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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013




Nothing was said by either for a few minutes. Emilio stood with his arms crossed, while James stood, but was leaning against the dining table.  Joseph looked at them both wondering what was going on.

In recent months James and Emilio had not got on. They had even got into an argument, over the alleged affair. James stuck up for me of course, but Emilio had pointed out how James had been bad to me. Which James could not disagree with. James said he knew he had wronged me, but why could Emilio not admit he had hurt me too, why didn’t he just come out and said he had an affair, instead  saying it was being blown out of context. Maybe then me, and Emilio could work out our differences. But Emilio was adamant he did nothing wrong, and it was me, making it worse for both of us. James knew Emilio was also angry with me, because of his voice problems.  And that was part of the problem, why me and Emilio had not made up.  

Ruby came into the dining room with two coffees. She could sense the atmosphere was tense so called over to Joseph to see if he wanted to come with her while the men talked. Joseph looked at his father who smiled and nodded his head. Then he looked over to Emilio,  who was now holding his cup of coffee, Emilio gave him a smile and winked his eye. Joseph got up from the table and looked at both of them again then followed Ruby out of the dining room.

When Joseph had left the room, James took a sip of his coffee.  So what have you come here for then,  James asked Emilio.

Emilio could not make eye contact with James, he looked down at his coffee and around the dining room, but was finding it hard to speak.

Has your voice gone again, James said to him in an angry tone. 

Emilio then made eye contact with James.

No, it has not gone, Emilio replied angrily.

James smiled and took another sip of his coffee.

Look, I am here because I don’t think I can cope any more. Emilio said putting his coffee cup down, on to the table, then putting his hands to head.

James just stood and listened.

This has gone on too long. Emilio said pulling out a chair from the table, and sitting down on it.

If me, and Liz cannot move on, then I think we should part. Emilio said, with a twisted face.

James finished his coffee, and put his cup down on the table.

Emilio looked at James for approval.

Why are you telling me this, James replied.

Because she talks to you, Emilio said looking away again.

But she is your wife, you should be telling this to her, James replied, almost shouting at him.

Ruby stuck her head around the door. Everything ok in here?, she asked

James looked up and said yes,

Ruby held on to see if Emilio would reply

Emilio turned around to speak.

Yes, he replied and added how lovely the coffee was.

Ruby smiled at him then looked at James.

James smiled at her, then she closed the door.

Emilio got up off his chair and went over to the patio doors, and looked out onto the garden.

James sat down again, and shut his lap top down.

I am not going to go over old ground again with you Emilio, James  said, but everyone who knows and care for you both, can see something needs to give.

Emilio turned to James to hear what he had to say.

James carried on

If you think you have a future with Liz, you need to admit what you did, and stop blaming her for your voice going.

This made Emilio’s blood boil.  He was about to say something, when Joseph came rushing in with news, that Samantha had text him to say she and I had gone out today and that I was feeling a lot better.

Emilio looked at James, then looked at Joseph.

Joseph came up to Emilio, whom he called papa, and said, so this mean things will get back to normal again, we can all be a big happy family again.

Emilio looked again at James, then turned back to Joseph, he bent down to his eye level and smiled.

Let’s hope so eh Joey, he said trying to hold back tears.

Joseph reached out and hugged him.

Emilio looked at James again.

James gave a slight smile.

Then Emilio got up kissed Joseph on the head, and ruffled his hair.

Joseph went over to James, and hugged him

Emilio looked at them both with red eyes.

Ruby came back into the room again.

Emilio turned to her and once again thanked her for the coffee, and then asked for his coat and scarf as he was leaving.

Ruby said ok, and went to fetch his belongings, Emilio turned to looked at both James and Joseph again, smiled, then left the room.

Dad, Joseph said to James, will things be ok now.

James hugged his son again, let’s hope so son, let’s hope so.

But James felt things would not just fall into place and this would be dragged out a bit longer

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