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Chapter 21 (v.1)

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




The answer phone clicked on, hi leave your name and number and we will get back to you.

Liz, are you there it’s me, look I suppose you have seen the pictures, but if you haven’t gone crazy hear me out, yes that is Olivia in the photos, but she was out here with the opera company, we were only talking, she  came with the others, and wanted to know how I was now.

That’s all, I promise you.

I am now in Acapulco, that’s why I did not get back to you straight away, Michael is with me, and I have found a place, I am sure you will like.

I am going to get the paper work for the place, and fax them to you and Kate.

I think this is the place for us.

I hope you’re not angry with me,

Please email me, to let me know you’re ok.

My face is starting to feel much better.

I am missing you Liz,

Why don’t you get a flight out?

Say yes to the house Liz then, I can come home.


I love you.

Then the phone went dead.


There’s nothing wrong with you James, I said laying on his chest, in mine and Emilio’s bed.

Aye, I suppose not, he said, stroking my arm.

It started to rain outside, and the rain was pelting off the window.

It made me shiver so I cuddled into James.

He pulled me in close to him.

I know I am a pain, but I hope I can be helpful when needed, I said to him.

James laughed.

He reached over to the bottle of whisky by the bed.

He took a swig then passed it to me.

I sat up and took a drink from it.

It tasted vile, but I don’t think many people like the taste, of whisky, they just drink it, because they do.

I gave it back to James.

He took another drink, then, placed it back next to the bed.

Waste not want not he said.

Then took hold of my face and kissed my lips again.

I climbed on top of him and rode him like he was a horse.

I was on the pill, and I know he didn’t have any stdi’s and nor did I, so we were safe.

Whatever problem he thought he had, he didn’t have any more, and  even though he was  getting on for nearly sixty, he still knew how to show a lady a good time.

My house had land, so no close neighbours, to hear me scream.

Poppy was at farm down the road.

I had got friendly, with the local farmer, who also had dogs, and his wife loved poppy and she would have her over to play with her dogs, and they had plenty of space to run about. We would walk the dogs together, and said if I ever went away on holiday or was busy poppy could go and stay.

I called her up and said I may have to go abroad and she straight away offered to have poppy.

I was lucky to know such a kind person, who never asked into my business.

The kids were at boarding school, and Emilio and ruby were not around, so even though we knew what we were doing was wrong, we just enjoyed the moment.

His aging hands on my thighs, holding tight as I moved back and forth over his definitely, erect cock, felt good.

James was always rougher than Emilio, which  I had seemed to of missed, as I was really going for it, as was he.

We were drunk, but in control.

I got up and put a CD on.

James asked what song I was going to play.

Marvin Gaye, let’s get it on, of course.

He laughed out loud.

I got back into bed, and we made out to it.

He fucked me from behind.

And it took me back to when he took my virginity, in that hotel room.

He held tight hold of my breasts, and I held on to his ass.

As he thrust in and out.

He kissed my shoulder,

And I let out a scream.

He fucked me harder.

I put my hands around his head, and started to move up and down in time with him.

God I had missed this.

I didn’t care about Emilio, in that moment.

I had spent every waking minute worrying about him.

I even turned to god, for help.

But it was James who had made me feel good about myself, for the first time in a long time.

I did wonder what was going through his mind.

Did he feel bad, for betraying Ruby?

Or like me didn’t give a fuck about everyone else, and was just enjoying what was happening right now.

If anything we had helped each other out.

He released my anger worry and hurt, and I save him money going to a private doctor, ok he had the money, but this was more fun anyway.

We must of been at it, for hours, in the end we fell asleep in my bed in each other arms.

I woke up about seven am.

I went to get a glass of water as my head was spinning.

I noticed a message on the answer phone.

I pressed play.

After hearing the message, I feel to the floor.

What had I done?

Emilio had rang me, to say nothing happened, and he loved me.

Yet I had got drunk and fucked my ex husband.

I ran to the toilet to be sick.

After I had finished throwing up, I brushed my teeth and got into the shower and scrubbed myself.

Why did I never learn.

I sat crying in the shower.

James came into the bathroom.

He saw me sitting on the floor in the shower, through the steamed up glass.

He opened the door.

Liz what’s wrong, he asked.

I could not stop crying to tell him.

He reached up to turn the shower off.

Then got my towel and put it round me, and helped me out.

He held me for ages.

I said I was sorry, to him about twenty times.

What’s to be sorry for he said?

I was really thinking of Emilio when I was saying it.

When I had calmed down, he walked me into the bedroom.

He dried me off.

He passed me my dressing gown and I put it on.

He dried my hair with the towel.

Then kissed my head.

Now, you going to tell me what are all the tears for.

Emilio left a message on the answer phone.

Oh, James said

I took hold of his hand.

He explained Olivia was there with the opera company, who he met up with.

But they were only chatting; she wanted to know how he was.

James smiled.

I believe him James.

Well that’s good Liz, he said touching my face with his other hand.

But I betrayed him, I said, as another tear fell from my eye.

And I betrayed ruby, James said.

She has always been good to me, he said, looking down.

We have both been bad bastards, I said.

Yep James said.

But I am not going to lie, and say I did not enjoy it, James said, wiping my tears, with his hands.

That made me smile.

And you fixed me Liz, James said pulling me into to hug me.

I did something right for a change then, I said trying to laughing.

Yes and it has made up for all the times you have been a pain in the ass, to me, James said laughing.

We just held each other for a moment without saying anything.

Both, collecting our thoughts.

Then I spoke.

He told me to get a flight out to see a house he likes, I said to James, while he still held me close.

Then what you waiting for, Liz, James said.

I grabbed tight hold of his hand.

Ok we did wrong, he said.

But if only we know, then no one else gets hurt.

Your right I said.

I was in a haze, but it was just a one off between me and James, he would go back to ruby and I would go back to Emilio.

No one would know, so no one would get hurt.

We agreed we would keep it to ourselves, and it really was just a one off.

When I was dressed, and James had had  a shower, I made us some breakfast.

We spoke like we always did.

Like, we didn’t even have a night of passion.

I emailed Emilio, and told him I would book a flight and come out and meet him.

He was still awake.

So we got on the web cam to each other.

James kept out of site.

Emilio was so excited to hear from me.

He said he was worried, I would of got the wrong end of the stick.

His face looked good, the surgeon had done well.

I really believed him, that he had been faithful, to me, but I could not say the same.

I tried not to think about what me and James did, and just be happy Emilio had been true.

We spoke for a bit then he said he was going to get some sleep, and he couldn’t wait to see me.

I touched the screen and he touched his, like we were touching each other, I know how sad and sloppy.

Then he blew me a kiss, and said goodbye.

I clicked off the chat.

And put my head in my hands.

I started to cry, but these were tears of joy.

James came back into the room.

He had heard all we said.

He came over and put his hands on my shoulders.

You better get packing, he said.

I looked over my shoulder.

I need to book a flight yet, I said, giving James a sort of smile.

Well then he said taking hold of the mouse, and clicking on the internet explorer, icon at the bottom of the screen, let get looking and get you out to Mexico.

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