No curse as powerful enough

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Chapter one <3

My eyes landed on him as soon as I heard a car pull up in the driveway. Looking out the window I watched as he gracefully carried himself out of the car, locking it, and moving towards

my door. Never once did he stray took move his eyes away from mine. I bounced down the stairs eager to see him, my last encounter being, the most beautiful one yet and couldn’t

wait for more to arrive. Stumbling half way, I finally made it to the bottom were the door stood, before I could lose my nerve I latched open the ivory door making in squeak in protest.

But as soon as I saw him, right in front of me, I forgot about all my worries and put all my focus on him. He was my life and I knew by his expression his reaction was strong too. “Hey”

his voice was his usual, gripping and sparkling with purity sound. He watched my stunned expression grow even more stunned as he gave me a perfect smile reaching his translucent

eyes. I never got used to him, no matter how many times I saw him, it seemed his got more perfect every second. “Hello” I replied pushing the door further open motioning for him to

come in, but he slammed the door and pulled it back towards him startling me with a fright. “Sorry, but it’s such a nice day and were going outside” I smiled at him my awed expression

still stuck on my face. “Melton, your perfect in every single way” I said to him. He pulled me along and we walked for a couple of seconds in peaceful silence. He stopped suddenly, he

had a habit of doing fast refluxed things, but his smile was still as big as it ever was. “Hey there, don’t get me started on this game, you know I will win, because I can think about so

many things that make you perfect Lilac” he brushed a piece of hair out of my eyes. We stayed like that for a while, gazed locked into each other’s eyes, showing nothing but love

towards each other. I hadn’t even noticed that we were hovering a few centimetres off the ground until he placed his hands of the small of my back and pulled me in close. So he was

hugging me to him, my eyes still lingering on him as we drifted up into the sky, making walls to hide us without the drama, just a closed off passionate, loving sky.

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