Eternal Fantasies

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A young woman who's grown up in a royal family, yet yerns for a rank-less life. Young Remedy is widely known by many of all the lands as the Princess of Shard, this makes her life rather difficult when she tries to blend in with the common folk. Yet her wish is granted by the goddess one day, after waking up from an odd dream, Remedys life is turned upside down. soon after sneaking out of the castle in chase of a rogue woman, Remedy learns of an evil that wishes to claim her kingdom from her father and due away with her family. Will she be able to restore her kingdom and rid the world of evil, or will she fail in her tasks?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternal Fantasies

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



Deep within a dark wood, fog laid thick along the ground giving the forest a rather eerie look and feel to it. A young girl held her hands close to her chest as she stumbled her way through the woods, every so often calling out the name 'Rei' as if that person were to be hiding somewhere. "Rei?" she called out again, the girl was getting tired and rather cold and didn't quite like being out here at this time of night. Just then a bush quite close by rustled. "Rei?" she said, keeping her voice low and quiet just in case it wasn't the person she was looking for. "Is-is that you Rei?" she called out again, still keeping her voice low and quiet. The bush rustled again, then another nearby bush rustled even louder, suggesting that whoever or whatever was within, was moving quickly. "Rei, this-this isn't funny any more..." she mumbled to herself. She started to shake with fear and from the cold. Her skin had already developed more then its share of goosebumps from the cold, her breath could be seen each time she exhaled. Suddenly and without warning something large and black sprung out from the bush and lunged at the girl. She screamed as loudly as she could, as the large black figure tackled her to the ground, only to find herself screaming in her bed as she sat up in it, breathing rather heavily. "It.. It was just a dream...?" she thought. It seemed so real for her, a cold sweat ran down her face making her shiver once again. With a heavy sigh, the young girl laid her head back down on her pillow and closed her eyes for a moment, only to slowly open them again. "Rei...." she muttered quietly. "Why was I calling out for Rei?" She was a bit confused on this but paid little heed to it and closed her eyes. "Who is this... Rei... any..ways.." she mumbled in her sleep as she soon fell back to sleep.


A dawning of a new day, the sun started to wake from the hills and rise up into the sky, bringing with it the woken animals of the nearby farms. As the animals awoke, they began their daily doings. Roosters climbed up to their usual spots to crow for the morning, waking up any other animals the sun had not gotten to quite just yet, as well as the farmers and the villagers nearby. Soon after, a church bell could be heard just off in the distance, suggesting that people too felt the need to be awoke, much like the animals of the farm. As the darkness of the night lifted from the world and the sun rose high into its morning resting spot, people of the world began to awaken, much slower and for some, more clumsier then the animals.

A creak of a door could be heard as a door was opened, then footsteps as someone walked across a room. A young girl lay happily asleep in her bed, at least until someone opened the curtains of a nearby window and allowed the light to shine into the room. Thus awaking the young girl after she tried her best to remain asleep. "Rise and shine my dear girl," said a kind and loving voice. "Mmm, not yet mother.. Not yet." said the girl in a mumble of sheets. "Yes, now, get up, get up. Your breakfast will get cold if you don't get up." said the voice again. The girl let out a hefty sigh and groaned, disliking being awoken so early in the morning. She slowly sat up in her bed and brought her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes. Blinking a few times to ensure the sleep was all gone from them. She stretched her arms and let out a soft yawn, almost falling back to sleep as her eyes tried to rest themselves once again. "Come on, you've been in bed long enough." said the voice again. The young girl turned her head slightly over her shoulder and noticed a young yet middle aged motherly figure standing by her bedside and by the recently opened window. "Alright, I'm getting up mother. I still don't see why you insist upon waking me up, when you used to send in the maids to do it for you," she said, her voice still rather deep and slow from waking up. "Isn't it clear that the maids didn't do a good enough job? Besides, is it so bad that you're dear mother wishes to see her daughter in the morning?" said the mother as she headed towards the door. She rested her hand on the doorknob and turned back to the girl whom was still in bed. "Now come on, get up, breakfast is ready. You don't want to let it get cold, do you?" she said with a smile, as she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

The girl sighed and yawned once again as she swung her legs out from under the warm sheets and to the side of the bed, and climbed out. She stood there for a moment, and then wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. "Brr, another wonderfully cold morning.." she said with a sigh, and a roll of her eyes. She then turned and grabbed her sheets, and made her bed. "Less work the maids have, the more they can tend to other things, I always say." she thought to herself as she finished making her bed.


