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Chapter 26 (v.1)

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013




Two months, later back in the UK......


It was a dry day.

But it would not be an easy day.

People had gathered at our home.

It was the day of my funeral.

Emilio just stood looking out of the window.

Samantha and Joseph sat next to each other, staring into space.

Ruby and Nicole were handing out teas and coffees to people who had come.

While James and Gilb stood around not knowing what to say.

My sister was there with my parents, and her and James daughter abbey.

Terry had turned up with Gary.

Bev had come, and my old school friends.

 Most of Emilio opera colleges came to show their respect.

Emilio’s four sons and ex wife were also there.

Emilio had arranged everything.

He kept himself busy as he was dreading this day.


The sound of horses hooves trotting, got every ones attention

The hearse had arrived. And poppy was with it.

 Along with the other funeral cars, two pipers and two drummers

Emilio had been looking out of the window, waiting for it.

Everyone knew it was time.

The funeral director jumped down from the carriage.

Four black horses had pulled my body home, for the last time.

Emilio had flown my body over from Mexico.

 He wanted to be near me over here.

The funeral director, opened the back of the carriage, so all the flowers and wreaths, that were outside the house could be put in.

Everyone started to gather outside.

Nicole went and spoke with the house keeper and the staff who had been hired in for  the wake, afterwards.

Then she asked Emilio if he was ready.

Emilio just stood looking at the hearse, holding my wedding rings.

Samantha and James came over to him.

Its time, James said.

Samantha took hold of her dads and hand, and they walked out of the house, towards the carriage.

The horses, stood still, and poppy sat next to them.

Seeing poppy with the horses, Emilio started to cry.

The flowers and the wreaths were now in the carriage, with my coffin.

The funeral director came over to the Emilio, and asked if he was ready to go.

He said he just wanted a minute to look at my coffin.

Samantha walked over with him and he touched the glass, of the carriage.

Inside there were flowers and wreaths, galore.

There were,  mum,  wife,  daughter,  sister, and  friend wreaths.

And flowers of many colours.

And at sitting on the coffin was a photo of me and Emilio.

Have a safe journey my love, Emilio said.

He walked back around to the front of the carriage with Samantha.

James and Joseph, followed behind them, The piper’s and drummers, got ready.

Everyone else got into their cars.

Emilio took a deep breath in, and started to walk.

They would walk me to the end of the drive of our house, on to the road.

The pipers and drummers started to play amazing grace.

They followed behind, the carriage.

 Then the cars followed behind them.

It was a slow steady speed, as everyone followed behind Emilio.

As we lived in a rural area, the police were there to stop the traffic and let us pass.

People got out of their cars to see my carriage, and hear the pipers and drummers play for me.

There must of been about twenty cars, following behind the hearse.

But people who had been made to stop did not complain.

When the pipes and drums has finished Emilio stopped walking.

James, Joseph and Samantha, stopped as well.

Emilio looked up to the funeral director, and the carriage driver.

And, bowed his head.

That was the sign he would now get into the funeral car.

Samantha, James and Joseph followed him.

The pipers and drummers, had served their purpose, and stood to the side to let the precision pass.

 And then the carriage moved on to the church.


The carriage came to stop at a Christian church not too far from our home.

The cars followed in behind.

Emilio and James rushed to get out of the car.

Then Gilb and terry came over to them, along with dad and Joseph.

They would all carry me into the church.

Samantha went and stood with mum, ruby and Nicole, and Kate.

When it was time the men lifted my coffin, and slowly carried me into the church,

Seeing I had turned to god, and the mother Mary, Emilio thought it right I had some sort of religious burial.

Walking into the church, James Blunt’s, goodbye my lover was playing.

Everyone followed in behind.

The men placed my coffin at the altar.

The vicar was waiting.

It was a woman.

And she had known me.

It was Antoinette.

The would be nun, I had made friends with in Romania.

She had come home and joined the Christian church and became a vicar.

When everyone went to sit down, she approached my coffin and laid my cross on it.

The one I wore all the time I was sister, with her.

She had kept it all this time, since the day I left Romania, to get back to Emilio.

She had met with Emilio before the funeral, and it came out she knew me and told him about my cross, and asked him if she could give it me back on the day, and he agreed.

When the music had finished, she began to tell people about me.

And how I helped those people in Romania, but in the end I missed my family too much, and that god would of recognised that their love had to come before him

She spoke of my love for Emilio, and my children and my friends and extended family.

She said how I liked a drink and maybe a bit too much at times, but could relate as she too had been an addict.

She spoke of my depression, but how I was never down for long and, how my love for Emilio kept me going, even in my darkest times.

But she told everyone that even though I was not here in body, my spirit would always be around them, and that they should take comfort in that.

When she had finished Emilio got up to speak.

He came over and kissed his hand and touched my coffin, then rubbed his hand along it.

My beautiful Liz is not here anymore he said, giving, the gesture of all around him.

He paused, trying to hold back tears.

But she will always be here.

He said placing his hand on his heart.

He touched the coffin again.

It will be hard to carry on without you Liz, but I will do my best, until, we meet again.

He looked the photo of us which was sat on top of the coffin.

See you again one day my love, he said looking at it.

Then he went and sat back down.

The church was silent.

Antoinette, read out the Lord ’s Prayer.

Then the song my heart will go on by Celine Dion, began to play.

Then, she looked at Emilio and the rest of the pall bearers to come and carry the coffin back out of the church.

Emilio stood up then James and Gilb, and then terry and Joseph and my dad.

As before they lifted me up and slowly walked back down the aisle, behind Antoinette.

I was being buried in the grounds of the church.

The music was still playing as my coffin was carried out of church.

Everyone else followed behind.

The music was turned up, and Antoinette, walked over to my plot.

The grave diggers took off their hats, to show their respect.

When the song had finished, my coffin was rested above the hole, it would be lowered into the ground on two strong straps it was sitting on.

With everyone gathered around my coffin, Antoinette, said we now deliver our sister Liz to the ground, earth to earth ashes to ashes dust to dust.

 The grave diggers lowered my coffin slowly as Antoinette threw in some dirt,

Run wild by Barbra Streisand started to play and a bucket of blue roses was passed round for everyone to take one and throw it into the grave.

I wasn’t much of a singer, but when I did sing I would try and sing Barbra Streisand songs, and this one I would sing to Emilio, and if we had parties, I would always sing this.

Emilio began to cry again.

And James and Samantha and Joseph came over to comfort him.

Together they threw their roses into the grave.

No one can hold you now for you are an island, they sang, as the music played loud for all all to hear.

Then everyone hugged each other.

While everyone one else walked away from the grave, Emilio said he wanted to stay.

He told James to tell the others to go on back to the house.

James said ok, and walked away with the others.

Emilio bent down by the grave.

He took out my wedding rings and kissed them.

Looking into the grave, he just kept saying my name,




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