Marshmallow Surrender

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Nickie Noel is just one of those girls who can't seem to make guys fall in love with her. But her stalker sure has a thing for her, she just doesn't know it yet...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Marshmallow Surrender

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Prologue/Chapter one:

"Mom, I think the ruffles are a bit too much..." I called from the small dressing room. I stared at myself in the mirror where my reflection wore a purple ruffly dress that has poka-dots. I twisted in a circle before unlocking the door to show my mom.

"Did you try on the royal blue one?" she said as I opened the door to see her leaning against the wall. She looked me over and sneered at the dress. "Yeah, try on that royal blue one."

"It's homecoming, not prom. What other ones did you find?" I sighed, looking through the dresses that were hanging on the rack in the dressing room.

"So? Don't you want to knock all them boys dead?" She winked at me.

"I don't want to kill anyone." I looked at her with a bored gaze before pulling off a short blue dress. It was strapless but the chest area was covered in sparkling jewels. It looked cute. "What about this one?" I held it up to mom who looked it over and nodded.

"Try it on!" She ushered me back into the tight dressing door.

I pushed my body into the tight fitting dress. It hugged my curves and really brought out my boobs. The dress came to my mid thigh but it looked really good with my brunette hair. The jewels brought out the size of my small boobs. I thought I was in love! Happily I opened the door; mom wasn't there.

"Mom?" I called, checking each room. My bare feet shuffling along the carpeted floor. "Mom, where'd you go?" I peeked out into the main area. I saw the boy at the register and a few other people shopping around. I forced myself to wander around the small shop. I weaved my way through the racks of dresses to the register. I told myself not to be scared as I looked up at the red headed boy. His beanie sitting just on the back of his head. He looked me over before smiling.

"Can I help you?" I felt myself blush before looking down at my bare feet.

"I'm looking for my mom, have you seen her?" His eyes squinted.

"She has brown hair and a little taller than you?" I nodded to him. "She went to her car to get her purse." He smiled at me.

"Oh, thanks." I blushed again before turning to go back to the dressing room.

"That dress looks great on you, the guy is pretty damn lucky." I paused hearing his words, I looked over my shoulder and smiled.

"Oh no, I don't have a boyfriend." I shrugged before walking back into the dressing room to sit down on the little bench. I twisted my hair around my finger before I heard my mom talking on the phone. "Mom?" I stood up to show her the dress.

"Alright, I'll let her know. Thanks, bye." She looked me over and smiled. "Oh honey! You look great!" She hugged me then kissed my cheek.

"So this is it?" The boy asked, taking the dress and scanning it into the computer.

"Yes." Mom said happily taking out her credit card and handing it to him.

"Mom we need to go to get shoes." I looked over the check list I had pulled from my purse.

"Okay, and then we need to find make-up and some bling." I gave her a look, her word choice was quite annoying.

"Bling? Really?" I heard the boy laugh as he put the dress into a bag.

"You ladies have a good day." He smiled at my mom while handing her her credit card. I noticed he had a sparrow tattooed on his wrist; Jack Sparrow. I smiled at the thought as he met my eyes.

"Bye, hope you like the dress." I blushed once again then turned away to follow my mom out to the car, feeling his stare on me the whole time.

Chapter One:

"Nickie! No! Stop! You're doing it all wrong!" My sister Eva said as she ran into my room and grabbed the curler from my fingers.

"What? How?" I squeaked as I looked at the curl that lined the side of my face.

"Seriously, if you want guys to dance with you and like you, you have to get your hair right." She took my hair and twisted it around the curler.

"But I-"

"You know how to grind right?" She asked, looking at me in the mirror. Her jet black hair was straight as all get out.

"Uh no, I can't dance." I saw her roll her eyes as she finished my hair, then moved to my make-up. She stood in front of me, her fingers spreading concealer on.

"Lets bring out these lovely eyes." She smiled gently as she stepped away to get the eye liner.

"Really, guy is seriously going to dance with me." I put my hands on my hips before looking down at my short dress.

"Head up." She lined my lower lid then went to line my upper lid. "No, Nickie, you will be a work of art that guys will see that they need you! You'll be their new desire!"

"Look, I don't want to have sex." I groaned.

"Why? Sex is good! It makes people like you!"

"I'm not a whore." I glared at her as she puffed my face with blush.

"I like being a whore, Nickie. You should try it sometime."

"You should try to control yourself." She held me back to look at me then smiled.

"See? A work of art!" She let my look at myself in the mirror. She was right, I looked way better than I normally did.

Eva had put blue and white on my eye lids, bring out my hazel eyes and the jewels on the dress. My hair was curly, which really brought out my highlights.

I slipped on my heels before grabbing my purse. I didn't have a date but Alice said she would meet me at the doors to the gym where homecoming was being held. Mom stood at the door; keys in her hand. I seriously didn't feel good about this, but I let my legs lead me to the car, which was heading to the school where I knew it would be the nightmare of my life...

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