In a misty forest, still rather early in the morning, near a misty swamp stood two odd black figures within the shadows of a large forest tree. "Here," said one of the figures to the other. "Take this scroll, it has all the information you need on your target." The voice of a middle aged and very gruff sounding man. The other figure took the scroll and stuffed it away in its belt, then crossed its arms and eyed the first figure. "So, how about my payment?" it said, its voice much higher pitched then the first figure, and much more feminine. "You get half now and the other half when I get his head, understood?" said the gruff voice as the figure held out a small pouch, quite likely to be holding a large sum of gold coins. The second figure quickly snatched up the pouch, much like a cat grabs its favorite ball of yarn or mouse. "Oh, I quite understand, but if you fail to pay the rest, I'll have more then just his head with me." said the female voice. The male laughed rather heartily at this remark. "Ha, if you say so. Just do your job and don't fail me." With that the male figure took its leave deeper into the dark woods. The second figure remained still and watched for a moment as the gruff man left. Then the second figure disappeared in a puff of smoke with nothing more then a mere leaf floating down from where the figure once stood.


Not too far from the large misty tree, later in the morning walked a young man, his attire was of a blue color from his hair to his pants. A small katana strapped to his waist. His eyes blue as the ocean, his hair blue as the sky and wavy like that of an ocean wave crashing against the beach shores. His pace was slow and steady, suggesting that he had either nowhere to be going or cared not when he arrived. His face showed happiness, though be it weak and painful side of happiness. A rustle of leaves from above could be heard within the trees, yet the man made no movement as to reacting to the sounds. Then the rustling of leaves could again be heard from within the trees. The man then stopped and stood there. He made no more movements, almost as if he were closely listening to his surroundings rather then using his eyes to tell him. A slight gust of window blew through the woods. The sound of metal flying through the air could just slightly be heard, yet the sound of metal clashing against metal was much more likely to have been heard then anything else. With what seemed almost a flash of light, three shurikens were no sooner knocked aside then they were thrown from the trees. The blue haired man stood with his katana drawn and three shurikens stuck in the ground around him. Still the man made no movement beyond defending himself. "Show yourself," he called out, knowing quite well that someone, hidden within the thicket of trees was nearby and seemed more then eager to slay him quickly without a fight. Not that he was one to fight any more then the one hiding from him. "Coward, you throw weapons and then remain concealed? Is this the way the people of this area fight?" he called out, and then sheathed his blade. "Then so be it," he muttered and turned around to begin walking away only to come face to face with that of a half masked pretty face.

"I'm a coward, am I?" said the woman who now stood in front of the blue haired man. "Just for that remark, I should kill you that much quicker, not that you're my real target." A slight smirk on her face could just be seen behind her mask that covered the lower half of her face. "You randomly attack people for the fun of it then?" the blue haired man asked. The woman shook her head and chuckled. "Oh, no, no. You just got lucky, pretty boy. I thought of using you as target practice until my target actually shows up." She let out another chuckle and leaped back to give some room between the two of them, yet not before allowing her feet to kick the blue haired man's chin as she leaped backwards. "Come on! Draw your weapon," she called to him, drawing a dagger and a few throwing knives into her hands. The blue haired man merely shook his head and sighed. "I do not wish to fight you. Such a person as you has no reason to fight this way, what could you possibly gain from it?" he called back to her, trying to do what he could to get out of the fight that wasn't needed.

