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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013




I woke to him holding me.

It must of been gone 10.

Shit I thought I am off to see Gilb and Dave today, I need to get cracking.

I rolled over and James woke up.

Morning he said, half asleep but smiling.

Morning I said, not wanting to get out of bed, but knowing I had to or I might miss my window of opportunity.

Did you sleep well he asked.

Not really I said trying to be cleaver.

Oh he said looking a bit be wildered.

No, I had this man making love to me all night.

James stretched, and laughed.

You were ok about all that right he said, thinking after, shit what if it was the wrong thing to do.

Yes I said getting out of bed, and grabbing my clothes.

I am off for a bath I told him.

And, went to run a bath.

What was I to do now? I thought while I washed my hair.

I hope James did not think I was his forever, as that was not going to happen, or was it, maybe I do live happily ever after with him and I never even meet Emilio.

But, its Emilio who I really want and need.

I felt like just getting on a plane and going straight to Majorca now.


When I got out of the bath I could hear James talking to someone.

I got dressed, and went down stairs.

Whoever it was also had a Scottish voice, and it was a man.

Taking a deep breath, I walked into the kitchen.

Standing chatting to James, holding a cup of coffee, was terry.

Well, well, well, I thought.

I made you a tea James said, looking me up and down.

Thanks I said.

This is a family friend terry Lambert, James said introducing him to me.

I shook his hand and gave him a smile.

I am just going outside for a ciggy I told James.

Terry said, I was just going to have one, I will join you.

Right while you smokers are fagging it, I am off for a shower, James said laughing.

We both went out into the garden.

So you’re not from round these parts then, terry said as his lit his cigarette.

No I’m from down south I replied, as I also lit my cigarette.

Am up here for a holiday I carried on.

Well at least it’s warm for you terry said.

Yeah it’s been ok, I replied.

Then voice spoke.

You’re going to Hollywood and will become quite a famous actor.

Terry laughed.

How did you know I was even actor?

God damn you voice putting me on the spot.

Er, James told me about the movie you are doing now.

Terry smiled, then, said thanks for the vote of confidence.

I took about 5 drags on my cigarette.

So what you planning to do while you’re up here then, terry said changing the subject.

Few, I thought let’s talk about something else, quick.

Going to see a few shows at the fringe I told him.

Cool he said, I am off to one today.

I told him who me, and James were, going to see and terry said he was going to the same one.

Wow it’s a small world I told him.

We could all go together he said.

Ok cool I replied.

But I am starving so I think we should all go eat before hand, as have not seen James in a while, and would like to catch up with him, terry said.

Sounds good to me I said.

We finished our cigarettes and went back in.

James was finished, in the shower, and came back down stairs.

James, terry is going to the same show at the fringe as us, I said as he came into the kitchen.

Oh yeah were going there today, James said not really bothered about going.

Yes I thought we could all go eat before hand, have a catch up like, terry said.

Yeah sounds good mate, James replied.

I went and got my make up on and brushed my hair while they chatted on.

When I was ready James said he had ordered us all a taxi so we could have a drink in town.

The show was at 3PM, but we could have meal and drink then go to the show.


It was another nice day so we sat outside.

Terry and James chatted about old times.

I listened in, and watched what was going on all around us.

Edinburgh was busier than ever.

Terry told James he would have to come to his film premier in a few weeks time.

James looked at me, and asked if was going as well?

I told him I would be back home then.

Stay on a bit longer he said.

I thought about.

I was not due back to sixth form for another 5 weeks.

But I promised myself I would study hard, and not fuck up.

And I would be 18 soon and wanted to spend it with my friends and family.

I told them I would go home then come up the day before, the premier.

James looked a bit disappointed.

I have lots of studying to do, and I need to find a job, I told them.

I will look after you James said with a serious face.

Oh god I thought.

Terry said nothing.

I had to be strong

Thanks all the same but I need to do this, I said frightened to death.

James said ok then.

None of us spoke for what seemed like ages.

Then terry asked what I was studying for.

Let’s just say, a while back, I had no interest, in anything, then I had a life changing experience, I saw the future.

James laughed and sipped his pint.

I carried on.

Then I decided I needed to buck my ideas up and do more, and this is what I am doing.

Oh and I am staying on at sixth form to learn Spanish and music.

Sixth form terry said spitting his drink out, then looking at James.

James smiled, awkwardly.

I knew what terry, was wanting to ask, so I told him.

I am 18 in 2 weeks time, just before your film premier to be exact.

God I thought you were older, terry said wiping beer from his face.

Years of smoking has aged me I said, trying to make a joke of it but knowing James was not happy about it all.

Terry now wanted to know what me, and James were, lovers, friends, or something else.

James was my knight in shining armour, and helped me when I had my life changing experience I told him.

