" Silas was clapping his hands as he approached us. Damian knew that voice, breaking the kiss and holding me to him.


"Oh, yes! Me! And you. Seems like you're managing quite well, a wife, land, and a baby to come! Happy, happy, happy!" His sarcastic tone was making Damian go rigid. His arms holding me.

"I can see you haven't changed at all." Silas was circling us, a few times, I felt him lift my curls. Damian lashed out, slapping his hand away.

"Me? Change? Oh heavens no!" He was laughing. "But we do need to talk. See I am sick of being ignored by father, and you. I didn't even know you had a pretty wife with a baby along the way!"

"I was away, I didn't know about the baby." Damian growled.

"Oh so it's like - a surprise!" Silas was having to much fun toying with his big brother. Damian on ther other hand was more worried about me than anything, his arms locking me to him so Silas couldn't take me. "Brother, I just have one simple request." This time, I pushed Damian away. I couldn't lose him again.

"I'll go. Don't take him." I stood facing Silas with a stone face.

"No, Emma!" Damian grabbed my arm. I just slapped his hand away and kept still.

"You didn't even hear what I wanted!" He was laughing again, like a sly fox.

"What do you want then?" Damian had taken his stance behind me, holding my waist.

"I want your child." My hands went stright to my belly and Damian did the same. But this time he was angry.

"I won't let you do that. Go make your own child." Damian pulled me back int his arms.

"Oh too much work! Finding a woman and blah, blah, blah. Ugh no!" My hands were trembling, Damian responded by kissing my forehead and holding my hands.

"This is my wife. And my child. Not yours." Silas pulled his dagger and threatened to throw it at me. "Go away Silas. If it's attention you want all you had to was ask. Now if you don't mind, my wife is hungry and tired." This drew Silas to silence as he watched us enter the house. Mary was helping me out of Damian's arms.

"Come, we must get you washed."

"Let me." Damian said, taking my hand leading me to the loo.  Mary seem to protest but seeing that he was gone for a long time, knew I needed the time with him.


The bath water was warm as I stepped in after Damian who was sitting in the water. He helped me sit between him, his hands running over my stomach. He said nothing to me, he just seemed to memorize me in every way. His hands touching and sliding against every curve. His lips kissing my hair. Trapped in his strong embrace made me feel safe. His muscled legs bent so they were protruding out of the water. I nuzzled against him, feeling his arms flex around me as I let myself fall asleep in his arms.


I didn't wake till later that night. Damian was missing from the bed but it wasn't hard to guess where he was. The door to the baby's room was open and the light from the lit candles were escaping from the room in brilliant shades. I poked my head into the room. His hands were running along the wooden cradle when he heard me.

"Evening, my beautiful princess." His husky accent sent my heart soaring. I smiled in response. "You are glowing. As bright as the sun."

"The sun is too bright." He smiled, his eyes going to my growing belly. "She'll be beautiful." He glanced at me and shook his head, cupping my face.

"I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. All I want is for us to have a beautiful baby. You and me in one. And I won't let Silas take it either." Then my eyes lit up.

"What if we gave him a different baby? Not ours but a baby." Damian processed it but shook his head.

"I will not let Silas take away our baby." He was stroking my cheekbones.

"I'm glad your back." I said softly.

"Miss me?" He almost laughed but knew I was serious. He stopped and stole a kiss before kneeling down to listen to my belly. I held is head there, enjoying the moment. " I should never have left you." He was standing now, the free strands of hair hung over his right eye.

"You had to go. I understand."

"I could have missed this." He smiled before kissing me again till we both were out of breath.


The morning was shining through the windows, a heavy weight was laying across my chest. I looked over at Damian, sleeping, his arm laying over my chest. I began to slowly slide his arm off but he gripped my shoulder.

"Where you going?" He mumbled.

"To make breakfast. Go back to sleep." He made a grunting sound then his body went limp again. I found Mary it the kitchen, cooking soup.

"Mornin', miss." She smiled happily as she saw me.

"Good morning! What can I help with?"

"Nothin', miss. Go sit." Then I saw it, the blood oozing down her neck...

"Mary! You're bleeding!"

"It's nothin', miss!" She hushed me. "I had a run in with a fence."

"What happened?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I didn't mean wake Silas! But he yanked out him knife and almost killed me!" Silas was still here? That meant one thing...we was waiting to get Damian alone...Damian. I ran to the bedroom...

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