Into The Pits

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hold on for this

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Into The Pits

Submitted: June 23, 2014

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Submitted: June 23, 2014





"No seriously, Jake! I have no idea what is going on! There is a man naked in my living room! I need you here! Please!" I pleaded over the phone. I could hear Jake take a deep breath in and out. Finally he spoke.

"Fine, but you owe me Alexis." He growled. The line went dead. I slid the phone into my pocket and gripped the coffee cup tighly in my left hand. I was biting my lip all morning when I saw a man naked on my living room floor. I edged my way around my sofa set and inspected him. He had thick short hair, cropped short and his skin was a nice tan color. My eyes wandered down to his butt and I quickly shut my eyes. Alex! What are you doing? I stepped back towards the kitchen and peeked out of the window to see a black Toyota Tundra pull into the visitor parking.

I set the mug down and opened the door before he could knock.

"Jake..." I said hopelessly. I moved out of the way so he could see the view. His fingers went to his hair and raised a brow at me.

"Alexis, you sure you didn't drink last night?" Jake asked before stepping inside. He kneeled before the man and tapped on his face.

"Please, I don't drink that much. I did not even go out last night!" I exclaimed. I tip-toed behind Jake and watched as the man's eyes fluttered open. He let out a gasp and his eyes went wide.


Chapter One:



I tapped on the bar while i rested my head on my hand. My eyes were glazed over from day dreaming. The bar was near empty today and I had hardly anyone to wait. I had been watching the news but obviously it got boring.

"You know, Alexis, you can leave?" A deep voice said.

"Jake, please, if any more people come in, I could use it." I rolled my eyes over  to him and leaned my head back slightly. Jake laughed and leaned over the bar.

"If anyone else comes in, I'll give you the money. Just go already. Enjoy the day!" He waved his hand and turned to the wall to pick up the ringing phone. Sighing, I jumped from the stool and rounded the corner of the bar to grab my purse.

"Later!" I called over my shoulder.


I parked my Honda slowly. When I pushed the gear into park, I leaned against the seat; looking at my apartment door. It was nothing big. Just a one room with a small kitchen and living room but it was still home. There was nothing there for me, no boyfriend, no parents. Not even a fish to keep me company. I pushed my fingers through my hair and checked the time on my watch. Two o'clock in the afternoon with nothing to do. God this is not how I wanted to live my life.

I heard a door shut and a small woman waved to me; her dog leashed. Dog. I waved back and with all the excitement I could muster from myself, I turned on the car and drove myself to the animal shelter.


I stood at the counter filling out a form while a tall woman picked at her nails.

"Ever owned a pet before?" She drawled in a southern accent. I glanced at her. Her hair was turning grey and it seemed she hadn't showered in weeks. She had her hair "styled" like that woman - Jamie Lee Curtis.

"No, ma'am." I said shortly. I began to sign my name when she took the paper from my hand. "Excuse me, I was not finished." I said angrily. I shot daggers from my eyes but it didn't seem to register. She just smacked her gum between her yellowed teeth and put the paper in a folder.

"Before you sign it, you should pick out your dog." She pointed to the side door; rust was eating it's way up the sides. I felt my lip lift in disgust. I smiled wide at the woman before reaching for the door.


I made it past the door, squealing forward before it could hit me in the butt. I looked up the long row if chainlinked doors and took a breath in. It smelled of urine and shit. Did anyone ever clean these out? I took the row on my left first. Inspecting each dog was a long process. But soon they all began to show the same scars. Were these fighting dogs? I trailed the rows of dogs but none seem to strike any interest. There were Dobermans, German Shepherds, lots of Pitbulls. I sighed and turned in a cirlce. I wasn't even sure if my apartment complex would allow these breeds.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" I jumped at the sudden sound.

"Oh yeah, yeah! Sorry, I  just was trying to make up my mind." I turned around to see a tall man dressed in what looked like lumber jack clothes. He didn't look like an employee. "I'm sorry," I walked towards him slowly. "Do you work here?" The tall man had dark wavy hair and dark eyes to match. His lips turned up into a smile.

"Yes ma'am I do. I know I just got here." I noticed he was holding a broom.

"Could you give me some advice? I have no clue what to pick!" I laughed to myself and my eyes darted around trying to avoid looking at his handsome face.

"They are all wonderful," He coughed. "If you ask me." I smiled in response and kneeled before one of the Dobermans.

"What about him?" I asked. He walked closer to me and shrugged.

"Whatever you pick, it'll be a good choice. Anyways, I have to get back to work." He nodded to be then disappeared through the door on the other side of the room. I sighed and rubbed my face. There was a sharp bark from behind me. Startled, i turned to see a tan Pitbull sitting on the otherside of the wall. I smiled and made my way to the kennel where the Pitbull sat. His long tail beat against the wall happily. I raised a brow and reached my fingers through the chain. He licked my fingers with his long tongue. I peered into dark eyes and all I could do is smile.

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