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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




I closed the front door.

I told terry to put his case down, and did he want a drink.

Yeah please am frozen, he said rubbing his hands.

I went into the kitchen,  put the light on, and switched on the kettle.

I put my bag down and took out the ciggies, I had bought, I opened a draw, and took out a lighter, and lit the cigarette.

I shouted to terry to see if he wanted one.

I got me own ta, he replied coming into the kitchen.

I haven’t smoked for years, I told him, taking a deep drag.

But tonight I fancied one.

He lit his cigarette, and blew the smoke out.

I keep saying I will give up, but I won’t, He said smiling.

The kettle boiled and I made our drinks.

Passing terry his drink, I had to try and stop staring at him.

He had aged but was still good looking.

I heard Emilio had been in a bad accident he said.

Yeah, he’s in a bad way. I said taking a sip of my tea.

Were you in it to, he asked not knowing of our relationship break down.

No I said laughing.

I look like this because I became a nun.

Terry almost spat his tea out.

Come on let’s sit in the lounge and I will tell you all about it.

We talked for ages.

I told him about what happened to me and Emilio and why I went off to be a nun.

He told me about his life in America, and how he was over here, looking to do a movie, and he saw in the paper about Emilio, and he wanted to come see me.

He got in contact with James, and James told him where I lived.

Him, and Gary were still going strong, but the press kept on at him for not being married and starting a family, so had to hire girlfriends from time to time.

I opened a few bottles of wine that were in the house, we both hated wine, but it had alcohol in it, and we just needed to let out hair down.

It got really late, and I said he could stay over

I must admit, being drunk I could of fucked him.

But I was not that drunk.

We did start to get close, even with the state I looked.

I looked more like a man than a woman.

And seeing he was gay, we could of got it on.

I will need to buy a wig, tomorrow I thought.

But I said I was tired and had to see Emilio at some point in the day.

So we hugged each other and I went up stairs, while terry slept on the couch.

Next morning, my head was aching again.

I need to cut the drinking out, I thought.

I got up and had a shower,

My face was still wrecked but healing.

I went down stairs, and terry was still a sleep.

I made a phone call to Kate, to see what was going on with the house situation.

She said thinks were getting sorted but Emilio would have to speak to his solicitor, at some point.

I did a bit of house work, Then, I could hear terry waking up.

He walked into the kitchen, with just his boxer shorts on.

My knees trembled.

I had not had sex in over a year, and my hormones were kicking in.

Morning, I said trying not to blush.

Morning, he said back, I was wondering is it ok I have a shower, he asked.

 Yeah sure, I will get some toast on for you when you’re ready.

Cheers he said and asked where the bathroom was, I told him up stairs, and you can’t miss it.

I needed to do a food shop, as had hardly anything in.

When I heard him coming back down the stairs, I put the last of the bread in the toaster.

He looked so handsome, and smelt lovely.

I made him a coffee and buttered his toast.

Here you are I said passing it to him.

I asked him what he was up to today.

He said he had to meet with the director, and go over the movie plot.

I said I could give him a lift, to where he had to go.

He said thanks, and accepted my offer.

Half hour later we were ready to go.

I opened the front door, and to my horror, a load of reporters were outside.

For fuck sake I shouted.

Terry was as shocked as I was.

So your husband is ill in hospital and you’re off having affairs with movie stars, one reporter shouted.

Quick I said to terry as we tried to get into my car.

Does your girlfriend know what you’re up to terry, another shouted.

Ignore them, I said to terry.

We got in the car and I drove away fast.

That’s all we need I said to him, as I smoked my last cigarette.

I dropped terry off to where he needed to be.

He said it was nice seeing me again, but would keep away in case they hounded me more.

They will any way terry, I said not even bothering to get upset about it all.

He gave me his number and if I needed to chat or if maybe we could meet up again, then I should call him.

I said thanks, and gave him a hug.

He got out of the car and I drove off.

I need to find a wig shop.

When I finally got parked at the hospital, I checked my appearance in the mirror, one last time.

I hoped it would deter the press.

A long black wig, with a fringe and sun glasses, to cover my cuts.

I got out and lit a cigarette, before I went in, I had bought another packet.

No one took any notice thank god, though I doubt god was pleased with me.

When I got in to see Emilio, his sons were in the room with him.

They looked at me and then looked away.

Emilio looked angry.

His sons got up and hugged him.

They spoke to him in Spanish, but I could not really understand what they were saying.

I removed my sun glasses.

His sons passed me but never made eye contact.

They looked angry too.

When they left I went over to Emilio.

I sat next to him.

He said nothing.

What’s wrong, I asked.

He never spoke.

His body language, was  not good either.

Are you in pain, or something.

He crossed his arms and looked away.

I was getting angry.

For fuck sake will you tell me what’s wrong, I said

Turning to me, but his arms still crossed, he went mad.

What’s wrong, you ask me? what’s wrong.

I will tell you what’s wrong, he said

You pretending to be all Righteous ,  then taking a man back to the house, and doing god knows what with him.

What? I said not understanding what he meant.

I had a phone call to say you fucked a man last night in my house.

You what?, I said.

Well is it true or not, he said fuming.

No it’s not true, I said, knowing what he meant now.

Terry came to see me last night, I told him.

He is in London, to speak with a director about a film.

He heard you had been in an accident.

He got in contact with James, and he told him where I lived.

He wanted to see if we were ok.

Emilio looked at me, like I was lying.

I carried on.

He stayed over on the coach, this morning, when I got ready to come here, and drop him off, the press were outside.

Emilio was still not sure if I was telling the truth.

He is an old friend, and he is gay I shouted.

Shit I thought; hope no press had heard that.

It’s bad enough I look like I do, he said, and that we have not been getting on, the press have loved it, now you are pictured with a man.

You have got a fucking cheek, I snapped back.

You were pictured with Olivia, actually doing something.

Terry was visiting, and stayed on the coach.

My boys were not happy, he said, and what about Samantha.

Now I was well pissed, a friend had come to see how I was, and I get this shit.

Emilio I will ring the school and speak to the head and Sam and tell them what happened and not to take any notice. I told him.

But this should not of happened he shouted back.

I had had enough.

I go up and told him to believe what he wanted. If he didn’t trust me, go ring Olivia and let her care for you.

I started to cry so put my sun glasses back on.

I walked out of the room.

I could hear him call me but I kept on walking

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