Family Meeting

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“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching -- they are your family. ”
? Jim Butcher

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I consider this novel a PG-13 rating

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Family Meeting

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



Chapter 1

Whitney’s POV

“Babe, have you see my car keys?” Andrew asked fast walking back and forth in our medium sized condo, I swear shouldn’t he be tried of walking back and forth and seeing the same things over and over again, because trust me I would

“Aren’t they in your jacket pocket?” I replied pouring a hot cup of coffee in my ‘can’t touch this’ mug

“Oh found them, thanks I honestly don’t know what I would do without you” he replied throwing his jacket on and giving me a quick peck on the lips "you'll go mad"

“That’s right gurl” he replied leaning back and snapping his fingers in a z formation, making me chuckle “well I’ve got to go, love you”

“love you too” I replied following him towards the door, giving him the signature ‘I miss you already’ kiss, then closing the door behind him.

As I walked back to my morning Joe and did my daily day dreaming, the phone rang, and by rang I mean RANG not once but like 9 times

Gahhh who’s calling now I thought as I walked towards the phone and answered not even checking the I.D “Hello”

“Darling, darling it’s me” replied the very familiar voice

“Hi mom, how are you doing?” I asked sitting down on the couch and crossing my legs in that indian meditation thing, you know the ‘criss-cross apple sauce’ thing

“oh honey, I was just calling to check on my baby girl, and asking why you haven’t came to visit me and your daddy” she replied sighing in the end, I mentally groaned, the reason why I haven’t visited my parents was because last time I did (which was 2 years ago), my mother literally told my whole family about me being single, and if anybody knew somebody who were willing to go out with me

“I’ve been busy” I replied which technically isn’t a lie, I have been busy if you know what I mean (wink, wink)

“Busy with what” she replied hearing the suspicion in her voice “have you gotten yourself a man”, here we go again

“What kind of question is that” I asked trying to think of ways to dodge the questions that may come up

“so you do have a man, oh thank you Jesus I thought that day would never come” she replied excitedly ‘hurtful I thought as she squealed on the other end of the phone “ and now because of that, you and your man are coming to your father and I’s 20th anniversary in Jamaica and y’all are coming alright, alright”

“Yeah about that mom”

“honey I’ve got to run, I’ll send you the tickets and all the information, love you baby girl” gahhhhhhh what have I done, you see you might be wondering your mom’s inviting you to go to Jamaica, with your man that’s a time where he can meet the family and get to know everyone and maybe even ask your hand in marriage, you should be happy right………….WRONG. it’s just that my family is really awkward with change, and I’m really the only one who’s open to change meaning not dating a black man, yep that’s right Andrew’s white, as in white chocolate, vanilla, cream on top and I’m obviously a black woman as in chocolate, coffee, black pen ink, and my mother well she’s not……. reasonable and once they see Andrew, crazy ass shit going to happen just because I happen to like some cream in my coffee. What have I gotten myself into?

I decided to call Andrew, just to give him a heads up


“Hey Andrew, it’s me I’ve got to tell you something” I replied as I bit on my nails viscously

“Hey babe, what’s wrong?” he asked

“It’s nothing serious, I was just wondering if we could talk after your done work?” I asked trying to keep myself from saying ‘my mother’s inviting you to her 20th anniversary party in Jamaica, but there’s just one problem, I haven’t told her you’re white’

“Oh, oh alright is that all?”

“mhmm, that’s all” I replied

“Oh uh okay, I love you Whit” he replied as I could hear the smile in his voice

“Love you too” I replied smiling, I sighed as I hang up I stared at the phone and at the picture of my family on the coffee table I honestly hope he takes this lightly

Andrew’s POV

“who was that” Shawn one of my co- workers and friends ask

“Whitney, she wanted to tell me something after work” I replied as I placed my phone on the coffee table

“is it bedroom related?” he asks casually, ‘yes Shawn yes, because everything needs to talk about is how much pleasure you give her in bed’ I thought as I gave him a look

“you never know man, women these days talk ‘bout you, hell they even grade and if you get a low grade, your ass gonna get beat” he replied as if he read my mind

“women do that?” I asked in awe and shock, I wonder if Whitney ever does, or what grade she grades me, it must be a high one cause the way she screams my name in the bedroom, says it all

“have you told her about your parents?” Shawn asks cutting into my thoughts

“no, i-I haven’t”

“whatchu mean you haven’t, your parents invited you like last week and you haven’t told her yet” I shrugged, well I would have told her but the thing is, my mother doesn’t know I’m in a relationship with a black girl, she probably thinks Whitney is some blonde blue eyed chick that works for some big company or some shit, and I don’t want to put Whitney in a situation where my family degrades her for being who she is and what not

“ahh, you haven’t told your parents that she’s black” Shawn says raising his eyebrow and nodding his head, seriously is he some sort of psychic or some shit, because he’s basically reading my mind, better not think anything dirty

“well, I don’t know I can already hear what my mother’s going to say ‘oh so your dating one of them’” I replied as I rolled my eyes

“well, you don’t know yet she could be very accepting and okay with the fact that she’s black, and if not then she’s big white wrinkly ass racist” he replied crossing his arms across his chest and shrugging

“hey, that’s still my mother Shawn, you shall speak nice things about her” I replied chuckling getting a ‘whatever’ from Shawn.

Well I hope whatever Whitney has to say, it’s something pleasant

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