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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013




It was late when we arrived.

James’s sister had been at his new house waiting for him to arrive.

She was still there when we got in.

Hey Jim is that you, she shouted through from the kitchen.

Aye, it’s me, James shouted back as he struggled in with boxes that contained stuff from his old house, while I walked in behind dragging my case and one of his cases.

Casandra, came out of the kitchen, and asked him if he wanted a drink, but said no more when she saw me.

She just stood and looked at me then James.

James put down what he was carrying.

San this is, my friend Liz, James said hesitating.

Casandra looked me up and down, then stepped forward and said how do you do.

I said, hello nice to meet you.

I know she was thinking, what the hell is he doing? with a youngish girl.

She probably thought I was 20, I hope for the moment she did not ask my age.

We will be ok, James said, you get yourself home sis.

She looked at me up and down again, then hugged James.

Ok James, she said hugging him, it’s nice to see you back in the homeland.

It’s good to be back he said.

She pulled away and went and got her coat and handbag.

Then came back out and James saw her out to her car.

Good bye then she said to me.

Nice to of met you, I said, feeling out of place, but knowing I had met her before.

I waited, while he waved her off.

On the way up to Scotland, James asked what I was going to do with my life, I told him since the knock on the head and the dream, I had changed my outlook on life, and wanted to try harder, seeing I believed, I had been given a second chance at life.

He asked about our relationship in the dream, and why did we divorce, but stay friends.

I just said we stopped getting on, but were better as friends.

We both wondered where our relationship would lead in this life.


He came back in and he carried on moving the stuff he had brought in from his car.

Then when everything was in, and put to the side for now, until he had time to sort it out, he went into the kitchen and took a bottle of vodka out of the cupboard.

Good old sis, he said.

I stood and watch him pour out two glasses.

He handed me one.

Then he knocked back his drink and poured out another one for himself.

So is the house as you remember it, James asked?

Yep I said looking round.

So how long till we get married James asked laughing.

I laughed as well.

Well in a few weeks time when I turn 18 I told him.

I thought back to the day in the dream.

It was a nice day, but then I had fallen in love with someone else, on my wedding day.

Then I thought about my hen do, and meeting Gilb.

The Edinburgh festival is on soon right, I said to James.

Yeah, this week he said.

Oh its earlier this year, I said, I will have to go up and catch a few shows.

I remembered that I would soon come in contact with terry and Gilb, but in the real world how would it plan out?.

So apart from going to the fringe what else have you got planned up here, James asked pouring another drink for himself.

I necked mine back, and shivered, and said not sure.

I had money, but was not rich, and I was not with James so would not be spending his money.

Maybe go site seeing, I said

James reached over and poured me another drink.

Well I need me bed James said, drinking down his drink, and pouring a final one.

Ah yes I thought, where am I sleeping.

James had the house furnished before he moved, that’s why his sister had been here when we arrived, she had got it ready for him, even did a food shop and bought a bottle of vodka,  even though she knew she should not  be encourage his drinking.

I will go up stairs and see the bedroom situation he said putting down his glass and nearly empty bottle of vodka.

I went over to my case, and opened it.

I had chucked everything I needed, in a hurry so it was a mess.

Shit I will have to iron it all, I said.

James came back down stairs.

Well the bad news is there is no bed in the spare room, he said looking a bit tipsy.

No worries I said, I will sleep on the couch.

Not sure, if he was wanting me to say, I will just get in with you, but I was not going there, at this point.

Is it ok if I have a bath, I asked him?

Yeah carry on, he said.

I took my messy case and went up stairs.

The water was nice and hot and I was so tired, I could of easily of fallen asleep in the bath.

I could hear James upstairs in his room.

And to think that was our room where we did do much, oh and where my caught my sister and him at it.

I shivered.

When I got out, and went back down stairs, James had found some blankets for me and had left them on the couch.

I had slept there a few times I thought, when we were not getting on.

I lay on the coach, and thought back to my other life.

I bet we would of been making mad passionate love right now upstairs.

It made me giggle.

At one point I was tempted to go upstairs and climb in bed with him.

But I knew that was wrong, so I just snuggled in, and drifted off.

I woke to James singing.

It was coming from the kitchen.

I came to, and got up and put my dressing gown on.

I went into the kitchen, and James was cooking bacon.

He was singing along to his song on the radio.

He looked good and seemed to be full of the joys of spring.

Very good, I said.

He nearly jumped out of his skin.

Christ, you scared the shit out for me, he said.

I laughed and so did he.

How did you sleep he asked.

Yeah ok ta, I have slept on there, many times, in the dream I carried on.

Oh really he said putting the now cooked bacon into the rolls he had already buttered.

Yeah we did not always get on so well I said to him.

He turned the radio off, then passed me a bacon roll.

Thanks I said.

He went and poured us a both a cup of tea, and passed me mine.

How did we not get on then?, he asked.

Well our relationship, marriage, just had its ups and downs, I said after taking a sip of my tea.

Oh right he said.

Changing the subject he asked what time, or if I was going out.

I said I would get dressed and go check out shows at the fringe.

He said he was going shopping and would leave me a key, in case he was not back when I got home.

I ate my bacon roll and drank my tea, then went and got dressed, I had to see how the dream played out.

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