Where the Wildflowers Grow

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On the edge of a mysterious field, a man must make his final choice. Within the place where the wildflowers grow he will finally discover, once and for all, if his greatest sacrifice will unveil his destiny.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Where the Wildflowers Grow

Submitted: May 03, 2013

Reads: 123

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Submitted: May 03, 2013




Within the lonely field of wildflowers, everything was silent. Even the wind held its breath. The smell of the oncoming rain hung in the air - lingering - as though waiting for the right moment to finally fall from the night sky.  It was as though time itself had stopped and nothing, absolutely nothing at all, disturbed the calm tranquility of this strangle little patch of land.  On the outskirts, a hooded man stood.  Gazing into the mysterious little field he contemplated wether or not he dared go any further. He marvelled at the sight of the field, aglow in the light of the full moon. It was so beautiful, and yet so frightening. Dare he attempt to breach the spell that so clearly consumed this place? What other choice did he have?

The man closed his eyes and breathed in deep.  He could feel his heart racing in fear and anticipation. Part of him wanted to run headfirst into the little feild that looked to peaceful and safe and the other part of him wanted to run away as fast as his weary legs would allow.  Something about this place was unnatural.  He knew what he had to do, though. Keeping in mind the warnings of his teacher, he finally let out his breath and as slowly as he dared he stepped into the field.

The rain hammered down on him. Within seconds of taking his first step he was drenched to the bone.All around him the wildflowers danced in a wind that sang to the rythm of the rain.  A sudden and angry gust of wind hit him like a fist and blew down his hood, revealing silver hair that looked so out of place on a man so young.  Time had started again and all the young man could do was pray that he had made the right decision.

For a moment he thought he saw someone approaching from a short distance away, but with the rain so thick he couldn't be sure.  He walked deeper and deeper into the den of wildflowers until he reached what he was looking for.  A giant tree unlike any other he had seen grew within the centre. It grew tall and strong with roots protruding everywhere in the surrounding ground.  The whole trunk was overrun with moss and vines and the branches expanded like skeletal arms reaching out into the air. The most interesting thing, however, was the leaves.  They were the shape of teardrops and thick and under the moon-shine, the leavel glowed bright green with suck brilliant light that it almost blinded him to see them so close.

This was what he had travlled so long for. This was what he had given up everything for. This was what he had killed his best friend for and now, after all this time, he would finally know if it was worth it.

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