"What can I get from it? How about, gold and enjoyment?" she called back, letting out a soft chuckle as she threw a throwing knife towards the blue haired man, whom dodged it quite easily. "Money, and Enjoyment. Is that all you care about? What about your happiness? Doesn't that matter?" he said, still trying to avoid a needless battle from taking place. The female assassin looked almost dazed after his remark. The man cracked a smile and walked towards her. "Why live a life of crime and suffering when happiness is all you really need? Or better yet, pleasure?" he said, brushing a few blue locks back and behind his ear. The woman's face still seemed a bit dazed as if his words hit something and actually made her think differently. "Happiness, pleasure?" she muttered quietly to herself. "Yes, Happiness and pleasure makes the world a far better place," he said as he finally reached her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Really? You think that... even I could still... be happy in life?" she said, her words a bit slow as she seemed to get a bit choked up over this. "Yes of...c-course..." his words stuttered as his eye twitched in pain. "You fool, did you honestly think you could seduce me into such stupidity?" she said, as she was crouched a bit with her elbow jabbed into his stomach. She slowly pulled away and watched him fall to the ground. "Trust me, I was never given the chance to enjoy happiness, Why begin now?" she stood up straight and brushed the hair from her face."Sweet dreams... lover boy. I hit just deep enough to... well, knock you out for a bit. Ta-Ta!" she said as his vision darkened and blurred just a bit. He could hear her footsteps cracking along the dirt, leaves and twigs just before he fully blacked out.


A hefty sigh was exhaled from the girl as she stood in front of her mirror looking at herself now that she was fully dressed. "These noble cloths just oddly don't seem to suit me, but mother and father wouldn't allow me to wear anything else.." she let out another sigh and closed her eyes for a moment. The memory of her dream from the night ran through her head once again. "Rei.." she muttered under her breath. "Who is this Rei?" she questioned to herself, but then shook her head rapidly from side to side as if to throw the thought right out of her head. "No, there's no point in worrying about it, it was nothing more then a mere dream. Yes, a mere dream and nothing more," she said and smiled to her reflection in the mirror. Just then a knock came onto the room's door, the voice behind it spoke. "Miss Lockheart. Your mother is requesting that you hurry to breakfast." The girl let out yet another sigh and rolled her eyes. "Yes, I'm coming." she said, she took one last look over herself to make sure her outfit was good before heading for the door and stepped out. The maid that had knocked on the door then led her down to the dining hall. "Ah, there you are Remedy. I thought you weren't going to ever get up, even after I went and woke you myself," said the woman at the end of the table. "Sorry, Mother, I didn't sleep well last night," said the girl as she took a seat near her mother at the end of the table. "Dear me, not another one of those dreams, was it?" she asked in a caring tone. "No, this one was different. But it's nothing, it was but a mere dream," she said quietly, wanting to avoid telling her mother of the dream. "Well.. if you say so, dear." A maid entered the dining hall with a plate of food for the two of them and placed one in front of each of them. The mother thanked the woman as she left. "I see Father won't be joining us once again?" the girl said, as she picked at her food while she spoke. "I'm afraid so, dear. He's busy with the troops once again. But I'm sure he'll return soon. He did, after all, promise to be here on your birthday, did he not?" the girl nodded in agreement but still sighed deeply inside.

A well dressed butler now entered the dining hall and leaned over towards the mother. "Lady Lockheart. You have a guest. Shall I send him away?" the man said in a rather older sounding voice. "No, no. I shall meet him. Bring him to the throne room. I shall be there in a moment." The man nodded and left the two alone to finish eating. A sad sigh escaped the woman's lips as she pushed her plate away from her. "I'll never understand how your father does it, Remedy. I just can't seem to take care of things around here as well as your father did." With that she stood up, leaned over and kissed Remedy on the forehead and then left the dining hall. "Father.." the girl muttered quietly to herself. Remedy seemed to be lost in thought as she didn't realize the maid was cleaning up the table until the maid spoke to her about her plate. "Hmm...?" she mumbled. "I ask, m'lady, if you're done with your plate?" asked the maid. "Oh... yes, thank you." she said quietly and slumped a bit in her seat. "Thinking about Lord Lockheart again, m'lady?" said the maid. "Yes.. I miss him, but I know he shall return from his duties soon," the girl said with a sigh. "Of course he will, your father, Lord Keth Lockheart will return with riches, as he has in the past. But I shan't speak more of it, lest you're mother hears," she said and quickly headed off for the kitchen, with the plates in hand. The girl slowly sat up and sighed just a bit as she climbed out of her chair.


