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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013




It was midnight and was now Christmas day.

I wished everyone a happy Christmas.

I walked home alone, as Emilio had taken the car to pick up Samantha.

I was scared but excited.

I kept tight hold of my bag.

When I got in Emilio and Samantha, had fallen asleep down stairs waiting for me.

But the house was decorated, and it really felt like Christmas.

Poppy who was lying on the floor next to Sam, got up and wagging her tail, and came over to see me.

Hello you I said quietly.

I took her out for a wee, then, she went to sleep in her basket.

I didn’t want to wake Emilio and Sam so I got some blankets and covered them both.

I turned the lights off, and went to go upstairs to bed, making sure I kept my handbag with me.

As I was about to climb the stairs, I felt Emilio’s arms wrap around me.

I turned around and he kissed me.

Merry Christmas, he said.

Merry Christmas I said back.

Is Sam ok? I asked.

Yes she enjoyed herself tonight.

Good I said.

I took hold of his hand and went up stairs.

We got into my bed room, and I put my handbag by the bed.

Before I could do anything else, Emilio took hold of me and removed my jumper.

He kissed my neck, then my mouth.

I lifted his t shirt off, and softly kissed his chest.

He had looked after his body while he was in the hospital.

He was in his forties now but still had a fit slender body.

 He removed my jeans socks, pants and bra.

I removed his trousers sock and boxer shorts.

It was like a game between us.

It was cold so we got under the bed covers.

I sat on top of him,

And we fucked for hours,

He pulled me back and forth, but we tried not to make a lot of noise, so not to wake Sam.

Nothing more embarrassing, when you’re a teenager, then hearing your parents at it.

His hands were all over my body.

Then we changed positions, and he got on top of me.

Then he fucked me from behind.

In the end I could not hold it in and had to scream.

He held me close.

The sweat was dripping off both of us.

I fell asleep in his arms.

Forgetting all about how I had just become a millionaire.


A knocking at the bedroom door, woke me up.

 Coming to, i realised it was Sam.

 Quick, where was my night dress.

I ran to a cupboard, that had Emilio clothes in, that I had brought with me when I moved down here.

I pulled out a pair of pyjama bottoms and threw them at him.

He was still a sleep.

I grabbed my dressing gown, and put it on.

Come in I said.

Sam opened the door, and with her came poppy.

Poppy jumped onto the bed, and began licking Emilio’s face.

He woke up.

Samantha laughed as did I.

Coming to, Emilio opened his eyes and saw the dog.

He said, oh it’s you.

While Emilio played with poppy, I went down stairs with Sam.

Mum, are you and dad back together now then, Sam asked all excited.

Not completely sure, but not wanting to ruin the happy moment, we all seemed to be in, I said, yeah I think so.

Yes, me and Emilio had made love like we did in the old days, and I loved it.

But i still had a feeling it would not last.

I needed to be more optimistic than pessimistic, but with my bad luck, I was not taking any chances, even if I had just won a hundred million pounds.

Emilio got up, and got the dinner on while me, and Sam took poppy for a walk.

Samantha had not been here before, as she refused to come see me, until now.

She said it was nice down here.

But I wasn’t sure I would be here for much longer once the news got out about my winnings.

When we got back Emilio said a man had called to speak to me and would ring back in a bit.

I asked who it was, he never left his name, Emilio said, giving me a funny look.

I hoped it was someone from Camelot.

We sat down to dinner that Emilio has prepared and cooked all by himself.

It was lovely.

We were just about to eat desert, when the phone rang again.

I ran to it.

It was Camelot, asking if there was any chance I could get to London tomorrow.

I was expecting someone to come down to me, but I could get up to London tomorrow, if James or Nicole could put us up for the night.

I told them I could come up, and they told me where to go.

I got off the phone to them, and then rang James.

Merry Christmas I said

Oh merry Christmas Liz, James replied.

Are you up to much, I asked.

Just finished our dinner and Joseph and abbey are watching a TV.

Ah that’s nice, I replied.

What about you, are you working, James asked.

No I said change of plan, I have visitors.

Oh said James

Yes I have  Emilio and Sam here.

The phone went quiet.

Then James spoke.

Really, he said.

Yeah he turned up yesterday morning, and Sam came last night, I said feeling a bit weird.

