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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013




I had to be woken by one of the air stewards.

I must of fallen asleep straight away.

The people who I had sat next to on the plane, must of just climbed over me, to get off the plane.

It took me a while to come to and the air steward, asked if I was ok.

When it dawned on me, we had landed back in the UK. I undid my belt and ran, to get off the plane.

I ran to go get my case, and then I had to deal with customs. I was questioned again. I told them I was Emilio’s wife and he had been in an accident, and needed to get to his bed side.

The customs officer, who was dealing with me, had said he had seen it on the news, but I didn’t look much of a wife to him.

Not surprising, I looked more like a druggie than an opera singer’s wife. He probably thought I was nuts, and I wasn’t wearing my wedding rings. So that got them asking me more questions.

Well who was that woman pictured, going in with his kids to see him then, he said not convinced, I was telling the truth.

I thought that was his wife, he said.

My heart sank

He must of found love again, that’s why he had agreed to the divorce. Maybe it was with Olivia.

In the end the man took pity on me, said I should, get a bath, and some food.

Fucking prick I thought, I know who I am.

When I got through arrivals, lots of people were there.

They must of thought look at the tramp. I could see them all looking at me. But I recognised no one.

Wheeling my case to an area where there was not many people about I sat on it and put my hands to my head.

I had no money or phone, to ring anyone.

Seeing I looked like a beggar, maybe I should ask someone for some spare change.

I knew how the poor Romanians, who I had been helping, felt like now.

I was just about to ask someone for some change, when I heard a voice I knew.

Dad, could she of missed the flight.

It was Joseph and James.

They hadn’t recognised me walking through arrivals.

I went to run up to them, but what would Joseph, let alone James think of me.

I took some deep breaths.

Then I walked over to them.

I never said anything I as stood behind them. I was just so happy to see some familiar faces.

James turned around and looked me up and down and gave me a dirty look.

Sorry I don’t give to beggars, he said turning away, and pulling Joseph away from me.

He hadn’t recognised me. I must of looked a right state.

I was so hurt by his comments.

Starting to cry, I had to speak.

How is he?

James turned around again.

He looked angry, but then his face changed.

He realised it was me.

He had a look of shock on his face.

Liz is that you, he said.

Yes I said nodding my head, with tears rolling down my dirty face.

Joseph grabbed on tight to his father.

James hugged him, and told him it was ok.

Joseph turned to James and said is that mum.

Wiping the tears, from my face and bent down next to Joseph, he stepped back and held tighter to his dad.

I got back up, and looked at James.

Liz what happened to you, he asked.

Trying to make a joke of the situation, I told him I fancied a hair cut like his.

He smiled then looked down at Joseph.

Joseph looked at his dad, then me and started to smile.

I could really do with a hot bath and some clean clothes I said to James.

He took hold of my case and walked to wards the exit. Joseph was not so scared of me now.

But kept staring at my bold head.

James had rang on ahead to Ruby to run a bath for me, and see if she had any spare clothes.

When we got into James’s house, Ruby came rushing up to me and told me the bath was waiting and some clean clothes.

She looked me up and down and asked if I was ok.

I told her I had been better.

I got into the bath and it felt like heaven.

Hot water was a treat out there, and had not had a proper warm let alone bath in nearly a year.

When I stood up and got out of the bath, the water was brown.

I had to scrub the bath. The shame of leaving it would of killed me.

When I came down stairs, James and Ruby were waiting for me in the lounge.

Ruby got up and went to get me a cup of tea.

She told Joseph to come see if we could find any biscuits to go with it.

When they both left the room, I asked what happened to Emilio and how was he.

James told me, how he had been driven home after his first performance back at the opera house, when another car came out of nowhere and hit the car he was in.

He suffered bad head injuries. He developed a clot on the brain and they had to operate. His brain swelled, he was lucky to of survived the operation.

But they don’t know if he is brain damaged or not. He had been put into a coma; they took him out of it again, but still, he has not come around.

I began to shake and cry.

And what about Sam, how is she?

She won’t leave him, she just sits by his bed side.

Even Joseph can’t persuade her to come home for a bit.

I needed to see them both now.

But then I remembered what that customs officer said.

There was a woman with Sam going into see him, in the photo.

I wiped away another tear.

So who’s the woman I said asking James straight out.

James looked at me, with sad eyes.

He did start seeing that Olivia again.

I looked away, with more tears falling.

Liz he waited for you, he tried to get in contact with you, but got nowhere, even I in the end told him to move on.

I had let her have my husband, I should of fought for him. What at stupid selfish bitch I was.

Trying to find myself, I lost all around me.