A groan was heard as the blue haired man rolled onto his side and slowly sat himself upright. "Well, you've finally awoken I see. Did you rest well?" came a rather familiar feminine voice. The man's head quickly shot over towards the voice of the woman and found her sitting nearby on a rock. "I thought you left me.." he muttered. "I did.. but then I got bored waiting for my target so I came back here to watch you sleep. But now you're awake and things can become more interesting," she said with a smile on her face behind the mask. "Interesting how?" the man asked. "Well, since you're probably still half asleep, I guess they'll have to wait until you're fully awake, it's not as much fun otherwise," she said, putting the knife she was holding into her belt. She then reached behind her, pulled out a small pouch and tossed it towards the man. "Eat, you'll need your strength and I'm more then sure you're stomach could use something to ease its pain." The man raised a brow as he grabbed the pouch that was tossed to him and looked inside to find three fresh apples within. "You're the odd type, aren't you?" he muttered under his breath. "Very much like her, almost too much like her. Nah, she wouldn't go this low against me, would she?" he thought to himself. "What's the matter, they aren't poisoned," said the woman by the rock. The man snapped out of his thoughts and blinked a few times before reaching into the pouch and pulling an apple out, taking a bite of it. "Good," the woman said with smile, as she picked up an apple she had sitting by her and took her knife out to cut some pieces off of it, for her to eat. "I may have wanted to kill you, and still do. But I'm not the type to kill without the fun of fighting. You're not getting away that easily." She crossed her legs and took a big bite of her apple as she eyed the man in blue. "Why are you doing this?" he asked her. "Why? I want to make things fair. If I really wanted to kill you when you were weak, you'd already be dead, wouldn't you?" The man nodded in agreement, regardless of how much he really didn't like that thought, but was glad she was at least being somewhat fair. "Do you always play games like this with your prey?" he asked. "You enjoy asking questions, don't you? What is your name?" she asked him, trying to turn the tables a bit. "My name is Reiketsu, Kyoushu. And you didn't answer my question," he said, a bit of anger in his tone near the end. "Rei...Reiketsu...Reiketsu.. hmm, nope, never heard of ya. And as for your question, I really don't care to answer it, so there," she said, as she stood up. "Alright, times up, stand and draw your weapon. I'm tired of waiting," she said, grabbing her throwing knives and a dagger from her belt. "Ready yourself or die!" she shouted as she dashed towards him. She began to lunge at his chest with her dagger, when suddenly a chain appeared from deep within the woods and wrapped itself around the female assassin's dagger, keeping it less then a few inches from hitting its target. The chain then yanked the dagger from the woman's hands and back into the darkness with it, as a dark figure emerged from within. "I'm not paying you to kill random passerbys. Get back to work, or you'll be the one without a head," the dark figure said, no more then the figure's dark eyes and body outline could be seen before he disappeared back into the darkness once again.

The woman sighed and groaned. "That was my best dagger too..." she kicked the ground a bit and rolled her eyes. "Well, seems I've wasted too much time with you.. You got lucky, lover boy. Hope we don't meet again. Cause you won't be so... lucky next time. Ta-ta." And with that, she disappeared with nothing more then a puff of smoke and a leaf falling to the ground where she once stood. "Who... who were they?" Rei thought to himself. He shrugged it off, picked up the pouch that still held the two uneaten apples and then headed down the path once again, hoping that it would lead him to a nearby village or town at least.


With the sun shining its warm rays of light across the lands, it cast the night creatures into another slumber some day. Within the royal gardens of the local manor, sat the young Remedy. Who, though quite sad and confused, found happiness within the gardens as she always did. However today didn't seem to bring its usual amount of happiness to her. She could hear her mother speaking as she left the castle and came towards the gardens. Her mother was speaking to the guest that had arrived before, Remedy could just barely make out what they were saying. But since they seemed to be getting closer, their words became clearer to her ears.

"Honestly Caren, I assure you that Lord Keth wouldn't have put you in charge if he felt you weren't able to run things like he did. Believe me when I say, Keth has faith in you and I know for a fact that you will shine and show him that he's correct in thinking that," said the man. Caren, the woman previously known as Remedy's mother, blushed slightly and sighed with a nod of her head. "You are right. If my husband has faith in me, I should have just the same faith in his judgement." Just then a soldier approached the two and stood there with his hand to his forehead, saluting. "General, a woman at the gates has requested to see you. We've held her back, but she insists that you must hear her," said the soldier as calmly as he could. The general turned his head slightly and nodded to the soldier. "Yes, I shall be there shortly," he said as he turned his head back to Caren. "It seems I've business to attend to. If you will excuse me, m'lady," said the general with a bow and turned to take his leave.

