Chapter 1: Blue Raven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 411

I walked down the stairs of the abandoned apartment building, tripping over a loose wire or some crumbled concrete blocks every couple of steps. At first I didn't want to make exploring abandoned buildings a hobby, but after a while I couldn't stop doing it. The hallway on the eleventh floor was completely covered in burn marks, and somewhere in my heart I kind of hoped I'd hear a child's laughter then see bloody hand prints on the walls or something. But no matter how many of these places I've been to, it's never once happened. I slid my hand across the wall, knocking off chips of burnt paint as I walked. On the other side of the hall was a row of windows, lined up one after another. The sky was pitch black and the moon acted as a flashlight in the distance.

It was 12 am in the summer, and my mom had no clue I snuck out the house to explore some building. Knowing her, she's not even home herself anyway.

"I wonder how many floors got burned like this." I thought out loud, letting my voice echo through the building.

"Seven outta twelve floors burned black." a voice replied from down the moonlit hallway. My head spun like a top, hoping to see a ghost or an evil spirit like in those movies on T.V.

A regular girl with a small army book bag stood there, staring out the window at the moon. She didn't say another word and just stood there. She had blue hair that effortlessly reflected the gaze of the moon. Her ripped jeans and graphic tee that displayed a headless boy interested me as they clashed with the blue color of her hair.

"Are you a ghost?" I asked, just to be sure.

"Nope." she replied. "Are you?"

"Nope." we both looked out the windows for a couple of minutes, analyzing the world from the view of the eleventh floor.

"You shouldn’t be here you know." she called out. "You should leave, right now.”

“You shouldn’t be here either.” I snapped, “This building is off limits to everybody.”

"I’m not playing around. You need to leave.” She yelled, “Now.”

"I’d rather not. Not until I find a ghost or some cool necklace or something.”

“Suit yourself.” She sighed, walked towards the stair case, with me not far behind her.

We followed the stairs down to the bottom floor, exchanging glances every now and then as she looked back over her shoulder towards me. When we reached the ninth floor she switched on a flashlight that she had pulled from her army book bag, and lit up the hallway that couldn’t be reached by the moons light. When she pulled the flashlight from her bag, a small wallet fell out and slid across the floor towards my feet.

Vanessa Gray was the name written on the ID card that slipped out of the wallet slightly.

I picked up the wallet and pushed the card back it.

”You dropped your wallet Vanessa.” She turned around and snatched it from my hands. “Geez! You didn’t have to snatch it.”

“Why are you still following me?” she snapped, stopping dead in her tracks.

“I’m not you, my name’s Sade.” I replied, ignoring her question.

“Then Sade…Why are you still following me? I told you to leave.”

“Yea you did, but I decided not to listen.”

“Suit yourself. Just don’t follow me.”

“Fine.” At the next corridor, I took a left, and she took a right, robbing me of the only light that existed on this floor. I walked along the dark halls, using the wall to guide me. Each and every step I took made a crunching sound as I stepped on broken wood or chipped paint. The sound of it echoed through the halls and played back to me even louder then it first was. I felt alone, and no matter how badly I wanted to see a ghost or something, I didn’t know how much more of it I could take. I stopped walking, and took a deep breath to calm myself down.

Crunch! I heard the sound of a footstep in the distance that seemed heavier than mine.

Crunch! Crunch!

It continued, slowly approaching me.

“I knew you’d come back Vanessa.” I heckled, not sure if it was her. “What happened? Did you get scared?” she didn’t reply. Instead the footsteps stopped, and I just stood in the silence of the dark hallway.



The footsteps came thundering in my direction. I took off down the hall, bumping into walls and clumsily tripping over things I honestly couldn’t see. My heart raced and the crunching continued, bouncing off the walls and ringing in my ears. I ran forward and the ground beneath me vanished. I tumbled down what felt to be a staircase and ended up head butting the wall at the bottom.


I forced myself up, and used the wall to guide myself down the staircase as fast as I could possibly go. If I had went back the way I came, I could’ve went down the stair case where the moon had provided enough light so I wouldn’t have to worry about punting a brick every five seconds. But I knew that if I tried to go back, I’d just end up getting caught by whatever was chasing me. The stairs suddenly ended, and there was nothing beneath my feet. I felt myself fall like those times when you go down on those huge roller coasters. Except there was no protective seatbelt, and this time my ankle gave out on me as I hit the ground.