I put my head in my hands.

James asked what happened to me.

Why did I have no hair, why did I look so thin and ill.

I looked up and told him I gave myself to god, and he did this to me.

James came over and hugged me.

Ruby came in with my tea.

Joseph offered me a biscuit.

I ate the lot.

I needed to see Sam and Emilio even if Olivia was there, so I asked James if he would take me this moment.

James said he would come in with me.

I was frightened and angry. But if Olivia was there I would face her.

We got to the intensive care ward.

Both me and James pumped some alcohol gel on our hands. Then the nurse smiled and let us into his room.

I could see Sam sitting next to him holding his hand tight.

Olivia was lent over talking to him, in case he might hear her.

James closed the door.

Both Sam and Olivia turned round.

Sam’s face dropped.

Olivia stood back, from the bed. I could not see Emilio’s face from where I stood.

Sam got up and came over to James then looked at me.

She looked at me up and down.

Then from nowhere she slapped me hard across the face.

I fell back. James stepped in as she went for me again.

What is she doing here?. She said shouting at me through James.

I was shaken up quite badly, my own daughter not yet thirteen hitting her own mother. She had grown up quick while I had been away

I deserved it though.

So I told James to stand back, he looked at me funny. I said stand back James, so he did.

Sam went at me like a mad woman, hitting me round the head, slapping me, shouting things at me, telling me she hated me and wished it was me in the bed and not her father.

I let her do and say what she wanted.

The beating hurt, but the pain inside my heart hurt more.

In the end James pulled her off me.

My lip was bleeding, and i had scratches across my face.

Olivia stepped forward, to try and calm her. I then got my strength back and went at her.

I grabbed her by the throat, pushing her up against the wall by the door.

This is your doing. I said

My daughter hates me, because of you.

You were a friend a work college, but you stepped over the mark.

Trying to talk, let alone breath, she said, Liz you have got it all wrong.

James was now trying to pull me off her.

Sam now tried helping James pull me off her. Then security came running into the room.

They pushed past James and Sam and grabbed me.

They pulled me out of the room, I was kicking and screaming. I still had not seen Emilio.

James followed and asked me to calm down.

The guards sat me down on a chair just outside of the room.

They radioed in for a nurse to attend as I was bleeding badly.

Then I heard Sam shouting from in the room.

He’s waking up, he’s walking up. I looked at James.

Go see I said while the guards held me down.

Then a nurse came running, up to me, I told her she was needed in there.

The guards just nodded.

Then I heard them press the buzzer, and loads more people came running up, and into the room.

Eventually a nurse came and looked at my wounds.

Whilst the guards held me, she cleaned me up.

She asked what at happened, I just said I fell.

She asked if I was Emilio’s wife.

I said yes, but for how much longer I didn’t know.

She said she remember reading how he’d cheated on me.

Thanks I thought, that’s made me feel loads better, seeing the woman who he had cheated with was in the room with him now.

I felt like just getting up and going, without even seeing how he was, after all he was with Olivia now.

Or they could put me in a padded sell if they liked, I did not care for anything or anyone any more.

Then a doctor came out of the room.

He is asking for you, the doctor said.

I didn’t really register what he said.

Tell James I am just going to go home, though where was home now. I bet Olivia had moved in

No you miss understand me, I mean your husband, asked for you.

I heard what he said the second time.

I looked at the doctor.

It appears he heard your voice and he woke up from his coma.

I stood up, but the security guards, stayed close to me.

The door to his room opened again, and this time Olivia walked out, she was holding her throat. She stopped in front of me, look Liz, the first time I did get close to your husband, but we never got involved, then when you left he came to see me again.

I could of gone at her again, but the guards were there so I had no chance.

She carried on still holding her throat,

He told me you were over and did I want to start dating him, I said yes. But all he ever did was think and talk about you.

I got friendly with Sam, but she needed someone to talk to with you not around.

That really hurt me, and I looked down.

But I finished with him, and then the next day he was in the crash.

So have been here to comfort Sam.

What a fucking stupid bitch I was.

I still was not fond of her seeing she and my husband nearly got it on the first time, but she stuck around for Sam.

Then Sam came to the door.

Olivia looked at Sam and smiled.

Sam smiled back and waved at her.

Olivia turned back to me, and whispered in my ear. If she really wanted to, she could have Sam and Emilio, but she wasn’t that evil, and wished me luck, as Emilio was now disfigured, and wondered how long I would stick around to care for him.

Then she walked away

Sam stood in the door way looking at me.

She had been crying.

I looked at her.

She spoke.

Dad wants to see you.

With that I fainted.

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