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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013




None of us could stop laughing.

Gilb and Dave were hilarious.

Even though they were only meant to be on, to warm up the show, they were asked to go on a bit longer.

The main comic was not too happy.

And in the end he was booed off, and Gilb and Dave came back on.

I told you so I said to myself, clapping at them both.

At the end Gilb looked over for me, raised his pint and winked at me.

James and terry and looked over at me.

When we got outside after the show, terry suggested  we go for a drink.

James said ok, lest make a night of it.

Yeah ok I said.

Then Gilb came running up to me, from nowhere.

You were right, he said all excited.

I was so happy for him.

We have been asked to do our show, for the rest of the week, the other comic’s left.

Oh cool I said.

Dave came over as well.

Thanks for believing in us, he said.

Were off for a drink want to join us I said quickly.

Yeah ok, Gilb said.

And the five of us hit the town.

It was weird but nice that all those in the dream were together, in one place and all on good terms, so early on in this life.

I still was not sure of what it meant, and what was to come, as it was obvious now that, I would not be reliving the dream ,the exact way it was, but all the people I cared for in the dream were to appear in this life.

I sat at the bar, and watched them all chatting, and laughing, and even dancing the night away.

No tears, no fights, and no worries yet I thought.

But how long would it last.

A woman came and sat next to me.

She looked worse for wear.

But I knew straight away who she was.

Bloody hell I thought, this is moving faster than I thought it would, does that mean, me life would be over sooner than I wanted.

Gin and tonic please bar man she said in a posh London accent.

The bar man put down her drink and she drank it fast, then asked for another one and passed him a ten pound note.

Bad day I said to her, being forward.

She turned to me, with a frown.

What do you care she replied.

I felt a bit embarrassed, and foolish.

Sorry I replied.

She drank back her second gin and tonic.

You haven’t got a clue she said, putting down her glass.

I did not want to push it, and maybe we were not to be friends in this life.

I said nothing.

She got off the stool and went to leave but fell, and I got up and bent down to help her.

Shit she said, all flustered.

Are you ok I said, as everyone else in the pub just stood and watched.

Yeah she said, trying to get up with my help.

Do you want help getting home I asked her.

Ha, home she said laughing.

I got her sat back on the stool.

I looked over to the men who were still having a good time.

Coffee please bar man, I said.

He went and got one.

Why are you being so nice to me the woman asked?

Because I know things will get better for you I replied.

You don’t even know me, she said.

The bar man put her coffee next to her on the bar.

I do know you Nicole, but you don’t know me, I said wondering what her next reply would be.

She took the coffee and sipped it.

How do you know me she said?

Let’s just say we have met before.

She just shrugged her shoulders and said ok whatever you say.

Then the voice inside of me spoke.

Leave him and go back home to London.

Nicole looked up at me.

I coughed and thought shit.

I can’t it would bring shame on my family, she replied, half drunk.

Fuck them, the voice said.

I put my hand over my mouth in shock.

Nicole was also shocked by my outburst but laughed.

Sorry I said.

Well at least your honest she said.

I smiled.

You’re not from round here are you she said drinking her coffee and coming to her senses a bit more.

No I am on holiday, I replied.

I never wanted to move here, she said, now nearly crying.

I rubbed her back.

Look things will get better, I said, just go home to London.

I saw James coming over to me.

Alright sweetheart he said, drunk.

Alright James, I said.

What’s wrong with your friend he asked?

Ah she’s just upset, but things will pick up for her.

Oh ok, James said, not really caring, but being polite.

I think it’s time I went home he said trying to stand still but was swaying about.

Ok I said.

You don’t have to leave yet he said.

No I will come with you I replied.

He smiled.

Let me just say good bye to Gilb and Dave.

I asked Nicole if she would be ok.

Wiping her face, she said she would and thanks for the advice.

I will see you again, I told her.

She smiled.

Then I went over to where Gilb and Dave were.

James followed, behind me and was swaying about, so I took hold of his hand.

Gilb saw me and smiled.

Right were off, I said to him.

Thanks again for believing in us he said.

I let go of James’s hand and gave Gilb a hug.

I won’t see you now for a long while, I told him, but remember me when we meet again.

Hugging me back, Gilb said , I won’t forget you .

I reached over and gave Dave a hug also

All the best to you I said.

Thanks he replied.

Then I winked at terry.

Terry smiled.

Then I turned back to James and we walked out of the packed pub, to look for a taxi.

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