Oh right terry said, not really understanding my answer.

James was well annoyed.

I need another drink James said getting up, to get one, does anyone else want one.

I said no thanks, and he gave me a dirty look.

Terry said he would help him get the drinks in.

When they left, I lit a cigarette, and went shit to myself, over and over.

But behind me I heard a welsh accent.

You still coming to see us then?

I turned around it was Gilb.

Oh hi, I said.

Yes were just having a few drinks here and will be over in a bit, I said, glad to see a familiar, happy face.

Ah good, Gilb said, the nerves are starting to kick in he said, with a nervous laugh.

You and Dave will do, well, and mark my words before the fringe is over you will have a show of your own, I said with confidence.

I hope so replied Gilb.

Just then James and terry came back out and sat down.

James, terry this is my friend Gilb, who we will be going to watch in a bit.

Alright pal, terry said

Hello, James said, nodding as he said down.

Wait I know both of you, Gilb said all excited.

I looked at James and terry.

You’re the singer from the group vexed right, Gilb said to James.

Looking around in case others heard, James put on a false smile, and said yes.

I loved your song Verona, Gilb said all excited.

James smiled and said thanks as he sipped his beer.

And you, I have seen you on the telly, he said to terry.

Yes I have been in a few things terry replied trying to look good.

Ah great Gilb said.

Dave was shouting to Gilb, from somewhere down the street.

Well I must go get ready for the show Gilb said.

See you all in a bit then.

Bye Gilb and good luck, I said.

Bye then, he said and ran off.

I turned back to James and terry.

So is that the warm up act terry said.

Yes him and Dave are so funny and are going to be very big in the future, I said realising I was saying too much.

Terry shook his head, and laughed.

What like me in Hollywood, he said laughing.

I felt a bit hurt by his comment.

And James could see it.

I need the toilet I said getting up and to be honest felling like just running from there.

She’s a bit young for you James terry said, lighting a cigarette.

Were just friends ok terry, James snapped back.

Ok pal, terry said blowing out smoke.

I think you hurt her feelings, James told him.

What do you mean?  Terry asked shocked.

That girl has seen the future, I am not joking you and she’s not trying to con me, James said very adamant.

Ok pal I believe you, terry said

They both took big gulps off their pints.

Then James asked terry if I had said anything to him but like I was out of character.

What do you mean? Terry asked.

Like she has said something to you, but after she looks shocked she has said it, James replied.

Aye, terry said.

When we were out having a smoke she turned to me like a robot, and said I would move to Hollywood and become famous, then she looked drained, terry said remembering back.

Aye that’s it, James said.

She sort of comes possessed, and tells you your future, he carried on.

Terry was very interested, in what James was saying.

She claims to of lived years in the future, like a dream, and though things in this life, may not be exact, as the so called life she lived, they all relate to it, James said being serious.

Terry asked if he was in the dream type thing.

I think you me and that chap just know are in this future life dream of hers, James said looking out for me to come back.

But do you really believe it all James? Terry said taking a drag on his cigarette.

Aye I do, well, what she has told me so far is true, and it’s only stuff I knew and no one else, James replied.

Are you sure she’s not just a nutty stalker after your money, terry said laughing.

God no man, James said trying not to laugh.

She did not have a clue who I was, till that day she tripped and fell and knocked herself out, all I did was help her up, James said taking a big gulp of his pint.

So do you like her or what then terry asked being nosey.

She’s a nice girl, with a lot to tell me and I want to know what, he said to terry.

Well good luck to you I say, terry said stubbing his cigarette out in the ash tray.

I came back from the toilets, and sat back down with them both.

I was still hurt by what terry had said.

Look Liz, I am sorry if I may of offended you terry said.

You never offended me, I said lying.

James has told me about your dream thing, terry said, wondering if he had upset me again.

I looked at James.

Well I am not after any ones money, or I am not a con woman, if that’s what you’re thinking, I said to terry quiet angrily

No, no I never thought, that terry said.

What I say is, what I have seen, I told him.

I could feel the voice in me wanting to shout out I also know your gay to terry but I somehow kept that in.

Look terry you will be a star, and I also know something else about you, but I will keep that to myself for now as if the whole of Edinburgh heard what I have to say, you might not be very happy with me.

James gave me a puzzled look.

The voice was trying so hard to speak but I kept in under control for the first time ever.

Terry went a bit red.

I think he knew what I was on about.

Let’s just say I know who Gary is.

He drank his pint up fast.

James looked at me as if to say what do you know.

But I would never tell him here.

Right should we get on down to this show then, terry said getting up wanting to be out of their fast.

James said ok and drank his pint fast as well.

I got up and followed them.

Terry gave me a look as if to say don’t say a word.

And I wouldn’t as long as he took me seriously.

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