Everything ok, he replied.

Yeah were all good, better than good I said.

Well that’s great news Liz, James said, felling happy for me.

Look James was wondering if we could come up and stay over tomorrow night, I asked hoping he would say yes.

Yes come up, will be good to see you all again, and Joseph is missing Sam, James said excitedly.

Ah thanks will be good to see you all, it’s been a while, I said relived.

Right then I better tell ruby and Joseph, the good news, and I will see you tomorrow.

Ok James thanks, see you tomorrow, my love to everyone, bye, I said and put the phone down.

I went back into sit with Emilio and Samantha.

Who was that then, Emilio asked.

We have to go to London tomorrow, I told him, I need to meet with someone then we are staying at James over night.

Emilio looked at me funny.

What’s wrong, he asked.

Nothing, it’s all good but I cannot tell you, until tomorrow.

Samantha looked at her dad.

Why can’t you tell us now? Emilio asked.

Because for our safety, and so I am sure, I will tell you tomorrow.

Samantha looked at me.

If you trust me, you can hang on till tomorrow I said.

Both of them were different with me, after that.

They hardly spoke to me the rest of the day.

I gave Emilio his present, but he was not really interested.

And I never opened his, that he got me.

At seven, I took poppy for a walk, then, went to the pub.

I was so angry, I could not tell anyone yet, as what if it was a right balls up and I had not won after all.

But I was being turned against, by my family because of it.

The pub was heaving.

Dogs were allowed in.

I sat at the bar and Bab’s cam up and said hello.

Thought you would be with your family she said.

I was walking the dog and had to pop in and see you all.

She poured me half a Guinness.

On the house she said.

Thanks I replied.

Poppy sat at my side, while I held onto her lead.

The TV was on, and the news came on about how the lost ticket holder had come forward.

I went red, and drank my Guinness fast.

I could hear folk saying whoever it was who won, it was one lucky bugger.

I put my glass on the bar.

You drank that quick, Bab’s said.

Yeah I was thirsty, I replied, needing to get out of there.

I was due in work the day after boxing day, but was not sure I would ever see Bab’s or the rest of the staff again.

I had not been in this town long, but I was sure to be moving on again.

I started to panic and needed to think.

So I said I better be getting back and see you all soon, then left.

I was in bits, and did not want to go straight home, so I ran with poppy.

It was a cold night but I was sweating.

I ran all over town.

I ran along the bay three times.

Poppy, was loving it.

I was crying.

I could see all the Christmas lights around the town in people houses.

I wanted to run away.

But instead in ran around.

What would happen to me?.

What would happen to us?.

Me and Emilio had only been back together a day but I could feel it crumbling already.

In the end I went home, and hoped they were in a better mood with me.

 Where have you been Emilio asked as I came in.

I was sweating buckets.

And poppy was exhausted.

I went for a run I said.

What at this time of night and on Christmas day, Emilio asked.

I often run with poppy on a night.

But what about us he said.

I was angry now.

 What about you, I said back ,nearly shouting.

None of you have been around for ages.

I have my own life, I said taking my coat off.

I can’t even talk to people on the phone without having to explain myself.

I wanted to shout out I had been speaking to Camelot but I held it in.

Samantha came to see what was going on.

I looked at her.

Then, Emilio.

I then ran upstairs to take a shower.

I cried while the water washed my sweaty skin.

When I got out of the shower, I dried off, but could not go back down stairs and face them.

So I went and packed for tomorrow.


I must of fallen asleep on top of the bed.

I woke to Emilio lifting me into the bed.

He put the covers over me, and kissed my cheek.

I rolled over.

What’s wrong, he asked?

Waking up I said, there was something I had to do and he would find out as soon as I could tell him.

Are you ill, he asked?

No don’t be daft, I said.

Is it a man, he went on.

No way, I said, getting a bit touchy.

Ok Liz, I will wait for you to tell me, he said stroking my face.

It’s all good I promise, I said to him.

He climbed in bed next to me and pulled me into him.

He put his strong arms around me.

And it made me feel warm and wanted.

His breath on the back of my neck was gentle.

His facial hair was beginning to grow, and I could feel it on my shoulder.

We never made love we just lay next to each other but close.

We needed to be up early to, as it was a bit of a drive to London, but I could hardly sleep.

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