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Chapter 40 (v.1)

Submitted: June 23, 2014

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Submitted: June 23, 2014



Chapter 40

Very nice said Amanda admiring Marie's engagement ring.

Marie smiled and removed her hand, from Amanda's grip.

Must of cost a bit Amanda said trying to get Marie's back up.

If he had proposed with a coke ring pull I would have excepted just the same Marie told Amanda, in case she thought she was only with Alex for the money.

Look I am genuinely happy for you, well you both of course, said Amanda folding her arms.

Alex and his lawyer were sat at the dining table discussing his finances, how Marie could go about divorcing Craig, and  how he would go about taking the press to court for slander.

The best bet is to not announce your and Marie's engagement till the divorce comes in, his lawyer told Alex.

I want to marry her the day after her divorce comes in Alex told him.

His lawyer rolled his eyes.

What am I paying you for Tom Alex shouted.

It does not work like that Alex, Tom told him.

Alex Listened while Tom explaned, it could take up to six weeks after the divorce  for the decree absolute to come in then they could marry.

Ok said Alex, but you can get all that sorted for me right.

Yes thats what you are paying for, remember, said Tom.

Marie and Amanda in the lounge, looked over to see what the fuss was about.

Alex went red.

Look I’m sorry Tom its just why do things have to be so difficult, all I want is a life with Marie, without the press sticking their noses in, Alex said putting his hand to his forehead.

I understand Alex, maybe you should get away for a bit, while I sort it all, his lawyer told him.

won’t the press try and follow us, asked Alex?

You could go in disguise, maybe dye your hair.

Hmm good idea, said Alex.

With that he got up from the dining table and went over to Marie and Amanda in the lounge.

Right Amanda I want you to sort out a weeks holiday for me Marie and the girls, oh and can you also get me some hair dye as well please.

Amanda looked at Marie shocked.

Marie just shrugged her shoulders.


So how did Mrs Davies come to tell you about her friendship with Mr Ricker, the protection officer asked Natalie.

Natalie told her about the incident at the school with her daughter and Marie's daughter, and how Marie asked asked her the week before if she was available to go to a party with her but Natalie had other commitments.

So you were pretty friendly up until that point the protection officer questioned Natalie.

Well our daughter drifted apart when they started  secondary school and so did we, Natalie  told her having nothing to hide.

So that day when your daughter was told off in school and Marie lied about being in the magazine must have made you very angry, the protection officer asked her seeing if Natalie might drop a hint it was her who went to the press.

We had words after and that was that, Natalie told the officer.

And you have had no contact since, the protection officer asked.

No and I told her that day I would not say anything to anyone, but looks like its all come out now anyway, her husband must be gutted, Natalie said to the officer.

Were you very friendly with Mr Davies the officer asked wondering if they both could have got together to expose Marie and Alex.

No hardly saw the man the whole time me and Marie were friends, she told me he had a temper and wondered why they were still together, it was just an existence I think were her words, and for the sake of the girls I think, Natalie told the officer.

And Mr Ricker did you, or do you know much about him, the officer asked

Marie use to post up about him on her friendly book page,  can’t see the attraction to be honest, though if they are or were really friends, then lucky her, would’t we all like a celebrity friend, and seeing she did not have much of a life with Craig, and to be honest I am gutted I never went to that party with her now.

The officer wondered if Natalie was, or had been jealous of the fact Marie was friends with him.

Well thank you for your time Mrs hanton the officer told her as she got up to leave, Natalie's house.

If Marie is with Alex ricker then good luck to her I say, but I never told anyone and especially not the press, Natalie told the officer just before she left.

The protection officer smiled at Natalie,  and wished her goodbye at the front door.

5 minutes after the protection officer left her daughter Zoe returned home from school.

Hi mum said Zoe coming into the kitchen to see her mother who had gone to make a start on dinner.

Hi love how was school, Natalie asked her daughter.

Well, first Vicky was escorted into school by a security guard and then the police were called in as people from the press were hanging around outside the school.

