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Chapter 20 (v.1)

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




We got away early, but had to stop a few times to let poppy go to the toilet.

Me, and Emilio took turns driving.

I will be getting a better car than this, I thought when I claim me money, and a house somewhere hot again.

When Emilio was singing, we did have a good life, and all that we wanted and needed, he must of had about four million to his name, but a hundred million, was a lot of money.

And now he was not working we could enjoy it together, if we got that far.

We got to James’s, and we all went in.

Ruby asked what we wanted to drink, Emilio said he would have a coffee, but I told her and James, I had to be somewhere.

James asked where, and I felt put on the stop again, but like I told Emilio, I would tell him when I get back.

I needed to get out of there quick as I wanted this over with quickly.

I got to where I needed to meet to Camelot people.

I went in, and  showed them the ticket.

I was asked a lot of questions, and had all the documents; I needed to prove who I was.

The bank was shut, until tomorrow but because of the amount of money I had won, the bank I was with’s manager, was there also and allowed the money to go into my bank today.

I was asked if I wanted to go public with the news, and I said no.

I explained how the press had hounded me enough over the years, and wanted to enjoy this money in private.

They understood.

Everything was signed, and I was now a very rich woman.

I left feeling a weight had been lifted but, what did the future hold for me now.

On the way home, I thought about what I would do with the money.

I wanted to look after those who had looked after me, including my friends and family, the money would be half Emilio’s as he was my husband, but the money I gave out would not be wasted.

 I stopped off and bought a crate of Champaign, I wanted them all to share in my win.

I saw Nicole and Gilb’s car parked outside James’s house.

All my friends and family together, good I thought, and I can repay them all for their kindness and help, today.

Before I got out of the car, I got the cheque book out the bank manager gave me.

I wrote out a few cheques.

Then took a few deep breaths, got hold of the crate of Champaign, and walked to the house.

Joseph answered the door.

Hi mum, have you been shopping he asked.

Sort of sweetheart I said struggling in with the Champaign.

Everyone was in the dining room.

I went in and they all looked at me.

I put down the Champaign.

I took out the paper work from Camelot, and passed it to Emilio, who was sat down at the table.

 Then I gave a cheque to James and a cheque to Nicole.

Joseph, Samantha, Harvey, and abbey, stood watching.

James showed his cheque to ruby and Nicole showed her cheque to Gilb.

Emilio looked up at me.

Is this for real, he asked?

Yes I said smiling.

Ruby put her hand to her mouth.

Gilb, looked at me and said nothing.

James hugged ruby, who was crying.

Liz we can’t accept this. James said looking at the cheque.

You can and you will, I replied.

You have done so much for me, and I have put you through hell. I carried on.

So take it, or else, I said laughing.

Nicole, said , it was too much money to give her , and Gilb.

I told her to enjoy it.

Emilio came over to me, still holding the letter.

Liz I can’t believe it, he said.

Well believe it i said.

He hugged me.

I’m sorry I could not tell you before, but I wanted to be sure it was the winning ticket.

And I just gave James and Nicole ten million each, so were not so rich any more, I whispered in his ear.

He lifted me up and laughed.

What’s twenty million between friends, he said looking me in the eye smiling.

 Right let’s get the Champaign opened, I said tomorrow we have to go shopping.

We all celebrated on through the night.

The next day with sore head, I rang Kate.

Hello dear she said, how are things.

Quite good I said, and was wondering if you wanted to be my solicitor, again.

She laughed.

Come into some money have you, she said not realising I had.

I have in fact, I replied.

Laughing again, she said can you afford me.

With eighty million in the bank I think so, I said all smug with myself.

The phone was silent.

Then she asked if ok in the head.

Now I laughed.

Yes my head is fine.

I was hoping you could look into finding another house for us and a holiday home, I have not decided where yet, but be ready when I do decided.

She still did not quite believe me.

I won that hundred million on the lottery, I told her.

Ok Liz , she said, well you will need to fax me through a letter of proof.

I will don’t you worry, I replied.

But when me and Emilio decide where we want to live I will be in contact, I continued.

Ok Liz she said.

Bye for now and I put the phone down.

She would have a shock when she saw the fax.


I needed to get back to Cornwall, tell Bab’s I would not be coming into work and pack up the house.

I hoped this time where ever we moved would be forever.



I can’t believe he would do this to me again, I said to James.

Look we don’t know the facts, the photos might be photo shopped, he said.

If they are why have the press got to keep hounding us, and why is he not answering his text’s or emails.

I said taking a gulp of vodka straight from the bottle.

Liz your only hurting yourself and the drinking won’t help, he said felling sorry for me.

I look a fucking fool again, I said getting really upset.