“Uggghh.” I winced, getting the air knocked out of me. I felt stupid. The amount of time I spent joking on the girls in the movies that always fall when killers are chasing them should have taught me how to navigate when I’m getting chased. Guess when you’re actually in their shoes it makes a difference.


I heard the footsteps above my head, coming from the floor I just fell from. I laid there perfectly still and as quiet as I could be. If I couldn’t see, maybe he couldn’t either. I laid there perfectly silent, and it felt as if a minute had passed, maybe two. The footsteps started to walk away, fading into the distance.

“Thank god.” I whispered out loud, trying to standup onto my feet. A loud thump came from the place that I fell from, just a couple of feet from where I was struggling to stand. I looked into the direction it came from, and all I could see was darkness. It stayed perfectly silent and I just stared. I moved my hand just a bit trying to push myself off the floor.


Paint chips were crumbled to dust under my hand, and a bright flood light switched on in the direction I came from. It blinded me, and my hands went to cover my eyes instantly. By the time my eyes made out what was in the distance, his hand already wrapped his fingers around my hair, and dragged me across the floor as hard as he could.

“Ghhhhha” I groaned from the pain. “What the fuck!” he pulled me across the floor and I clawed at his hands. It was in vain. He wore strong rubber gloves that stunk like rotten flesh. The smell got under my nails and was horribly repulsive, almost bringing tears to my eyes. He didn’t speak a word as I screamed and struggled while he dragged me through the halls and up the stairs. I wished his flash light would turn off, because the hallways I couldn’t see before were now well lit, and now I could see the bloody handprints and drag marks spewed around the heavily damaged floor. I wanted to see them on my own terms, not like this.

“Holy fucking shit.” I couldn’t help but cry. I knew I was going to die, I just knew it. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, and he just kept on dragging me. I kept trying to stop myself from being dragged by standing up, but just couldn’t because of my ankle. Half of my nails were already broken from the scratching, and my voice was getting horse from screaming.

“Please stop!” I choked, hoping to reason with the man that was dragging me towards some place he probably planned to kill me in.

“No.” he replied in a deep disgusting voice that put chills through my body. I screamed again as loud as I could as I tried one last time to stand. I forced myself onto my feet, and threw a punch into his ribs.

Gughgh” he groaned, sinking into the punch I acquired from three years of kick boxing. He took the utility flashlight he had and smacked me across the head with it, leaving a ringing noise in my head as I dropped to the ground.

“Stupid bitch!” he yelled as he picked up a loose concrete brick from the ground and poised it to smash across my skull. A knife whisked through the air and stabbed him in the hand, causing him to drop the rock onto his foot. A hand wrapped itself around my wrist and forced me to my feet.

“Come on!” a girl's voice that I couldn’t make out yelled, “We got to go!” She dragged me through the hallways and back down a couple of stairs. My body couldn’t keep up with her so she decided to hide us in some dark room.

“I fucking told you to leave.” She whispered through the darkness, turning on a flashlight as she spoke, “but you just had to be a fucking idiot didn’t you?

“At least you’re one tough bitch.” she wrapped a ripped piece of cloth around my head, stopping the blood that I didn’t notice at first from dripping. “From the looks of it you’ll be fine.” She walked back towards the door we slipped in from and closed it, placing wood and rocks in front of it.

“Who was that guy?” I asked, squeezing out the question from my horse throat.

“The one that was chasing you?”


“And knocked you over the head with a flashlight?”


“Oh haha,” she giggled. “That guys a sociopathic serial killer- a murderer.”

Vanessa’s voice chilled my body, just like the man’s voice did.

“What are we going to do?” I groaned, trying to pull myself up to lean onto the wall behind me.

“We’re gonna kill’em” she smirked, pulling a blade from underneath her sleeve, pointing the hilt towards me. “Oh, and you’re gonna help.”

Submitted: April 19, 2012

© Copyright 2022 LJ Walker. All rights reserved.


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