Really love Natalie said pretending to act shocked as she awitched the oven on.

Yeah, word is her mum ran off with an old film star, so say its in the papers and everything,  said Zoe getting her home work from her school bag.

Well don’t believe all you read in the papers love, Natalie said stood watching her daughter, make a start on her homework.


Look love you don’t have to worry about school for a while as we are all going away for a holiday Marie said hugging Vicky who was upset after having a bad day at school.

Mum I was really scared, and people said some nasty things about you, Vicky said whipping her eyes.

Its OK love Alex will get it sorted.

Alex and Amanda had been looking up holidays on line for the past hour, while his lawyer had not been off of Alex’s phone, ringing up the paper involved  with the article, and his office back in London.

You all have fully up todate passports don’t you Amanda shouted over to Marie.

Yes replied Marie turning to face Amanda but still hugging Vicky.

 Well I will need some new clothes said Liz coming down the stairs joining in on the conversation.

Liz don’t be so rude Marie snapped at her.

Right that's all I can do for today, Alex’s lawyer said coming in from the dining room.

Alex turned around and got up to speak with him.

Alex when I get word fro the police officer we will know more about who spoke to the press as the paper is not budging at the moment, his lawyer told him.

OK said Alex as he stood with his hands in his pockets,

And as for the divorce, we need to wait until Mr Davies has been to court, and is either charged or let off his lawyer went onto say.

Alex looked at Marie.

She was still hugging Vicky who had not been paying attention thankfully to what Alex’s lawyer had been saying.

The sooner the better said Liz as she went to sit on the sofa and watch some TV.

Marie turned and gave her older daughter a look of anger.

Liz just shrugged her  shoulders.

Let me see you out Alex told his lawyer.

Nice to meet you Marie his lawyer said to her holding out his hand for her to shake it.

Marie let go of Vicky and shook his hand.

And you tom, Marie said smiling.

See you soon  he shouted out to Amanda.

Yeah cheerio tom Amanda shouted out whilst sorting out a holiday for Alex on the web.

Any more trouble ring me, his lawyer told Alex at the door.

Is there anything you can do about my nagging sister Alex joked with his lawyer?

Sorry Alex I can’t do miracles he replied laughing with Alex.

The two men shook hands, and then tom went over to his car, watched by the security Alex had hired, and he was quickly away back to London.

Back inside Vicky was now more calm and sat down with her sister to watch TV

 Alex went over to Marie and hugged her.

You OK he asked her.

I was gonna ask you the same question, she said looking up into his eyes.

Now listen up Amanda announced its all sorted, tomorrow night you fly from Heathrow, to wait for it Amanda said getting all excited.....

To Orlando Florida

Vicky jumped of the sofa in excitement.

We are going to Disney land oh my god, she screamed.

Liz never said anything but inside she was excited as Vicky, even if she was 16.

Marie smiled as she held on to Alex.

Alex kissed her head.

Well my work here is done then Amanda said getting up from the PC.

Not quite Alex butted in.

Huh? went Amanda puzzled by his words.

Even Marie wondered what Alex outburst was in aide of.

You still need to get me some hair dye Alex said smiling.

you bloody old fool Amanda said starting to laugh.

Marie also started laughing.

You don’t ask too much from me now do you Alex, Amanda said picking up her handbag  and reaching in it to get her car keys, but still laughing.

I’ll go with you Liz said getting up off the sofa.

Amanda looked at Marie.

She smiled back at Amanda.

Come on then but we have to keep a low profile mind, Amanda told Liz.

Low profile is my middle name said Liz grabbing her jacket off the coat hanger  by the front door.

I won’t be long Amanda told Alex and Marie and I will look after her, reassuring them both.

Alex and Marie were still holding onto each other, as they watched Amanda and Liz leave the house.

Vicky was back sat down on the sofa watching TV.

So Alex and Marie went into the kitchen, and had a bit of a kiss and cuddle before Amanda and Liz got back.

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