No curse as powerful enough

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Something different, trying out ideas. Just finding out my place in the world I guess :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - No curse as powerful enough

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012



The tips of his wings lingered above my head a fraction. They were boundlessly bright, golden combination of colours suppressed my eyes. Looking closer, I noticed the edges of the feathers were brushed pink, calm beige of pink. I closed my eyes for a second, I didn’t mean to but the power throbbing through my veins from the sight was tiring. When I opened them he was gone, those beautiful inhumanly wings gone from me. I signed, annoyed repeating his words over in my head ‘any signal of pain, or irritation, I promise I won’t think twice to leave.’ Then thinking, it was painful to stare right as his wings, but I loved the pain. I breathed in a heavy gulp of air, holding it for a few seconds before letting it out. It was a lot to take in within the human eye, and apparently my body wasn’t taking it too well- but my heart was. No matter how longer I tried to banish the memory away, it remained with me and I couldn’t think of anything else. My boyfriend was an Angel, he really was, a beautiful one. His pale ashy skin with hair that skimmed across his forehead. Long dark eyelashes that drew me in, with his gorgeous eyes. His lean, but strong built body that was shaken from nothing. And of course his wings, wings that he had never shown to anyone but himself, until tonight. Yes, my boyfriend was a Angel and I loved him.

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