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Chapter 27 (v.1) - EPILOGUE

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013






 Liz wake up will you.

Caroline was shaking me,

Liz, are you ok?

What I said.

That’s a big bump you have on your head Bev, said coming to help me.

Not really knowing where I was or what was going on, I felt someone pull me up.

Get her on this chair jenny said.

I was helped on to the chair.

I looked around to see who had helped me.

I recognised him.

Too much of the black stuff, he said with a, Scottish accent, bending down to check on me.

I was still not sure of what had happened to me.

Bev came over with some ice in a tea towel.

Now will one of you hold this on her head, she said.

Caroline took hold of it and placed it on my head.

Ouch I said.

Now Liz do you know what day it is, and who the prime minister is, jenny said try to play the doctor.

All confused, I knocked the icepack off my head and stood up.

 Bloody hell Liz, Caroline said.

I’m not dead then I said looking around.

 The whole club was looking at me.

Bev came rushing over to clean up the mess.

She’s gone mad jenny said.

No love, Bev said bending down to pick up the ice cubes, you tripped over, and banged your head.

I looked at my hands.

They were young looking.

And I had no wedding rings on.

I turned round to the man who had helped me up.

He was now standing back at the bar.

He smiled.

I smiled back.

Then, ran to the toilets.

Caroline and jenny followed after me.

Looking in the mirror, my head had a big bump on it.

But looking back, was a seventeen year old me.

I turned to jenny, the year is nineteen ninety seven, and tony Blair is prime minister.

Ok you’re not mad then, she said to me.

Caroline said, I think it’s better if you went home.

Yes, you are right, I turned to her, all excited.

No, I think she is mad, Caroline said to jenny.

My head will heal I said blowing a kiss to myself in the mirror.

She’s not well jenny said.

I walked back out to the bar.

Bev was now back behind it, chatting away to the man who helped me up.

Jenny and Caroline rushed out behind me.

The song, blue savannah, started to play.

Who keeps playing that song Bev shouted out?

That must be the fifth time tonight; she said drying a pint glass.

I started to dance.

Caroline and jenny just stood and watched me.

Then I started to sing along with the song.

Right let’s get her home, Caroline said to jenny.

You take it easy now Liz, Bev said.

No way I replied, I have plans

I went up to the man who helped me.

Thanks for all you have done for me James.

He looked shocked I knew his name.

Bev stopped to see what I was doing.

I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He said, that’s ok sweet heart, you just watch yourself now.

I said I would, and winked at him.

Caroline and jenny got hold of me and pulled me away.

James you’re a great lover, I shouted as I was dragged out of the club,

Everyone was looking at me, but I did not care.

James turned to Bev and laughed, then shook his head.

Bev shrugged her shoulders, then, smiled.

 With Caroline and jenny holding on to me, I skipped down the road, shouting out my plans for the future.

For my eighteenth birthday I have decided I want to go to Majorca, oh and we need to go to London, I hear it’s a wonderful place, oh and Mexico, Scotland and Malta, oh and I need to buy a lottery ticket, I am feeling lucky.

Ok Liz whatever you say,

Caroline said, shaking her head at jenny.


I just found out I had a second chance at life.

Not many people can say, they have had that.

And this time I would live my life right.


The end.

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