Young Remedy listened closely and wondered just who this person was that was being held back at the gates. The general rarely saw people, and when he did they were usually on the battlefield. She slowly stood up and dusted herself off. She snuck through the gardens, avoiding as best she could anyone who might see her. Due to the route she took, she was able to reach the gate before the General could. She quickly hid behind some nearby trees to make sure no one saw her there.

Shortly the General showed up by the gates and ordered the soldiers to leave, saying that he'd handle everything himself. "Yes sir,"said the two guards, as they took their leave back towards the castle. The general waited until the guards left and then turned around and huffed. "So what do you want?" he said gruffly. A young woman sat in the doorway of the gate, legs criss-crossed in a sitting position, her elbows resting on her knees and her head resting in the palms of her hands. She was garbed in a ninja outfit from head to toe. Consisting of a mask, a ninja gi and tights, all of black or dark shaded colors. She slowly stood up and entered past the gate. "I've come for what you've taken from me, General Gorland," she said and held her hand out towards him. "You have my best dagger and I would like it back." The general huffed and reached for his belt, pulled out a dagger that was sitting in it and placed it rather forcefully into her hand. "Here, take it. But get back to work or else you'll be the one without the head." His voice rough and very angry sounding as he refused to face the woman. "Sheesh, you have some major issues you know. So I had a bit of fun, big deal," she said, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. "Your fun isn't what I asked nor paid you for. Do your job or forget your payment and life," Gorland said and took a step forward before turning his glance back slightly at the woman. "Now either get back to work, or get out of my sight." The woman sighed and shrugged her shoulders, and turned to leave. As she passed the gate she glanced over to one side and smirked a bit, as she could just see a bit of noble clothing hidden behind a nearby tree. She took no action towards it and continued through the gate and out of sight. No sooner had she left, then Gorland took his leave as well from the gate.

Shortly after both had left, leaving the area empty and quite safe, young Remedy came out from behind the trees. "Gorland, working with lowlifes? What is he up to this time?" she pondered quite loudly to herself. Thankfully no one was around to hear her. "I'd investigate, but I'd draw too much attention to myself dressed like this... How could I get out of here without letting anyone know though?" A tap on her shoulder made her nearly jump out of her skin. "Miss Lockheart, what brings you to the gates of the castle?" said a charming, handsome-sounding male voice. Remedy slowly turned around to find a young male mage standing behind her with a large smile on his face. "Sigard? Ah-ah, I didn't... I mean.. I.." she stuttered with her words. She was never one to be able to speak clearly in front of him for as long as they'd known each other. "Worry not M'lady. You should have the right to explore the grounds, just be careful. Won't you? After all I am responsible for your well being," he said, smiling politely to her. "Umm.. S-Sigard..." She muttered quietly. The mage tilted his head slightly to one side. "Umm, I wish to leave the castle and go.. go to town, I.. I feel as if I'm sick of being fixed to this castle and I'd like to get out a bit." she said in the sweetest tone she could drum up. "Heh, now Remedy, you know I can't allow that," he said, trying his best to pull off a serious tone of voice. Remedy smiled at him, and leaned against him, batted her eyes at him. "Oh please Sigard? I just want to see the town." she said sweetly to him, knowing quite well that he wasn't the type to say no to a lady. "Err.. well... ehh.. Remedy.. I.. uhh.." Sigard muttered. "Yes Sigard?" she said, as she placed her hand to his cheek. "Alright! Alright!... just..just this once, B-but I'm going with you! Heh, can't let a beautiful lady like you go alone, now can I?" he said, trying to seem manly, but quite possibly failing at it. "Of course you can come. But.. we can't allow anyone to know we're leaving, okay?" she said, as she stood up straight and looked around to assure herself no one was listening in on them. "But Remedy..." he muttered again. "No one at all Sigard, not my mother not even Zhora!" she said with a huff. "Wha? why bring her up?" he questioned, his cheeks gaining a bit of a rosy color to them. "I know what you two have been up too." she said with a cheeky smile and a wave of her finger. "Wha? N-no it''s not what you think.. Remedy please.. d-don't tell!" he pleaded with her. "I won't, if you won't," she said slyishly. Sigard let out a heavy groan and sigh, and nodded his head. "You're evil, you know that?"