Let me explain

We sold the house in Cornwall and bought a house in bath.

Then Emilio had gone to the states for surgery to reconstruct his face.

I did not go with him, but while out there he was going to look at a holiday home in Mexico for us, and have a holiday, and recover from the surgery as well.

He told me some of his opera colleges would meet him out there, and they would have a catch up.

But the press photographed him, with Olivia, sitting on a beach in Cancun.

James came down to see me as I was upset.


Do you think he did this because I did not go with him, I said to James.

He said nothing but listened to my pain.

Or do you think he would always go back to here, I said feeling drained.

Liz to be honest, I am tired of it all, James said getting up and looking out of the window.

I was shocked by his words.

I am an old man now Liz, me and you are only connected by Joseph.

He said staring out into the garden.

I said nothing.

Liz you need to sort this out between yourselves, James said turning to me.

I’m sorry James, I said wiping my face.

He was right though.

Every little thing, I would ring him and tell him about.

I have a family and a career to be getting on with Liz, James said sitting back down.

No you’re right James, I did not think, I’m sorry, I said, trying to sit more comfortable in my chair.

He came over to me, and took hold of my hand.

Liz, I have known you since you were young and I have watched you grow.

We have had our ups and downs, but have remained close.

There’s nothing I would not do for you, you know that, James said.

I nodded my head.

But now you must decide if you trust him or not, and I don’t want you going off the rails or becoming a nun again, until you get the answer, James said sincerely.

I laughed, but started to cry again.

You’re talking like you’re leaving me James, I said a bit worried about what he just said.

No I am not going anywhere but I am your friend, and ex husband not your dad, he said.

I suppose I have always seen you as my dad, haven’t I, I replied.

Yes you have, and I am honoured, but your parents are not far away, you could always go see them. He said hoping I might.

No way, I said pulling my hand away from him.

Dad disowned me years ago, and mum well she followed dad in the end, said I had fucked my life up and it was my own fault.

The twins had only seen their grandparents a handful of times, but James’s other daughter by my sister, was always welcome there.

Plus they favour charlotte over me and always have done.

Give them another chance then Liz, James said.

I sent them a cheque and they returned it James, they want nothing to do with me.

Plus dad would go on about how I picked bad men.

Ok James said, don’t bother with them, but why don’t you get a flight out to Mexico, and go speak to Emilio yourself?

I wouldn’t have a clue where he was I said, looking at the magazine with Emilio and so say Olivia in it, for the hundredth time.

For god’s sake, James said

I shut up.

Something else was bothering James.

James, are you ok, I asked, realising, I needed to think about him, and not me at this moment.

Yeah, he said taking the vodka bottle out of my hand, and having a large drink himself.

No something is up? Please, tell me, I said getting up.

Nothing’s wrong, I came to help you didn’t I, he said angrily.

No something else is wrong, I know I am pain in the arse but I know you from old, tell me what’s wrong, I said really worrying for him now.

It doesn’t matter Liz just leave it, he said taking another swig.

I went up to him, and took the bottle,

What is it James?

He turned away, and started to cry.

I put the bottle down and went to hug him.

James what’s wrong, please tell me.

Crying on my shoulder, then wiping his tears, oh it’s nothing really.

Pulling him a tissue from the box on the table, and giving it to him, I waited for him to sort him self out.

He wiped his nose then told me.

Me, and ruby have been going through a rough patch that’s all.

Oh no I said putting my hand on his shoulder.

I just hoped it would pass that’s all, he said.

Is there anything I can do to help I said, wondering why they were not getting on.

He looked at me then looked away again.

No I will just go see someone about it, James said really trying not to talk about whatever it was that had upset him.

Is it that bad I said, felling so very sad and worried for him.

It will be fine he said, getting agitated.

Are you ill James, I said now grabbing his arm.

No I am not ill Liz, I just can’t get it up any more ok, he said pulling my arm off, and feeling ashamed.

I stood in shock.

I passed James the vodka bottle.

He took it and drank quite a lot.

James you can get help for it you know, I said trying not to upset him more.

Yeah I know but it not nice to admit Liz, he said sitting down again still holding the vodka bottle.

So were both fucked then I said.

Passing me the vodka bottle, he said, note quite in my case.

I smiled, and he laughed.

How long you been like this, I asked.

 Before Christmas, things were not right, then, when you gave us the money I thought, us having a few holidays, might sort it, you know time together, having fun, but no nothing changed, James said now openly.

Taking a big gulp, of vodka, a shiver went down me, and I passed it back to James.

You will have to stay over now you have been drinking I said, getting a bit tipsy.

Yeah I know, he said finishing the bottle off.

You had better ring ruby I said.

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