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Chapter 25 (v.1)

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013





The twins came into the room, and looked at me lying there.

They thought I was just sleeping.

Emilio hugged Samantha.

She was well this morning dad, how could she get so ill so quick

She has been ill a while, but no one knew, Emilio said to Samantha, as he held on to her tight.

James came in with Joseph.

Joseph was crying, and ran to his sister.

Samantha and Joseph hugged each other.

Ruby came and held James’s hand.

Nicole came in next with Gilb.

Nicole was crying again, and Gilb comforted her.

Gilb put his hand on Emilio’s shoulder.

Emilio turned to him and smiled, as if to thank him for his support.

Ruby offered to make people teas and coffees, and left James in the bedroom.

The twins followed her out.

Then my parents came in.

My mum and dad stood looking at me.

 Mum came over and kissed my face.

But dad just stood looking at me.

He knew I was gone.

 Emilio went over to the patio doors, and looked out.

James joined him.

They said nothing but stared out to the sea.

 Mum looked at dad who had a single tear, coming from his eye, and shook his head.

She knew, he knew, I was gone.

Nicole saw my mum’s face, and knew I had gone, and began to cry.

Gilb hugged her tight.

Mum took hold of my hand and started to get hysterical.

Emilio and James turned around.

They looked at Nicole and Gilb.

And then at my dad, who had turned away with his head in his hands.

Emilio walked over to the bed.

Why are you all crying, he said?

Mum got up and ran out of the room.

Dad stepped forward, and took hold of Emilio, as James looked on behind him.

Courage son, courage.

Emilio knew what he was trying to say.

He turned around and climbed onto the bed next to me.

He touched my face.

And, cried Liz.

He shook me, but I was gone.

With tears falling like rain from his eyes he called my name again.


No he screamed.

You can’t leave me yet.

James got hold of him and tried to pull him off of me.

No, Liz you can’t be gone, Gilb helped James.

Liz, Emilio screamed, you said you had more time.

James and Gilb got Emilio off the bed and held him back.

Samantha and Joseph ran in.

Samantha looked over at me, then her dad, who was crying his eyes out, but being held up by James and Gilb, who were also crying.

Dad, she said.

He looked at her with tears rolling down his face, and shook his head.

No, she screamed, and ran to her dad.

Gilb and James let go of him.

Samantha and Emilio hugged each other, and cried their hearts out.

Joseph ran to James and they too cried together.

There was a knock at the door and ruby went to get it.

The paramedics were here, but it was too late.

Ruby showed them into the bedroom.

Everyone was stood round crying.

Kate and Emilio’s sister arrived, and came in to hear the news.

Mum and dad were in the lounge.

Dad was trying to comfort mum.

Harvey came into the bedroom, to see what was going on.

He saw his mum and dad crying and holding each other.

He went over to them, and hugged them.

The paramedics, checked for signs of life, but there was nothing they could do.

One of the paramedics radioed for the police to come.

Emilio told Samantha to go out of the bedroom now, as there were things the paramedics had to do.

James told Joseph to do the same, and Nicole and Gilb took Harvey out as well.

Emilio and James came over to the bed.

The paramedics asked in Spanish what had happened.

Emilio explained, I had had stage four cancer, but known of us knew I would be gone that quick.

Emilio picked up mu handbag and took out all my pills.

The paramedics looked at them, and knew, he was telling the truth.

The police would still have to come and investigate my death.


 In the lounge everyone was either sat or stood around crying.

Ruby was trying to comfort Joseph, Sam was being comforted by Emilio’s sister.

Kate sat with mum and dad and Gilb, Nicole and Harvey, were in bits.

Michael and his wife turned up, and were told about my death. Michael said he would go back and tell the others at the restaurant.

Emilio and James stayed with my body the whole time.

The police came and took statements.

Then after a few hours my body could be removed from the villa.

I was still in my wedding dress, and everyone else was still in their wedding clothes.

But Emilio did not want my body to go.

He asked if I could stay a bit longer, but the police and paramedics said because it was so hot it was not a good idea.

He held onto me like I was sleeping.

Kissing my head, and hands.

James in the end told him it was time.

But I will never see her again James, Emilio said, holding onto my lifeless body, crying.

I know James said, also crying and trying to give Emilio support.

Emilio knew I had to be taken away, so he spoke to me one last time.

He held my body like I was a sleep in his arms.

Liz, my beautiful Liz, you went before you should have.

 He stroked my face, and hair.

You carried this pain alone,

But I knew,

I knew my love,

James turned away, crying his eyes out.

Emilio took hold of my lifeless hand.

I am so glad you were still here, to marry me again.

If we had not renewed our vows, I am telling you now I would not be long behind you.

James turned around.

But you asked me to look after Samantha, and keep on singing.

And I will, for you my love.

But I will never stop thinking about you,

Every song I sing, and every time I look at Sam, I will see you.

My love, my world, my soul mate.

Emilio kissed my lips one last time.

The paramedics looked at each other.

Emilio turned to James, and asked him to help him take my wedding dress off.

They both undressed me, and then put my night dress on me.

Both crying their eyes out.

The paramedics went to get their trolley and a body bag.

Emilio took hold of my hand.

He looked at my wedding rings.

He then asked the police man if he could take these now.

The police man said yes.

He removed the rings he had give me, and put them in his trouser pocket.

The paramedics came back in.

They laid, the body bag net to my body on the bed, and went to put me in it.

But Emilio said no he would do it.

James said he would help him.

Carefully and gently, both Emilio and James took hold of me and placed me on the bag.

James came round to kiss me on the check.

He also spoke to me.

My little Liz, how I have watched you grow.

I will always remember our good times together, sweet heart.

And that you gave me a son.

Who I will look at, and see you.

Sweet dreams, and see you again someday.

He kissed me on the head and walked out of the bedroom, crying.

Emilio wiped his face.

He came round and kissed me head.

Good bye my love, he said

Then he zipped up the body bag.

And cried out Liz again.

The paramedics picked my body up and put it on the trolley and I was taken out of the villa.

Emilio followed, and then so did everyone else.

The neighbourhood had come out to see what had happened, also.

Emilio ran towards the trolley with my body on,  and told the paramedics to be gentle with me.

They said they would.

Everyone watched as the ambulance drove off.

Emilio stood in the middle of the road till the ambulance was out of sight.

Then feel to his knees and cried.

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