"'Course I know it. But only to you," she said, her cheeky smile still on her face. "Now.. umm, I need a change of clothing so I don't draw attention to myself." Sigard raised his brow a bit. "Now why would you need to do that, you're just going to town for a bit... Oh, I see.. hmm.." He pondered a bit at the end. "Hey I know, use your magic and change my clothing." she said in a rather cheery tone. Sigard's eyes widened. "Uh..n-no, I-I couldn't. Last time.. didn' so well.." he rubbed his cheek a bit. Remedy tilted her head a bit, then burst out laughing. "Ohh, Ho ho! I bet you deserved it too. Zhora didn't find it the least bit funny when you tried that spell on her? hehehe," she said with a giggle. "Alright, how about this? You go get me some clothing from my room, and meet me here," she said pointing towards the castle. "Alright.. I don't like that idea any better, but at least it should be...less painful." With that, Sigard waved his rod and a puff of smoke appeared in front of it. "Hmm.. guess I'll have to use the old fashioned way then.." Remedy sighed and rolled her eyes as she watched Sigard begin to walk back towards the castle.

A little while later Sigard returned with a small bundle of clothing in one arm. "Alright, I've got some of your clothing here, none of it is your noble stuff, so it should help you fit in better in town," he said, as he handed the bundle to her. "Thanks Sigard.. umm.." she said slowly. Sigard stood there blinking for a moment, and then his eyes widened again as he slapped his forehead. "OH! Sorry." he said shyishly.He turned around and shut his eyes.

"Okay, you can turn around now," said Remedy, as she brushed her hair back a bit and made it slightly messier then it was. Sigard turned around and nodded. "Alright, are we set? Cause we should leave before anyone catches us," he said, looking over his shoulder as if he was being watched. "Yes, we're all ready to go. Let us not waste any more time and make haste for town," she said with a smile and grabbed his hand, tugging him towards and through the gate.


Little ways down the path was the nearby town. With farms outlining the area and homes lining the inside of it. The biggest building within the town was the local tavern and Inn, which came second to the nearby hill top castle north of the town. From the tavern stepped a blue haired man, with a yawn and a stretch. He decided that the day was much too good to remain indoors and thought a walk around town would do him some good. On top of that he could perhaps find some of the local ladies to speak with. He began walking around the town. Enjoying the sights and sounds. It was almost calm and relaxing for him. He passed by a nearby farm. No sooner had he passed one of the fences, when he became soaked by a bucket of water. He stood there soaked and blinking. He heard a shy and very quiet yet very feminine sounding voice. "Oh dear me, I'm so sorry sir, I wasn't paying attention to where I was tossing the water," said the young girl, within the pen of cows Rei happened to be standing by. "Please, come inside and allow me to dry your clothing by the fire. It's the least I could do after what I've done." Rei had no chance of saying yes or no to the young girl, as he was being pulled into the nearby farm house and handed a large cloth. "Please undress and wrap this around yourself. I'll hang your clothing by the fire to dry it off," she said, holding the large cloth out for him and looking away. Rei shrugged and took the cloth. He began to remove his clothing and then wrapped the cloth around himself. "Here you are," he said, his voice soft and sweet. "You don't really have too, but I thank you for this," he said in a very charming manner. She blushed a bit, taking his clothing and hanging it by the fire like she said she would. "I wouldn't allow myself to let you walk around with that water on you. It-it wasn't the cleanest of water anyways," she said, as she hung the last bit of Rei's clothing up. A vein in Rei's neck twitched as he heard her say the water wasn't clean. A cow pen, and water being dumped away.This thought almost turned Rei's stomach, but at least he wasn't in this clothing and it was being dried for him by a pretty farm girl.

Rei smiled to the girl. "Tell me young miss, what is your name? I go by the name of Reiketsu, Kyoushu," he said, with a charming smile that could make virgins blush, though the girl was already blushing quite brightly. "My name's Susanna Ray," she said as calmly as she could. Rei nodded with a smile.


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